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  1. I attended the Festival in 1991 in LA. I also got to carry the Olympic Festival torch during its relay through southern Calif. It was fantastic and we got to go to the Opening Ceremonies at Dodger Stadium. What a great experience. But nothing beats the experience of being a Volunteer Athlete Driver during the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics.
  2. Just wrote to TransCanada address in Calgary
  3. It was a good day today because I got a TransCanada pin, the (4) M&M pins and the Snicker's Believe pin today.
  4. I rec'd the NK'MIP and Molson pins. Today I went to Vons market. They have several Coke displays with forms that say today only Feb 12th, if you purchase $10 of groceries and one of the items listed on the form, you get a free Olympic pin at check-out. My husband and I checked out separately and the checker gave us each 2 pins. The forms shows four different pins with a snowboarder, ice skater, hockey player & speed skater.
  5. Could you please email me the addresses for NK'MIP & Bell Aliant. I would appreciate it. Thanks
  6. Did you write to Mars? I saw them on ebay
  7. Has anyone gotten the M&M and Snickers pins yet?
  8. No, I've never sent a self-addressed envelope when requesting pins.
  9. I've never been told by any sponsor that they won't send a pin because I don't live in their country. I've only emailed a couple of sponsors(Millennium-got a pin & YVR-no pins available). I always write letters to the sponsors corporate headquarters, attention olympic coordinator or olympic marketing department. Here is a list of the sponsors I've received pins from in the last year: Atos Origin, GE Canada, Omega, Panasonic, Bell Canada, HBC, RBC, GM Canada, BCLC, Ricoh, TeckCominco, Haworth Calgary, Millennium Water, Vincor Canada, Resort Municipality of Whistler. Good luck!
  10. I live in California and have been collecting Olympic sponsor pins since 1984. I've written to sponsors all over the world and received pins. I sent snail mails to RBC & BCLC last year and received pins from both companies. I emailed Millennium Water last week and received their pin today. Good luck!
  11. I didn't know Manulife Fin. was a sponsor for Vancouver. They don't show up on the Vancouver Olympic Committe site as a sponsor. Did you email or snail mail asking for a pin?
  12. I've received pins from the following Beijing sponsors. In the US : GE, Panasonic, Allstate Ins., UPS, ISM America, & CorpLogo Ware(2 USA Bracelets). In China: Atos Origin & UPS. I plan on writing again the end of May since I first wrote in December. Good luck.
  13. I got (2) RBC pins(3yr pin and one with one of the Mascots) and a Haworth pin in the mail the other day. Hopefully, an Omega pin will show up.
  14. I think I was lucky to get my GM pins, since I live in the US. I've been collecting Sponsors pins since 1984 and write to the sponsors using my address as well as family and friends addresses. Good Luck!
  15. I've gotten free pins from the following: GE; Gen'l Motors; HBC; RICOH; TeckCominco; Vincor(Jackson-Trigg); Whistler Resort and Atos Origin
  16. Did you write to Omega or The Swatch Watch Group Ltd?
  17. Volunteering at the Olympics is a wonderful experience. My husband and I worked as Volunteers during the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics, as Athlete Drivers at Olympic Village. I drove the American Bobsled team to their housing one day and another time I drove the Canadian Team's hockey skates, along with the coach to housing. It was fantastic being part of the Olympics.
  18. My husband and I went to the 1991 US Olympic Festival in Los Angeles. It was great!!! My husband worked for Panasonic and we got tickets to lots of events and the Opening Ceremonies at Dodger Stadium. I even got to participate in the Torch Relay in Laguna Beach. I was sad that they didn't continue the Olympic Festival.
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