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  1. it's Singapore for me as they've been focusing on the Olympic values of excellence, friendship and respect right from the get-go, incorporating these values into their concept. it is remarkable how these very values have helped in showcasing Singapore as genuinely enthused in promoting the Olympic spirit and ideals through their highly informative and dynamic website (which included bid videos worth checking out!) and through all the news reports that have covered on both cities' bid. it also helps when the other contender seems to have lost the plot. it's more of another feather in the cap a
  2. i stand corrected then thank you cfm Jeremie for that clarification which i would imagine a first hand experience/account? pardon me for trying to salvage the situation but i suppose in trying to draw parallels, it would be Paris' (over)emphasis on its technical strengths as Moscow is now demonstrating. and i don't mean to cause any offense, just my personal observation. well, come 21st feb i might just be proven wrong. again
  3. dear huaiwei, i for one do not condone outright rudeness. i make no pretense nor am i a coward and having you accusing me of such clearly shows what a presumptuous person that you are, not to mention a very defensive one! since you need to have things so clearly spelt out for you, allow me to enlighten you what happened in Singapore 2005. Paris went into the final round as the clear favourites and they were brimming with confidence or too much of it as some believed. and we all know what the outcome turned out to be. i was drawing parallels to that moment now with Moscow and Singapore; o
  4. hi all! i stumbled upon this site and while i usually go about my business, this time i feel compelled to share my thoughts. some of the posts here are bordering on the absurd, if not already crossing over to the absurd. let's not forget that the posts in this forum are personal opinions, which of course everyone and anyone is entitled, and therefore should not be taken as OFFICIAL stands from the respective bidding cities. and bearing in mind that the opinions are of personal nature, let's not take them PERSONALLY since i believe this is a community that respect each other's voices and not
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