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  1. ^ loll, I'm pretty sure Stephen Colbert came up with that line during his commentary on the Opening Ceremony at his Vancouverage. Anyway, back to the money. Given the limitations of BC Place, an (1) indoor environment AND (2) one that relies on internal air pressure to hold the roof up, they really should have thrown more money at the Ceremonies. Also, (3) there were very little major and noticeable aesthetic renovations done to BC Place in time for the Games. There were far too many limitations that David Atkins' had to work with, so throw at him more money so that everything he plans goes up another notch in quality so that what's possible inside BC Place is the absolute, absolute best and it surpasses the quality of previous Ceremonies within these certain elements. I have a feeling that Atkins barely had enough money to put on the show he made happen. Considering that he had to go back to VANOC to ask for another $8.5-million for the circular drapes, the sound system, and the lighting and projection system....which can only mean he already used up/budgeted all of the original $40-million on typical production costs leaving little for anything else. He himself said that the Vancouver Ceremonies were a "small production" for his company. This is also an expensive city, everything here generally costs more than most places in North America. Atkins could have used another $20-million from the federal government and a new $20-million contribution from the provincial government. In total, a $88.5-million Opening/Closing Ceremony budget (not that we're trying to top Beijing, but perhaps trying to make the gap between Beijing and Vancouver narrower). And lets face it, the Closing Ceremony was a relative embarrassment...and the public's consensus on the Opening Ceremony is somewhere between "good and mediocre".
  2. ^ don't we all wish that? loll. i loved the opening too, except for the cauldron malfunction and the poem at the end of the cultural segment. But I do think the ceremony did miss something, which money could have resolved.
  3. The anti-Vancouver 2010 protesters are at it again: Toronto ATMs latest target of G8/G20 protests By Kristen Smith, National Post May 28, 2010 9:28 PM TORONTO — Police have arrested a Toronto man in connection with anti-G20 graffiti spray-painted on several downtown banks. Vandals spray-painted slogans such as “Resist G20?” and “Stop the G20?” on bank walls, windows and ATMs along the busy Spadina Avenue. The screens of several ATMs had been covered in spray paint, as had a parked police vehicle. Samuel Bradley Kadosh, 22, has been charged with nine counts of mischief under $5,000. Police are looking for at least one other suspect. A witness told CP24 she saw two white men in their early 20s spray paint a TD Canada Trust branch before disappearing into a nearby alleyway. Both were dressed in black; black bandanas covered their faces. “It’s quite clear that the billion dollars that’s spent is not there to protect taxpayers, it’s there to protect Stephen Harper’s photo-op,” city councillor Adam Vaughan said Friday morning. “It’s just wrong. It wasn’t just the banks that got tagged — it’s . . . small businesses that got tagged.” Vaughan, whose ward in Toronto’s downtown core will likely be seriously affected by security surrounding the world leaders’ summit, expressed frustration that the federal government will not be compensating homeowners or businesses for property damage sustained during the G20. “The Prime Minister’s office has got to revisit this policy now,” Vaughan said. “I don’t understand the federal government that won’t protect its own citizens.” Speaking to reporters Friday at city hall, Toronto Mayor David Miller said he hopes the vandalism is not a harbinger of things to come during the G20. “The graffiti and the damage to bank machines was wrong. We don’t welcome people who do damage in this city. We do welcome peaceful protest,” he said. The activists’ message was not well received by some area residents stopping by the banks. “It’s a pain in the butt,” said Nicole Breen, a volunteer at a local women’s shelter, as she squinted her way through an ATM transaction. “All it does is make people angry. Who wants to listen to their side of the story when all they’re doing is destroying things?” Meanwhile, police in Ottawa are still investigating an Ottawa Royal Bank branch that was firebombed earlier this month. Although no one was injured, initial estimates suggested the vandals caused $300,000 damage. Police earlier this week seized a rental SUV they believe served as the getaway vehicle for the suspects. The white GMC Acadia was reportedly being dusted inside and out for fingerprints. On an independent media website — where a “catch-me-if-you-can”-style video of the fiery blast was posted — the perpetrators warned they are also headed for the G8 and G20 summits in Huntville, Ont., and Toronto. — With files from Nick Aveling National Post © Copyright © Canwest News Service Read more: http://www.montrealgazette.com/news/canada/Toronto+ATMs+latest+target+protests/3084914/story.html#ixzz0pHNEDd6E
  4. lolll....i didn't mind that, i'm sure most of the audience's attention was on the athletes coming in rather than some dance by the volunteers. I really wish we had spent more on our ceremonies.
