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  1. Over the last 3 days, there has been 65-cms of snow on Cypress and since early-March the mountain has received 400-cms of snow. What a difference a few weeks make.
  2. Who the f even cares at this point? And all those CBC comments, those posters need to be put into an asylum. The restrictions and requirements the City of Vancouver has makes it hard to do anything. They are anal about every little thing.
  3. I'm waiting for a movie about Vancouver 2010 and/or the men's gold hockey game.
  4. It's going to be quite sad to see the site taken down. I'd give it a year to a year and a half, VANOC ain't BOCOG...they are on a tight budget.
  5. It'll likely be relocated in a few years, there are major plans to revitalize the plaza.
  6. There's no gap in between, the huge gap is glass. That hardly makes it "open air", it's just like the retractable roof at Commerzbank Arena in Germany. Fortunately, the new casino development rendering is very preliminary. I hope there will be drastic change, afterall a Las Vegas company is spending $450-million on it.
  7. For those who were in Vancouver and attended events at BC Place, the site in question for the new casino hotel is right next to the Cambie Street Bridge where you waited in line for the security checks to get into the stadium.
  8. It won't be an open-air stadium when all is done, there will be a retractable roof. The auto and boat show will move to the new convention centre for next year and will then return to BC Place in 2012 with the retractable roof closed. Indeed, the end of an era...and an era that should have ended before the 2010 Olympics. Oh well.
  9. ^ haha, yea a few years ago VANOC said they were going to follow in the footsteps of Sydney...and they certainly did. I was out of town so I missed all of the Paralympics, but I've heard people call these Games the "best Winter Paralympics ever".
  10. It makes zero sense to build social housing on prime waterfront downtown real estate. I hope it gets axed.
  11. Snow takes Metro Vancouver by surprise Winter returns to the region - and the much-maligned Cypress Mountain Niamh Scallan Vancouver, BC — Globe and Mail update Published on Thursday, Mar. 11, 2010 12:15PM EST Last updated on Thursday, Mar. 11, 2010 1:18PM EST Vancouver's wish for snow was finally granted this morning - just a few weeks too late for the 2010 Olympic Games to take advantage. After hosting the warmest Winter Games on record - and being mocked around the world for the lack of snow - Vancouver-area ski hills were open for business again. Cypress Mountain – where 28,000 spectators had their Olympic tickets cancelled – received 37 centimetres of snow between Wednesday and Thursday morning. Other areas of the North Shore, as well as parts of Port Coquitlam and South Vancouver received up to eight centimetres of snow on Wednesday night. The Burnaby area and Burnaby Mountain are reported to be the areas hardest hit by the surprise blast of winter-like weather. Simon Fraser University issued a weather alert on Thursday morning, warning students of limited public transit services and poor road conditions. A shuttle service was in operation early Thursday as regular bus services were unable to make it up to the campus due to adverse road conditions. Slippery road conditions across the Lower Mainland are not expected to last as rain and moderately warm temperatures are in the forecast.
  12. OPENING CEREMONY & CLOSING CEREMONY - to feature 5,000 performers - Opening at BC Place - Closing at Whistler Medals Plaza - SOLD OUT SLEDGE HOCKEY - SOLD OUT
  13. If it weren't for the gold medal hockey win on Sunday, there would have been many, many angry Canadians with the closing ceremony. It was embarrassing. For most Canadians, the closing ceremony of the Vancouver Olympics weren't the actual Closing Ceremony but rather the gold medal hockey win followed by the partying in the streets of Vancouver and across the country. In hindsight, the 2010 Ceremonies could have used a lot more cash. Boost the $48.5-million budget to $70-million for a proper job. Of the $48.5-million, only $20-million was public money. With the limitations of BC Place and dare I say the cultural limitations of Canada, the Ceremonies should have had more money to work with.
  14. Well, VANOC has marketed the Paralympics almost equally...in that the Paralympic logo is right next to the Olympic logo in virtually all VANOC materials. Then there's also the fact that VANOC has opened Paralympic ticket sales much, much earlier and there is some interest...but iunno about full venues.
  15. I wish they would produce a little more, they would obviously make even more money...so why not?
  17. The OBS feed is the best...I really wish both CTV and NBC sticked to using the general feed.
  18. At the end of the day, the international media realized it wasn't poor people protesting as they had been told by anti-Games activists. It was local agitator white trash and people from across the continent that travel from place to place hoping to get in fights and break windows. As soon as the media saw that 99% of Vancouver's people were celebrating the games and the protests were not even authentic, it became a non-story. Journalists from wherever were able to see that Vancouver already does MORE than pretty much anywhere they could possibly be from. Thus, our governments "brutality" was a non-story to them. Despite the horror stories, there is certainly more government involvement than most places.
  19. ^ did you make that BC Place diagram? I LOVE IT!
  20. All of the above. loll. ...well, except for the cauldron fence part. There was a good reason for that.
  21. All I have left to say is that Atkins should be banned from being near hydraulics.
  22. Own the Podium funding to double: report Last Updated: Thursday, March 4, 2010 | 2:04 PM ET By Brandon Hicks, CBC Sports Federal funding for Canada's Own the Podium program looks like it's getting a boost. The government is expected to double funds for the Canadian amateur sport program when the federal budget is released Thursday, from $11 million to $22 million, CBCSports.ca learned on Wednesday. Canada won 26 medals at the Vancouver Games, which ended on Sunday, setting a new national record. The total included 14 gold, which was first among all nations and set an Olympic record for most gold medals won at a Winter Games. Much of the success was credited to Own the Podium. The program was instituted five years ago and came with a price tag of $117 million, with $66 million of that coming from taxpayers. The stated goal of the program was to win the overall medal count at the Vancouver Olympics, and for Canada to finish with over 30 medals total. Canada finished third in the overall medal total, behind Germany in second (30) and the United States in first (37). Canada was short of its total medal target, but by winning the gold medal count and setting a new Olympic standard in that category many are arguing that Own the Podium succeeded beyond anyone's expectations. The Canadian Olympic Committee is targeting a top-12 finish for Canada at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/sports/amateur/story/2010/03/03/sp-otp-fed-funding.html#ixzz0hFOu1CAX
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