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  1. DAE to produce Outdoor Opening Ceremony of Shanghai 2010 World Expo Agencies Posted: Friday, Apr 30, 2010 at 1559 hrs IST Updated: Friday, Apr 30, 2010 at 1559 hrs IST Shanghai: As the countdown to Shanghai 2010 World Expo nears its end, David Atkins Enterprises (DAE) unveils its longstanding involvement as Executive Producer and Artistic Director for the Outdoor Opening Ceremony, taking place Friday, April 30, 2010. “This is the first time a World Expo is hosting an Opening Ceremony of this scale,” said David Atkins, CEO, DAE. “We are honored to have worked so closely with Chinese cultural authorities to create and produce a ceremony worthy of showcasing China—and the great city of Shanghai—to the world.” Slated to be the largest outdoor multimedia display, the show will make non-stop use of fireworks, sound and light, and will feature numerous record-breaking firsts such as the biggest LED screen ever made, the largest searchlight installation in the world and the greatest number of pyrotechnics ever fired over water, land, bridges and buildings. The 30-minute Outdoor Ceremony will take place on a 3.4 km stretch of the Huangpu River in central Shanghai. An estimated global audience of 3 billion watched DAE’s most recent success—the Opening, Closing and Victory Ceremonies of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games. As DAE prepares to deliver yet another groundbreaking show, Ignatius Jones, Artistic Director, simply says “We look forward to stunning the world.” This announcement comes on the heels of DAE’s recent expansion into Asia, Europe and North America. Regional offices in London, Vancouver and Hong Kong join the Sydney office in supporting increased demand for the company’s elite creative services. DAE created and produced the Ceremonies of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, the Doha 2006 Asian Games and the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, as well as the Handover Ceremony of the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games. http://www.financialexpress.com/news/DAE-to-produce-Outdoor-Opening-Ceremony-of-Shanghai-2010-World-Expo/613496/
  2. Changing one tiny element about the Athens Paralympic lighting does not make it alright...it was the same thing, copied. And it was just 18-months between both events, that's just far too soon. Try handing in a term paper that you copied directly from the net...and you got caught, but then you claimed it was alright because you added one small paragraph that you wrote yourself. I never liked the Torino lighting (the flame from the torchbearer's torch MUST light the cauldron for it to be real), but until Baron's post I had always thought the Torino lighting sequence was original.
  3. Wow...yea, the Torino Olympic and Athens Paralympic cauldron lightings are a bit too similar. Definitely a rip off. And personally, I absolutely hate these type of cauldron lightings where the torch relay travels thousands and thousands of kilometres, only to arrive at the stadium with a 100% fake lighting. The Torino cauldron lighting was a bit disappointing. I think that when it comes to complex Olympic cauldron lightings, Barcelona, Sydney, and Vancouver (lmao) top the list. Oh, David Atkins...two hydraulics mishaps in a row.
  4. I'd say Quebec is spoiled, considering how it receives far more in annual federal transfer payments than it deserves based on population...they love pulling out the separatist flag.
  5. It's a civic celebration, it's most definitely NOT a national celebration.
  6. Why does that article say the West was spoiled with the Olympics? Montreal had something called the Summer Olympics in 1976...
  7. I Believe...too...and will always believe...will keep believing. Vancouver 2010.
  8. Complete loser. And he couldn't have gotten THAT far, there's a bar code on those ID's and you are scanned in at entry for face recognition. And that ID looks ridiculously fake, it looks nothing like VANOC's.
  9. ^ loll...the actual Nikki lyrical likely won't be used, but I think they will keep the music for the title sequence ident as it's quite iconic.
