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  1. The difference here is that what's happening in India is very real, not sensationalized. I mean, a BRAND NEW pedestrian bridge by the Commonwealth Games Stadium collapsed and injured 23 people. That's very serious, how could that have happened? That's a huge cause for concern. Then there's child labour IN VENUE CONSTRUCTION! And of course, the Olympic Village. Is this how you treat the world's finest athletes? Is this how you treat the participants of the event you're about to be holding? The village should have been fully completed weeks ago to an acceptable standard. With Vancouver, preparations leading up to the Games were excellent. CEO John Furlong actually received a long standing ovation at the IOC Session that was held a week before the Games started, and apparently that's quite rare. But of course, things went downhill on Feb. 12 with the luge accident, the cauldron malfunction, and the Cypress Mountain snow issues. But other than that, it was indeed a splendid and very successful Olympics.
  2. "Survivor: New Delhi" indeed. These Games are a calamity, from the corruption to the incompetence. The Indian government and the organizing committee wanted to pull off another Beijing, but how about trying to get the walls painted first? They have truly embarrassed the entire country. I'm so glad that a conference I'm attending next year is going to Singapore instead of New Delhi (Singapore won the bid).
  3. A huge contrast to the Olympic winter, we're getting our normal cold weather for the upcoming 2010-2011 winter: Cloudy, rainy Vancouver weather to usher in start of a cold, wet, snowy fall VANCOUVER - Sunny skies over the Lower Mainland will fittingly mark the waning hours of summer today as the season officially draws to a close tonight - just in time for clouds and cool air to roll in from the Pacific. Following the official start to fall at 8:09 p.m. showers will begin overnight as rain develops Thursday in Vancouver as the region creeps toward a record-setting month for rain. Vancouver has already seen several downpours that have contributed to 119 millimetres of rain at the Vancouver International Airport weather station. The September record stands at 153.1, set in 2004. Abbotsford has already doubled its average rain total (76 mm) for the month with 153 mm. Residents should see a brief respite Friday afternoon and Saturday with dry, cloudy skies but rain will return on Sunday as a powerful Pacific storm from the north hits the coast, according to meteorologist Mark Madryga. The rain is expected to last several days, according to the extended forecast from Environment Canada. The shift in weather is also a fitting mark to the fall season, which at first is expected to be mild and wet. However, according to the 2011 long-range seasonal forecast from the Old Farmer's Almanac the latter half of fall and winter is expected to be cold and snowy for southern B.C. — a far cry from the snowless season brought by El Nino last year. The change, explained Madryga, is due to La Nina. "La Nina is with us. That is opposite to the El Nino we had last winter with essentially no snow for the Olympics, or all season in the city. The consensus is that it will be a bit colder than average this fall and winter," he said. La Nina, which often follows a strong El Nino such as the one British Columbians just experienced, is a large climate pattern that brings cool ocean temperatures to the Pacific Northwest, thus cooling the surrounding air. ... Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/technology/Cloudy+rainy+Vancouver+weather+usher+start+cold+snowy+fall/3563755/story.html#ixzz10ICZksRy
  4. Does he even deserve an Emmy? I watched the NBC coverage for the second time the other day, the camera work was particularly utter crap (like CTV). They should really just stick to using the main Olympic Broadcasting Systems feed, which was far more superior and really makes the show look sleek. Watching NBC and CTV was like watching an entirely different show, no wonder why there were complaints by some others....
  5. Hey guys, I'm interested in getting a few hundred mascot plushies (the smallest ones or even key chains), and I know there's currently a big liquidation sale going on. If you do know, please let me know where and the cost. I really appreciate it, thanks!
  6. I'd like to see the clock relocated to the new plaza/pedestrian pathway that emerges from Georgia Street, to the foot of BC Place, and then to False Creek: But this won't be completed for maybe 5-10 years...IMO, the clock can stay where it is for now.
  7. loll, arguably one of the worst episodes ever....but pretty cool to see Vancouver make its way into the Simpsons' destinations. Why is there snow?
