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  1. I attended the Festival in 1991 in LA. I also got to carry the Olympic Festival torch during its relay through southern Calif. It was fantastic and we got to go to the Opening Ceremonies at Dodger Stadium. What a great experience. But nothing beats the experience of being a Volunteer Athlete Driver during the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics.
  2. Just wrote to TransCanada address in Calgary
  3. It was a good day today because I got a TransCanada pin, the (4) M&M pins and the Snicker's Believe pin today.
  4. I rec'd the NK'MIP and Molson pins. Today I went to Vons market. They have several Coke displays with forms that say today only Feb 12th, if you purchase $10 of groceries and one of the items listed on the form, you get a free Olympic pin at check-out. My husband and I checked out separately and the checker gave us each 2 pins. The forms shows four different pins with a snowboarder, ice skater, hockey player & speed skater.
  5. Could you please email me the addresses for NK'MIP & Bell Aliant. I would appreciate it. Thanks
  6. Did you write to Mars? I saw them on ebay
  7. Has anyone gotten the M&M and Snickers pins yet?
  8. No, I've never sent a self-addressed envelope when requesting pins.
  9. I've never been told by any sponsor that they won't send a pin because I don't live in their country. I've only emailed a couple of sponsors(Millennium-got a pin & YVR-no pins available). I always write letters to the sponsors corporate headquarters, attention olympic coordinator or olympic marketing department. Here is a list of the sponsors I've received pins from in the last year: Atos Origin, GE Canada, Omega, Panasonic, Bell Canada, HBC, RBC, GM Canada, BCLC, Ricoh, TeckCominco, Haworth Calgary, Millennium Water, Vincor Canada, Resort Municipality of Whistler. Good luck!
  10. I live in California and have been collecting Olympic sponsor pins since 1984. I've written to sponsors all over the world and received pins. I sent snail mails to RBC & BCLC last year and received pins from both companies. I emailed Millennium Water last week and received their pin today. Good luck!
  11. I didn't know Manulife Fin. was a sponsor for Vancouver. They don't show up on the Vancouver Olympic Committe site as a sponsor. Did you email or snail mail asking for a pin?
  12. I've received pins from the following Beijing sponsors. In the US : GE, Panasonic, Allstate Ins., UPS, ISM America, & CorpLogo Ware(2 USA Bracelets). In China: Atos Origin & UPS. I plan on writing again the end of May since I first wrote in December. Good luck.
  13. I got (2) RBC pins(3yr pin and one with one of the Mascots) and a Haworth pin in the mail the other day. Hopefully, an Omega pin will show up.
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