  10. I would think that CTV will reuse their 2010 Olympic theme for London 2012.
  11. It's a dangerous sport to begin with...just because he's dead does not mean he can't be blamed for his own accident.
  12. And this is CTV's intro video to the Olympics shown just before the Opening Ceremony:
  13. Some rationality and logic: Vancouver City's $554 million Olympic list a bit of creative accounting By Jeff Lee 15 Apr 2010 - Inside the 2010 Olympics Vancouver Sun Vancouver city has come out with the first accounting of what it says it cost to host the 2010 Winter Olympics. And it says the amount is a whopping $554 million, nearly a third of Vanoc's entire $1.75 billion operating budget. But the city staff report, issued Thursday in preparation for next Tuesday's council meeting, includes some, er, creative accounting that results in a sum of money that will give the anti-Olympics crowd some unjustified fodder. The report suggests that the true cost of making the city available for the Games was actually just shy of $730 million, but that the good burghers at City Hall "leveraged an additional $175 million investment" from the Vancouver Organizing Committee and the provincial and federal governments. But upon closer examination, the report includes some really dubious amounts and appears to leave out corresponding offsets that would make the total more meaningful. As an example, the report includes nearly $300 million in infrastructure costs related to the Southeast False Creek development, which was used (for all of a few months) as the village for the Olympic and Paralympic athletes. It doesn't include the fact that the city expects to get back $115 million in development cost levies, or that the area was actually a long-term plan for a new neighborhood. In fact, the city began planning to convert the old industrial lands as early as 1991. It wasn't an "Olympic cost" to create a new neighborhood. The report also speciously includes the $65 million cost of renovating the three aging civic theatres, the Playhouse, Queen Elizabeth Theatre and Orpheum Theatre. But all three of those renovation projects have long been on the books - in fact, since 1993. I checked with two of my entertainment colleagues, Peter Birnie and John Mackie, and both were genuinely surprised when I said these were being billed as Olympic costs. The report doesn't include the city's nearly $1 billion loan to Millennium Development for construction of the village. Nor does it account for any of the funds the city will get back from the developer or the additional tax revenue that will accrue from the owners of the 1,000 units once they sell. Now, I don't know about you, but I find it hard to accept that long-term civic infrastructures such as parks, waterfront walkways, underground lighting, sewers, waterlines, reconstruction and lease-out of the Salt Building, reconstruction of First Avenue and even the interminably long reconstruction of Granville Mall can be attributed to the Olympics. (The Granville Mall, I might add, is STILL closed to traffic. The $23.8 million project is being cost-shared with Translink. Since when was THAT an Olympic project?) I don't have any doubt that the Olympics cost the city some major bucks. The construction of the Olympic sports venues - the Hillcrest curling arena and the new rinks at Trout Lake and Killarney - were done at an accelerated pace and the city bore much of the expense. In fact, the city says it paid $73.8 million of the $139 million spent on Olympic construction. The rest came from Vanoc and the other governments. But included in the city's accounting of "Olympic cost estimates" was the $35 million aquatic centre at Hillcrest, the first 50-metre pool the city has built since the Vancouver Aquatic Centre 40 years ago. Now why in the world would you think that's an Olympic cost? Councillor Geoff Meggs makes the argument that this is one exhaustive accounting of anything Olympic in which the city was involved. Councillor Suzanne Anton suggests it's more likely the current Vision Vancouvefr council wants a political report that it can wave around to scare people about the "hidden" costs of the Olympics. I just look at this and wonder why the city put this report out without balancing it against the offsets it will receive or putting it into context. You can't lay the blame for 26 days of events on a half-billion dollar bill. This wouldn't fly by an accountant, I think.
  14. Attributing infrastructure costs as an 'Olympic" cost is short sighted and a strange leap of logic. The infrastructure items will be serving the community for decades to come. Many neighbourhoods benefitted from having amenities added that they may not have had for years otherwise-so enjoy them. As for the Canada Line-it was long overdue and makes getting around to areas that one needed to drive to previously very simple. It is a great addition for families without cars and a real bonus for people using the airport. It is important to separate the infrastructure costs from costs that occured solely because of the Olympics. A little reality goes a long way in understanding a complex issue. Unfortunately, the tools in the media like to fabricate big tax dollar "shock and awe" numbers...and now, the masses will take their word.
  15. ^ not to mention that winter came quite late, there's tons and tons and tons and tons...and tons of snow at Cypress.
  16. ...but likely with quite a few more people...well actually, I expect that area near the convention centre to be crowded with tens of thousands of people during Canada Day as the cauldron will be relit...and of course there are also Canada Day festivities.
  17. But you do realize that the City of Vancouver is geographically quite small at about 120 sq. kms compared to Calgary and other past cities. Long ago, the Metro Vancouver region decided not to amalgamate/merge its suburb cities into Vancouver. And to top it, the size of the Metro Vancouver region is only about 40% of what the numbers tell you if you subtract the undeveloped North Shore mountains for our water reservoirs, the forest parklands, the agricultural reserve, etc. Same goes for the City of Vancouver, though not to the same extent. You could fit six City of Vancouver's into the City of Calgary, which is its own metro region - no suburbs. And with Torino...well, there are very few North American cities that are overall denser than those of Europe. Other superlatives: - Vancouver hosted the 21st Winter Olympics; Montreal hosted the 21st Summer Olympics - largest Winter Games Opening and Closing Ceremony crowds...60,000 at each ceremony at BC Place - largest nightly Medal Ceremonies crowds...up until Vancouver, the host cities would have just one medal ceremony venue with a capacity of 6,000-8,000. But with Vancouver, we had BC Place at 30,000 and a second Whistler venue at 8,000. - perhaps the mildest host city climate yet? (of course, Sochi will take that title soon) - the earliest sports venue completion in decades, all thanks to VANOC (whereas recent past host cities were still pouring concrete in the weeks and months before the Games started...Vancouver finished all of its sports venues 2-years before the Games began) - possibly, the most environmentally friendly Winter Olympics yet - both summer and winter - one of the most atmospheric host cities yet, along the ranks with Lillehammer and Sydney (though on the last day of the Games, Jacques Rogge said that it was much more atmospheric than both Lillehammer and Sydney) - the longest domestic/national Olympic torch relay in history (both Summer and Winter)...though Sochi might beat this considering the size of Russia, and assuming the Russians want to bring the flame everywhere - the most financially sound organizing committee in recent memory? (even with a recession, VANOC adjusted accordingly and was rock solid as the Games neared.....with TOROC, in the months before the 2006 Olympics the organizing committee was near bankruptcy) - the most Live Sites/free events from an Olympic host city (in 2008, the IOC was concerned about the plans and even said it might be "too much" as it was "more than what Atlanta, Nagano, Sydney, Salt Lake, Athens, Torino, and Beijing had combined") - the most gold medals won by the host nation in the Winter Olympics - the Best Winter Games Ever?
  18. This forum, which has been around since 2001/2002, is likely in its last few weeks...how about some ideas for a good sendoff party?
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