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  1. Well this article from GB says: IOC to begin accepting 2018 Youth Olympic Games bids in September Tuesday, August 23, 2011 2:36pm EDT GB Editor Font size: Bids for the 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games will have until March 1, 2012 to submit applications according to the International Olympic Committee (IOC). But IOC Executive Director Gilbert Felli told reporters in July that there are "several" cities anxious to apply for the 2018 event. Monterrey in Mexico, the Netherlands and Nigeria have already shown interest. Yes, Toulouse may not be supported, but they have expressed interest
  2. The only European rumors I've heard are Toulouse France and possibly Netherlands
  3. This might amuse you: when Chicago was bidding for the Olympics, my cousin was worried about the same topics, traffic, crowds, etc....She lives over five hours away! (This is a little less than the drive to Ankara) I just had to laugh at her unneccessary worrying.
  4. Sorry, is this a venue for the games? It looked like an amusment park.
  5. Besides the fact that it will take, oh, 20 to restore trust in India for a similar event, how much new construction would be required if they were to bid for an Olympics? er 20 years
  6. Although there are some US citizens that do agree with Baron, I think most would not agree, or even be outraged by this possibility. I certainly am. I hope you'll consider this in your larger image of US citizens.


  7. Seriously, Denver was almost 40 years ago...That's my whole lifetime and I'm no spring chicken. Aren't most of the people who were on the IOC then gone by now? If they are still holding a grudge, they are extremely petty.
  8. It seems a waste to me. The earliest they could get the games is 2030, and they still have Harbin to contend with.
  9. What are thoughts on Zakopane? I was looking at the pics on Wikipedia and it is beautiful. Does anyone recall details and strengths/weaknesses from it's recent bids for the Olympics and the FIS championships?
  10. Could you elaborate on this? Many times you hear "for our city, for our region/state, for our national pride..." How is Switzerland organized that they are less likely to share a national identity? You could certainly say that most bids only benefit one region (at most).
  11. Thanks for the info. On the same topic, but totally different continent, can we discuss New Zealand? Putting aside the fact that the Games would have to be in July, is Queenstown the best place for a bid? The town is tiny, only 10000. Even if it was paired with Dunedin for ice events (about 120000), it is 4.5 hours by car. Would this bid ever win?
  12. Oh, that's good. Not an issue then. How is the transport between the two cities and to the nearest major airport. Would people come in through Stockholm or maybe Oslo?
  13. Sochi will use the upgrades as a summer resort and as a burgeoning winter resort. Just as you state upgrades in Sweden would bring more tourism, that true in Russia, too. Win-win. If Ostersund and Are are already two of the major resorts in Sweden, do they need to upgrade? Will they need 40,000 hotel rooms between the two cities? They have been successful for years without that. As for Rogge, I have to respectfully agree that he encourages every NOC to bid. He is a diplomat and not a realist, at least not publically. I can't recall one time where he has criticized a bid in public. And
  14. I meant don't forget Austria as a Winter Powerhouse. You can't list Germany/Russia/Norway/Sweden/Finland/Switz. and forget them. They are awesome on skis.
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