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  1. If we weren't so high and giddy on our medal totals and hockey gold, I would've gotten a pitch fork and gone after David Atkins for embarrassing our city.
  2. What a mess...buses late, train lines out of service...the only Canadian city that can't handle snow. Thankfully we had a warm winter Olympics...haha.
  3. It seems that the article link I posted deleted the blurb about the website being "inactive by the end of the year". Anyhow, from a news release: The final Board meeting is anticipated to be held by conference call December 17, 2010 Of note, VANOC's website www.vancouver2010.com will also remain operational only until the end of 2010. http://www.newswire.ca/en/releases/archive/November2010/17/c5226.html
  4. Sad that they won't be handing it off to the IOC to keep it up. http://www.vancouversun.com/sports/Committee+2010+Winter+Games+still+track+balanced+budget/3844049/story.html
  5. ^ the title of that article should be: "BC Place retractable roof can't close while it is raining". The sensationalist media are indeed at it yet again. It's definitely not an issue.
  6. Keep in mind that international and media criticism was the sole reason why Delhi even managed to cross the finish line...
  7. ^ it's kinda sad how we don't have much with permanent Olympic installations in the city...everything was temporary, not even a permanent set of Olympic rings.
  8. I wouldn't count on that...it appears the renovations could be half-assed. For a $550-million project, they can't afford: - replacing all 55,000 seats (cost: $5-8-million) - replacing the big ugly and old yellow windows around the facade (cost: ?) Yet somehow they were able to afford to build a $15-million temporary 27,000 seat stadium for events to use during construction.
  9. For an Olympic city (and not to mention the most recent), it's unbelievable that you can't find a permanent set of Olympic rings anywhere.
  10. Considering how things have been going, I'm not sure if you're joking or not.
  11. http://indiatoday.intoday.in/site/Story/114880/Sports/stage-set,-delhi-gears-up-for-cwg-opening-ceremony.html "150 crores" = 1.5-billion rupees = CAD$35-million
  12. The budget for Delhi's Opening Ceremony was CAD$35-million.
  13. "The cauldron will have to come out of the same trap doors we're using for the totem poles"
  14. Very good...except for Kalmandi's speech of course. It would have been fitting to have someone behind him playing a violin.
  15. Apparently Kalmadi didn't mention CGF CEO Mike Hooper in his speech: http://www.hindustantimes.com/Kalmadi-omits-Hooper-in-welcome-speech/Article1-607800.aspx
  16. Not a chance in hell for 2020...give it a few more decades. The government is incredibly inefficient and it's a system prone to extreme corruption.
  17. My favourite part by far has to be the finale with the Slumdog theme, well done India! It did seem that a lot of the ceremony was repetitive, but that's India's culture so be it.
  18. I'm liking the cultural segment, at the train right now. I have to say that the train does remind me of the history parade in Athens, except it went by much quicker.
  19. for I'm watching the Opening on CBC.ca's Live Demand....I'm quite impressed so far, that is - except Kalamdi's speech, which sounds like dribble from an insecure yet somehow ego-maniac. I'm at Fennell's speech right now, nice speech.
  20. It's likely that the determinant of the cauldron design was whatever would work at BC Place Stadium, given the limited room and the limited amount of space for equipment stored under the stadium floors and the limited number of trap doors. They simply designed a nicer version of the BC Place cauldron for the exterior cauldron at the convention centre.
  21. What a pathetic man, shame to him for continuing to embarrass his country. BTW, good luck with hosting the Olympic Games!
  22. Uh huh...we shall await for Opening Day. And really, India is only cleaning up its act because of all the international pressure it is receiving. We shall see if everything will be done in time.
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