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  1. So with FIFA basically selecting hosts so far in advance... Qatar is 12 years away, is FIFA basically taking the decade off? Was that the reason for the 2 selection in one day? when will they start taking 2026 bids? Winners announced December 2, 2019?
  2. Ugh I wrote Rugby but iPhone autotext made it " reign"
  3. I think it would be a historic event if Auckland held the 2013 IOC Session where South Africa was awarded the 2020 Smmer Games. Is there still anamosity over tha reign match in the 80s?
  4. Hold it in Honolulu, treat the IOC to a tropical vacation and have a huge Luau in their honor with hot-as-hell topless Hawaiian women as the servers. So when the USOC bids Honolulu for the 2032 games the IOC will be like "oh hells yes, that island was fuckign awesome! Damn straight I want to spend 2 weeks there at the Oahu Four Seasons"
  5. What is the method for bidding for an IOC Session? Or does the IOC just decide on a city? If there is a bidding process who is bidding for future session after Durban in 2011?
  6. Nothing looked worse than the USA's 1998 NAGANO outfits...looked like bargain basement rain coats.
  7. I wrote 3 threads about realigning the US professional team divions, I wote them under the MAIN thread "OFF TOPIC" but i realize they need to be under " OTHER INTERNATIONAL GAMES" would you please move them to the appropriate thread?
  8. How long do the pan Am GAmes take place after being awarded(Olympics its 7 years)?
  9. Toronto is a lock for 2015. Its clean, its safe, and its higher lattitude ensures a milder weather games.
  10. and each medals' wooden "reverse" would be hand carved, each medal unique and different...oh sh*t guys I think we have a winner. Only thing is i dont know what the front of the medal should look like. I'm thinking a high detaiul maple leaf on the fron, almost liek apressing, so you can see the veins of the leaft in detail. with the logo-dates- and Location underneath. We have a BINGO here.
  11. I know Delhi is having problems, but so was Athens up to a month before the games. If Delhi pulls off a good games, could they be in contention for 2028 SOG?
  12. Brilliant idea. If i could add to your idea 1. The medals be really thick like NAGANO's. 2. The first nation designs be made of lacqured British Columbian wood, and have the name of the sport/ discipline carved into the wood 3. The metal part of the medal is like a frame for the wooden disc, the front of the medals be metal as would the rim and just a little overlap on the back. thoughts?
  13. Has Delhi unveiled their Medal design yet?
  14. Cape Town 2020. Just wait till then and South Africa automatically fields 3 athletes in VERY discipline. Try and work up a better/ newer SAOC medal program and test it out in 2012 London and 2016(chicago/Rio) and with so many South African participating in 2020 Cape Town Games, I can foresee South Africa walking away with 25 medals. Shocking "home field advantage" improvements happen, just look at the US performance in Salt Lake City compared Nagano only 4 years earlier(we almost tripled our medal count). Just start HEAVILY recruiting young folks now so they will be ready by 2020. You just gotta build that program.
  15. Jamie Sale & David pelletier will hand off the torch to Wayne Gretzsky who will light the cauldron. Just like Michael Jordan would light the 2016 chicago Cauldron or Pele would light the 2016 Rio Cauldron...Wayne will light Vancouver's. Only an attack from Skynet will prevent that.
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