  5. Hard to believe it'll be re-lit again in a little over a month for Canada Day.
  6. I like it....perhaps the cauldron will be atop the tower?
  7. The best part, meaning the passivity of Canada? Canadian "venom" simply because we're rebutting to your asinine posts instead of taking it in the a.s.s? I think you're the one that has issues. We were hosting the Olympics, we have every right to celebrate and be proud of what we have achieved as a city, a province, and as a country in both hosting this world event and the medals our athletes have won. It was both civic boosterism (not nationalism) and a celebration of the Olympic spirit. This is a nation that embraces winter sports, and above all ice hockey. Visitors coming from abroad have said that we provided an ecstatic and vibrant atmospheric Olympic experience. Wherever you're from, you're the one with the issues.
  8. Exactly. In the streets and in the stadiums, I have to say that we were hospitable hosts. We filled the stadiums for every event, and we even enthusiastically cheered for other athletes/teams from other nations. In the streets you'd have random people giving you high-five's and greeting you, and of course the street atmosphere was great. The volunteers also did an incredible job. The small minority of protesters would have protested anything to get out their anti-capitalism and anarchism views out. Many of these protesters were home grown and at the same time many of these protesters are also from out of town from across Canada and the United States...anti-capitalism protesters around the continent or even around the world converged on Vancouver. The general public absolutely hated these people. And while there were some notable violent protesters, most of the protesting was peaceful (albeit disruptive) but this is what being in a true democratic society like Canada is all about. I do remember that for Torino. Weren't there also three Olympic Villages? It's always easier to hide behind insults instead of giving some actual reasons through some critical thinking, which you seem to be incapable of. It seems like you're just anti-Canada no matter what.
  9. It does seem some people here are allergic to logic, reason, and the facts....and to top that off are simply ignorant and arrogant SOB's. So, here's a sincere f*ck you from Canada.
  10. It's called weather, it's unpredictable. The weather at Cypress was abnormal this year whereas the past three February's consisted of abundant snow and cold temperatures that would have been perfect for competitions. How was that even a big issue? It was completely sensationalized. There was a one-hour delay, boohoo it's not the end of the world. VANOC went with green ice resurfacers as part of their commitment to deliver an environmentally friendly Olympics, and these machines were being used at the oval for a year and a half. They broke at the worst time possible. The protests were created by hard leftists and anarchists. If the Olympics weren't held here, they would be protesting about something else in the name of anti-capitalism and anarchism. Just yesterday, there was a big protest against the G8 University Summit held in Vancouver by the same anti-Olympic group. Overproduced? No. Schmaltzy at times? Perhaps. Wintry environs and winter scenes? The last time there was such a thing would be Lillehammer's ceremonies at its ski jumping stadium. Basically every other time it was held outdoors in cold weather, the only thing "wintry" about it was that you could see people's breathe. Salt Lake's Opening was affected by weather earlier in the day when high winds destroyed some of the set props. The concept of the Vancouver Opening Ceremony was to have them held in a theatre-like environment rather than a sports stadium to tell "Canada's story". And it was certainly well-delivered. Sure, fake snow and projections of ice breaking up were part of the show but only to depict Canada's vast arctic for that one segment. That's the only winter scene in the whole show that was "manufactured" and surely you wouldn't think any ceremonies team would count on mother nature to give them snow if it were set in an cold outdoor environment. They are scattered to maximize on existing venues and to create a sustainable post-Games legacy. Vancouver has gone a long way to not create white elephant venues, every venue will be well-used after the Olympics. The same person/firm designed many previous tracks including the one at Salt Lake. The whole point of the Olympic Movement has always been to go "faster, higher, stronger" and the design of the track was approved by the federation and the IOC. The death was a result of driver error. Sure... Who the f*ck cares? As long as there are suitable mountains for outdoor events and a large enough host city with sufficient transportation and accommodation infrastructure, it can host the Winter Olympics. Vancouver delivered an environmentally-friendly and atmospheric Olympics both in the stadiums (filled seats) and in the streets. It was a very good Winter Olympics.
  11. ^ I have to say that I disliked how the centre flame was electronically lit, but what can you do.....at least it wasn't a completely fake lighting like Torino's. I have to say that I quite like the cauldron, the one at the convention centre is really is a beautiful masterpiece...right now they're building a huge reflecting pool underneath the cauldron.
