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  1. The OC seems to follow the Vancouver and Sochi style. It doesn't mean that is bad, but someone could miss another OC as Sydney and Athens.
  2. Francisco Boza, silver medal in LA 1984 and gold medal in Toronto 2015 will be the flag bearer in Rio 2016, chosen by COP.
  3. EU-UK divorce will be so painful as possible, the EU doesn't want that any country try to get out having the best of two worlds, in is in and out is out. And this is an opportunity for EU to improve important issues as immigration, economic politics and more.
  4. The Master Plan for Lima 2019 Volleuyball venue is pending http://elcomercio.pe/deporte-total/polideportivo/lima-2019-asi-seran-sedes-juegos-panamericanos-fotos-noticia-1886385/1 forgotten pics
  5. A is beautiful, and the wood touch make it so different.
  6. About sports, i asked to the fb page of Lima 2019, and they've said that any sport will be removed. In Lima 2019 the 28 olympic sports will be present + 10 sport reconozised by ODEPA/PASO, and surf.
  7. The full handover ceremony.
  8. I havent's can see the CC, and guiding for the post, the crap moment was by pitbull. And for the handover segment, it was better than i was thinking, but the llama with human legs.. why...
  9. From all of them, only London, PC and Tokyo look with own style. Most of all that logos since 2000 looks like a redesign of Barcelona. The logo of Tokyo i like, original, different and retro from the others, and even being simple, looks strong and reflects the host country, something hard to see since LA 1984.
  10. I've seen the OC since the parade nations. I give it 7.5 The good: The stage. altought was small, was well used, and the solemn atmosphere of the OC. The bad: The lighting was in good part of the OC too dark, even on the stage. The worse: The lighting of cauldron, they started like Sochi, but the climax was so disappointing, looked makeshift.
  11. oh dear, was it all? Poeple didn't clap or making noise.
  12. showing photos from skyline of their cities, (Toronto in that case) is too seen in canadian ceremonies.
  13. oh fear, the streaming is getting too slow, it's stoped =s
  14. There are ceremonies who did not have much fireworks but were really nice, like Sydney 2000, and lately, indiscriminate use of them don't help too much to the OC (like Guadalajara 2011)
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