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  1. Where are they thinking about putting the Olympic Stadium and Athletes Village? Any idea on a date for the games?
  2. So with FIFA basically selecting hosts so far in advance... Qatar is 12 years away, is FIFA basically taking the decade off? Was that the reason for the 2 selection in one day? when will they start taking 2026 bids? Winners announced December 2, 2019?
  3. When I originally started this thread I put "money" on Dubai to be the first middle east games. My opinion has drastically changed since then. Way back when I wrote this thread topic, doha had only hosted The Asian Games...now Qatar has won the 2022 World Cup. This changes everything. You see Qatar and the UAE have similarly tiny populations and even less professional level athletes, with 3 Summer medals total between the two nations. Dubai may be precieved to be the financial and cultural center, but the UAE didnt raise its hand enough and now Qatar is holding the bulk of Middle East Sporting legacy. Qatar may be smaller, and less flashy than UAE(Dubai), but its already done the Asian games and won the World Cup hosting rights. Imagine if you will the 2025 IOC Session in Auckland, the IOC is hearing bids for the 2032 Games. The IOC is allowing concessions on aSept/ Oct Game timeline. Amongst the other bids from Europe and North America, the IOC is looking favorably on new horizon bids. The only 2 Middle East bids to make it to the candidate phase are Doha and Dubai. I honestly can't see the Dubai(whose never hosted the Asian Games or World Cup) to show up bidding alongside experienced Qatar, and beat Doha. I just dont see it happening. As long as Doha doesn't completley "**** the bed" in 2022, it basically becomes the ONLY choice for the 1st Mid East Olympics. Dubai passed up way to many chances, and stood by snickering at Qatar's quixotic bids, but now the music has stopped and Dubai doesn't have a chair. As far a sporting legacies go, Qatar may have a lot of work to do, but they are so far ahead of Dubai, which is basically a blank resume, despite its glitzy financial situation. Thoughts?
  4. North America: Summer- Toronto, Canada(2040) Winter-Lake Tahoe, CA/NV(2022) South America: Summer-Buenos Aires, Argentina(2036) Winter- Santiago, Chile(2034) Asia: Summer-Doha, Qatar(2032) Winter- Almaty, Kazakhstan(2030) Oceania: Summer-Tokyo, Japan(2028) Winter- Queenstown, New Zealand(2038) Europe: Summer-Paris, France(2024) Winter- Zaragoza, Spain(2026) AFRICA: Summer- Cape Town, South Africa(2020)
  5. Europe: PARIS Asia: DUBAI Africa: CAPE TOWN Oceania: AUCKLAND North America: AUSTIN South America: BUENOS AIRES
  6. Well, I agree to a point, but OLD doesnt mean historic. In my town in East Texas there is a Black Church that was built in the 1890 that has fallen into serious disrepair. The county wants to demolish it and have the land sent to auction. There is outcry from the black community that it is historic and should be preserved. but there is a REAL and very SERIOUS difference between "HISTORIC" and just "OLD" Nothing notable happened in this church, nobody of importance ver set foot in there, and the church that was older than it got replaced like 20 years ago, so the only thing about the property is that its "old". Ask the guy for Rome's subway system about historic property. They have to shut down every 100 ft because they run into some roman-era wall. What im trying to say it. let Istanbul be a 21st century nation, not relegating city planning to what Nero decided was the city architecture. There is NO reason that Istnabuyl cant work the actual "historic" parts into the design. Im just saying they shuld really look at a Bospherous frontage Olympic Park. Youre Turkish and know more than me about Istanbul. But I think it would be an asthetic night/day for the Olympic Stadium to be on the water next to the Golden Horn. As for the 3rd bridge, that was actually a Bekitash friend of mine who suggested that. Sultanhmet doesnt mean leveling the hyiah sophia for a bridge it just mean making the kennedy a road/bridge on ramp.
  7. It kinda worries me about the poor planing for the games. Istanbul owuld be an amazing Olympics, but why did they build the Attaturk Stadium way over west, why didnt they just replace BJK İnönü Stadium with a 90,000 seat stadium and raze a bunch of land around it for the Olympic Park with Aquatics Center and Velerodome. There is a University nearby who could probably use facilities like that(legacy!!). Plus it would be right on the Bosphorus with a view of Asia. Great views for the NBC helicopter cameras. 2020 might me too soon, If I was the TOC Chairman I would just put all my efforts into making the bid for 2028 as rock solid as possible. spend the next 10 years just building subway lines and possibly a 3rd bridge from Sultanhamet to Harem Otogari. But the idea about Inonu Stadium may merit some thought, there is no reason Istanbul cant have 2 big stadiums. To really make it pretty, you could burry a long stretch of the Meclis-i Mebusan in an underground road tunnel to give the Olympic PArk a nice grassy Waterfront access. Just a thought.
  8. What would you think of the Olympic Village being placed in Taksim in Istanbul?
  9. A lot has been said about Dubai basically becoming the defacto culture, travel, and financial capital of the Middle East. However of the 2 Cities only Doha has held a ASIAN SUMMER GAMES and actually bid for an Olympics, so Doha has the edge on Sports Legacy. I would put my money on DUBAI, they have God-like amounts of money and I've seen drawings of the sports complex they plan to build which, from the look of it, would hands down be the most compact games ever. Heat is an obvious issue in both Cities, but proper scheduling I dont think this would be a bid killer for future middle eastern games. Doha actually scored higher that eventual Games Winner RIO, but the dates DOHA chose were unworkable. Anyone know the exact timeframe the IOC mandates that games be held in? I dont mean "LATE JUNE" I mean is it actually like JUNE 20th or something? a MAY games or an early OCTOBER games would be doable if allowed. The Sydney games encroached into October and were very successful. Just run the marathon in the early morning, and have cold water misting arches every 1/2 kilometer. The IOC are political animals, and Im sure they wouldnt set policies that technically BAN the middle east from ever hosting. Would there be a problem with a May 16-June 2 Games? or an Sept 30-Oct 12? Weigh the PROS and CONS. DUBAI or DOHA???
  10. Ugh I wrote Rugby but iPhone autotext made it " reign"
  11. I think it would be a historic event if Auckland held the 2013 IOC Session where South Africa was awarded the 2020 Smmer Games. Is there still anamosity over tha reign match in the 80s?
  12. Hold it in Honolulu, treat the IOC to a tropical vacation and have a huge Luau in their honor with hot-as-hell topless Hawaiian women as the servers. So when the USOC bids Honolulu for the 2032 games the IOC will be like "oh hells yes, that island was fuckign awesome! Damn straight I want to spend 2 weeks there at the Oahu Four Seasons"
  13. What is the method for bidding for an IOC Session? Or does the IOC just decide on a city? If there is a bidding process who is bidding for future session after Durban in 2011?
  14. Nothing looked worse than the USA's 1998 NAGANO outfits...looked like bargain basement rain coats.
  15. I wrote 3 threads about realigning the US professional team divions, I wote them under the MAIN thread "OFF TOPIC" but i realize they need to be under " OTHER INTERNATIONAL GAMES" would you please move them to the appropriate thread?
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