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  1. I'm hoping it will go to Guadalajara, even though they seem a little shaky.
  2. I hope it will be a single lighter. These groups have made a nice change, but I'm ready for the a more traditional approach again. And no kids either. But with "Gateway to the Future" as the slogan, I can see a justification for it. Do we have access to Q ratings for Russian Olympic athletes?
  3. Is the article saying they have already choosen Durban? It's not clear. I would prefer Cape Town. Why wouldn't you put your best city forward? Although Durban has some more sports infrastructure, it seems they still have to do almost everything.
  4. It was a 6.5 for me. The first two sequences (pastoral/industrial) had little focus or story to them, until the ring was formed and joined with the others. *That* was the first moment with some impact. The bedtime sequence didn't rate either, but at least the nurses and doctors added some pep to the show. I thought the puppets were weak. If it had been a recurring element in the show, fine, but the four brief appearances didn't gel with anything else. Bond sequence jump/finale was fine, but the ride in the helicopter was anything but exciting and Bondian; seemed like a waste of his appearance. Mr. Bean was funny (and did underscore some of the other sly sense of humor in the show), but it's not how I would have honored that song/story. Protocol was thankfully brief and final torch relay/ torch/ Macca were all fine. But it was too little, too late. As Mattygs said, I thought it was going to be inspired by Shakespeare and tour the "Isles of Wonder." Having on stanza of poetry and a 4 minute sequence on film doesn't really cut it to me. Vancouver had much stronger images and set pieces. Oh, and the decade dancing was fun, but I had no idea about those two kids/the house, etc. Not to mention the plot hole of him calling her to say he had he phone. huh?
  5. It wasn't my first choice, but I like it. GO ISTANBUL!
  6. Yes, exactly, culturally and geographically Baku and Sochi are close. (As the crow flies, about 500-600 miles/900km.) I think with so many cultures and regions to explore, they are just too similar. And from Wikipedia: Following their ambiguous geographic location, the Azerbaijani culture has developed under influence under both Islamic and European cultures, including its Persian, Caucasus and Turkic heritage as well as Russian influences due to its former status as a Soviet republic. Some differences, of course, but sounds a lot like Sochi.
  7. Well this article from GB says: IOC to begin accepting 2018 Youth Olympic Games bids in September Tuesday, August 23, 2011 2:36pm EDT GB Editor Font size: Bids for the 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games will have until March 1, 2012 to submit applications according to the International Olympic Committee (IOC). But IOC Executive Director Gilbert Felli told reporters in July that there are "several" cities anxious to apply for the 2018 event. Monterrey in Mexico, the Netherlands and Nigeria have already shown interest. Yes, Toulouse may not be supported, but they have expressed interest since 2009. Per Wikipedia, Kazan, Russia is also interested, although I don't think it has quite the cachet of the other candidates. (Neither does Toulouse, frankly, except that I had a friend from there so I am sympathetic.) Clearly, BA has the most appeal as an Alpha (or close to Alpha) city. But I think I would wait if I were them. They deserve the senior Olympics, some day at least.
  8. They seem too similar to Sochi, not to mention Istanbul. Perhaps they could win one day, but not for another 50 years. While I do not support this bid, I give them credit for their perserverance.
  9. The only European rumors I've heard are Toulouse France and possibly Netherlands
  10. This might amuse you: when Chicago was bidding for the Olympics, my cousin was worried about the same topics, traffic, crowds, etc....She lives over five hours away! (This is a little less than the drive to Ankara) I just had to laugh at her unneccessary worrying.
  11. Sorry, is this a venue for the games? It looked like an amusment park.
  12. Besides the fact that it will take, oh, 20 to restore trust in India for a similar event, how much new construction would be required if they were to bid for an Olympics? er 20 years
  13. Although there are some US citizens that do agree with Baron, I think most would not agree, or even be outraged by this possibility. I certainly am. I hope you'll consider this in your larger image of US citizens.


  14. Seriously, Denver was almost 40 years ago...That's my whole lifetime and I'm no spring chicken. Aren't most of the people who were on the IOC then gone by now? If they are still holding a grudge, they are extremely petty.
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