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  1. Haha I am a nostalgic and nit picky traditionalist conservative freak. Anyhow it's nice to see that one thing is consistent - the Olympic Flag party has worn all white all these decades. Let's hope this stays the same forever! You see, the beauty of ceremonies is tradition. Tradition means doing the same thing over, maybe doing it a little better, but essentially, not changing the rules - Imagine if one olympic games, they decide to do all the measurements in Imperial system just for the sake of being different? It wouldn't work! i guess it's a chicken and egg thing.
  2. A good compromise is what was done in Atlanta/ Salt Lake (as Olympian had pointed out as at both games, they did raise the US Flag there). The pole was located at the separate end of the stadium far away from the Olympic Flag, and was removed post ceremonies, so that the only flag flying through the games is the Olympic Flag. Just watching the Olympic Anthem performed at Atlanta gave me goosebumps. It looks so much more majestic on TV when the Olympic Flag is on it's own. The main issue is the same pole height in close proximity to the Olympic Flag, and leaving the host nation's flag up through the competition. (Remember they need to 're-raise it' at the Closing Ceremony)... This seems to have started in Athens as Juso pointed out. Interestingly I was just checking some of Beijing's Track and Field out, and they did remove the Chinese Flagpole, only to reinstate it again at the Closing. After all, IMHO the Olympic Flag like the UN Flag should fly on it's own, as no nation is equal or above it?
  3. Love your comment about Sydney's Horseback National Anthem. Who's to say that for the Opening Ceremony National Anthem you need to 'raise a flag on a pole?' For all things that they justify about being creative year on year, this 'flag on pole' thing is certainly a step backwards in recent games! I'd love to see a flag flown by on helicoper (what they do at the Singapore National Parade, have a thousand kids paint the flag on their shirts as the anthem is played (like in Manchester 2002) etc... There are so many ways to get creative here, and save the only 'flag on pole' tradition for the Olympic Flag. If I remember correctly, for the Closing Ceremony Sydney had the national flags of Greece, Australia and Greece risen on the medal winners poles, on the opposite end of the stadium. Problem solved! Beijing was the most awful with four 'mega' flag poles stuck side-by-side and by the time the Olympic Flag was lowered, there was no drama or focus on that key symbol anymore.
  4. You are absolutely right. I'm a traditionalist right with you. It is a sad thing that slowly these traditions are eroding. Or they are becoming sloppy in the way it's managed or respected. I am so surprised that the IOC does not take a stronger stand on protecting their most sacred symbol from being extinguished mid-games, and relit unceremoniously with a 'cherry picker'. . Same thing is beginning to occur with the Olympic Flag in the main stadium. Up till Sydney 2000/ Salt Lake 2002, you'll have it raised on a flagpole by itself - always on the corner right around the 120 meter mark where the track bends. Since then, strange things have been happening such as raising the host nation's flag on a similar height pole next to the Olympic Flag, or even worse, especially in London, lowering the flag and relocating the entire pole to the opposite end of the stadium, and allowing photos of a flag-less pole to be photographed together with an extinguished cauldron. Now I know that the pole was located at the Thor, but if you looked at all the best ceremonies (esp. Sydney 2000), the Cauldron and the Olympic Flag Pole always took precedence over theatrics of the opening ceremony, and the set was build around these elements and when deconstructed for the main athletics event, these elements remained untouched. What is also equally shocking is how LOCOG is willing to allow photography of the flame being extinguished, flag removed from pole etc.. I would imagine that photographers should all be off limits to maintain dignity and integrity of these key symbols. I am afraid London has set an unfortunate precedence for the future. Thankfully Ric Birch is involved in Rio so he might finally bring back some order to the house!
  5. It's not just the cauldron that got moved. The Olympic flag has been lowered and flagpole relocated to the opposite side of the track? (if you look at the images on BBC and news.daylife.com the flag has yet to be 're-raised'. Since when did all this tempering with these key symbolic objects begin? This is so unfortunate and most certainly a first!
  6. Yes indeed it seems to be a terrible situation over here in singapore. In the past, the rights to Athens 2004 were given to a local travel agency and things went more smoothly then. This time round, the SNOC is handing it themselves... Obviously the SNOC has no clue how to go about getting the tickets, let alone have any travel packages. I applied since September last year and no word, not even a nil response from them. So much for a city that wants to host the Youth Olympics
  7. Anyone based in Singapore on this forum that has got tickets from the SNOC? Any luck? The people there seem to be totally unresponsive, no word from them yet!
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