  12. In our liberal country, it's shrugged off as civil disobedience.
  13. If we didn't get the Olympics, they'd be going after something else. This proves that.
  14. At least 200 dolphins were spotted off the coast of Vancouver yesterday feeding on herring, there has never ever been so many dolphins spotted near the city. But they occasionally do explore English Bay and False Creek. This comes a day after the two-day gray whale visit. Dolphin party enjoys herring feeding-frenzy in Howe Sound By Vivian Luk, Vancouver Sun May 7, 2010 7:29 PM VANCOUVER -- Nearly 200 Pacific white-sided dolphins have been sighted around Howe Sound during the last few weeks, a rare phenomenon according to the Vancouver Aquarium. Lance Barrett-Lennard, the head of whale and dolphin research at the aquarium, had set off for Howe Sound with three others on Thursday to observe the creatures. Rather than jumping and flipping, Barrett-Lennard found the dolphins swimming quietly. "It is a good sign though," he said. "It means that they have just stuffed themselves and needed to slow down for a while, like the way we do during Thanksgiving." Barrett-Lennard said that white-sided dolphins are one of the most abundant cetaceans living in B.C.'s coast, and they can travel in groups of up to 3,000. Yet very few people have seen them in Howe Sound because they tend to live in offshore waters near the west and north side of Vancouver Island. "It's rare enough to find them along the Strait of Georgia," he said. "We've never seen them in Howe Sound before, and never in such big numbers." Barrett-Lennard also saw a large number of young dolphins and a few newborn calves, which was a "real thrill" because white-sided dolphins live up to 40 years old and do not reproduce often. He suspects that the animals, which are dark grey and measure up to 2.3 metres, are here to feed on herring. "We've had an unusually large herring spawn this year, which is another good sign," he said. "Herring are at the bottom of the food chain, so when they do well, those that feed on them will do well, too. It means our ecosystem is healthy." Another mammal thought to be feeding on herring in Vancouver is the 12-metre grey whale that swam into False Creek on Wednesday and Thursday. "Grey whales have come through here in the past to feed while they migrate to the Arctic during springtime," said Paul Cottrell, Department of Fisheries and Oceans marine mammal coordinator. "What's unique is that it hung around for so long." "There are several possibilities why it ventured inland," said Barrett-Lennard. "It could be looking for food, or it got spooked by killer whales, or there is something wrong with it and it was disoriented. But from what we could tell, it was not acting sick, so we're not concerned about its health." vluk@vancouversun.com Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/technology/Video+Dolphin+party+enjoys+herring+feeding+frenzy+Howe+Sound/3001046/story.html#ixzz0nJH7ao9C But back to the whale....the last time a full whale came into Vancouver, it was the summer of 2009 when a cruise ship arrived with an impaled whale:
  15. I feel the latter...it was iconic, though there are also people who also think it was an iconic ugly roof, but either way it's being replaced with something much better and perhaps even more iconic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgYG4PPYiJA
  16. Apparently the same whale returned to False Creek today for a two-day visit.
  17. Really cool...it swam right to BC Place and in front of the Olympic Village. Imagine if this happened during the Olympics, bypassing the RCMP security checkpoint in the waters.
  18. Hmm...agreed. BC Place Stadium was very much an afterthought for both VANOC on local governments. Up until the accidental roof deflation in 2007, they seemed to have forgotten about the importance of BC Place and had only focused on building the sport venues, the convention centre, and Olympic Villages. It was only after the 2007 incident that they realized the stadium needed an overhaul, and even more so after the Beijing Olympics...but by then, it was already too late. If it took a stadium deflation for VANOC and the BC government to get moving with BC Place, the incident should have occurred in 2006 or 2005. But I will have to say that BC Place surprisingly surpassed my expectations, they did a really good job with it. Still, there were many limitations that David Atkins had to work with and it no doubt compromised some of his creativity: 1) an indoor stadium 2) an indoor stadium that is air-pressure supported...the doors of the stadium can only be open for a few seconds to maintain the air pressure inside. This means you have issues with having performers coming into the stadium as well as any big props you would like to wheel in during the ceremonies. And because of these limitations, I feel the Vancouver Opening/Closing Ceremonies production should have been better funded to maximize what's possible inside the stadium.
  19. Probably at the Concord Pacific lands, that's where this year's BMO Vancouver Marathon is starting/ending...and it's this weekend. I passed by there today, tons of people and there were huge tents and a big stage.
  20. ^ it was 30-minutes, composing of a concert followed by fireworks, lasers, special lighting, water effects, and more fireworks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KygfB_rM1fs
  21. Lots of idiotic left-wingers troll the CBC blogs...I'd ignore them.
  22. The deflation has been deferred to Tuesday at 10 pm due to forecasts for inclement weather on Monday. Goodbye dome, we'll miss you...but out with the old, in with the new.
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