  8. http://www.bcplacestadium.com/ Click 'construction,' then 'webcam,' and note that there are 2 cams: exterior and interior.
  9. For a small fraction of Vancouver's cost, the Singaporeans sure put on an amazing show that trumps ours in some ways...the arrival of the flame and lighting of the cauldron was especially amazing. Vancouver's show was just far too theatrical, and lacked that epicness that everyone could appreciate. Not everyone is a fan nor can they understand the artsy interpretation that Vancouver had, which I think is why Vancouver's Opening was something you either liked or didn't like.
  10. Wow, I love the Olympic cauldron! A tornado! Well done Singapore! Great Opening! I was particularly impressed by the arrival of the flame. Lol, it puts Vancouver to shame.
  11. Great ceremony Singapore! The flame's arrival is spectacular.
  12. You have to consider the current temperature, in the middle of August.
  13. The parade of flags has a pretty decent soundtrack.
  14. So far, so good...the show doesn't overshadow the real Olympic ceremonies, and it sets a very good youthful tone - what these Games are about. lol @ the parade of flags, something really seems missing...it needs the athletes. I'd really like to know how much this ceremony cost.
  15. Much better than expected so far, I've been watching since the big flash dance at the beginning....but it really lacks originality, seems like these are all ideas from previous Olmypic ceremonies. The show also looks quite expensive, at least from a Canadian $ view point.
  16. I've heard, though not sure if this is true, that with the new retractable roof the seating capacity will be reduced from its current 60,000 to 55,000. There was "talk" about a year ago of offering the stadium free to the NFL to host the Superbowl and they would even receive some of the food concession revenues. Bleacher seats can also be added along the rim of the field as there's like a 15-foot drop between the first row of seats and the field. In addition, Canadian Football fields are a bit bigger than American ones....so that would maybe increase stadium capacity to 65,000?
  17. So, the Opening is between 8 pm to 10.30 pm Singapore time...which means it'll start at 5 am in North American Pacific Standard Time Zone?
  18. The flame on the torch is designed to withstand -40 degrees C and gusts in excess of 60 km/h...the airlocks weren't a problem.
  19. While the indoor environment made for great projections, there was one big issue that the new retractable roof would have resolved and eliminated. The previous roof was air inflated, meaning they had to be careful with the usage of the doors so that not too much air leaks outside at any one time. This was also troubling for the projections as it would mean the position of the projections onto the drapes were always changing due to a slightly sagging/inflating roof. And of course, the air pressurized stadium also limited what they could do indoors...in terms of bringing in performers, big props, etc. So really, they had two big limitations at BC Place: indoor environment (though great for projections) and air pressurized environment.
  20. Only 2 years too late. That is, when this should have started.
  21. I find it quite questionable why they would have American pop music and soundtrack from Shrek...so this ceremony doesn't showcase Singapore's culture and history at all? I find that quite shocking, because even with a low budget you should still be able to showcase it. But I've never had high expectations considering the likely low-budget of it. I think Singapore will have more opportunities to welcome the world in much bigger ways, but the Youth Olympics aren't one of them. It's very much more of a civic event and celebration than a world one, especially considering the likely very, very...very low tv ratings it will acquire. On the other hand, I've heard the national day celebrations are incredible.
  22. I'm not sure why the IOC decided to have the Youth Games held in the same years as the main Olympics. Why not go for the odd numbers instead?
  23. The Vancouver Closing Ceremony was a huge failure all around. Even the best part about that ceremony (Le May Doan's cauldron lighting) was based on a failure. The Closing Ceremonies are usually an afterthought for the ceremonies team, but it was even more so for Vancouver. And it did seem like they may have ran out of money for it loll. They couldn't even have come up with original music for the Closing? I'm not sure why an American theme was played.
  24. Don't get me started with the Closing Ceremony. But whatever, the Vancouver 2010 Games are over. It's a thing of the past. Moving on.
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