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  1. It seems that if there is a God, He has been at work lately, punishing those countries where political controversies have taken place. Although its always the Buddhist monks involved, so maybe their is no God and it's Buddhism that is the true religion!
  2. Hmmm.. and she's also incredibly hot! I hope they release a range of Olympic lingerie for her to model...
  3. The constraints of working with TWO colours? Imagine how hard Libya must have it!
  4. I'm waiting to see a national uniform with a yellow blob in the middle with red and blue stripes coming from it
  5. Yeah but orange is better than the grey. I mean those crazy outfits from those outer oceanic islands or those crazy african countries are always the best, not like a bunch of grey suits parading around the stadium!
  6. In the west, the media are the king makers. In the east, the kings are the journalists!
  7. Plus, much of that 85,000 is air miles, and not the distance that the torch is caried by torchbearers.
  8. Erm, thats an exageration, since they wouldn't have a need to cover the entire 85,000 from now to the Games in August, only the route on the day... which is just a few hundred...
  9. So it's 12 now over there... where is the inclement weather?
  10. But he was wearing a skirt! I'm not Baron by the way, I'm the Devil, if you hadn't noticed. Others call me Satan, some Lucifer.
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