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  1. I feel worried about use the background like a display exactly the same as Sochi 2014 and Vancouver
  2. Maybe a segment related to pokemon go will be seen. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/08/20/pokemon-go-could-feature-during-rio-closing-ceremony-where-team/
  3. I won't see the closing cermony due to technical reasomg in digital tv. Fu** you movistar.
  4. The countdown was weird and improvised. My favourite part was the segment of the model and the airplane, but the next part was some generic and the action was only in the stage. And the part of global warming, i felt some obliged than wanted, is like due to low budget, they decided to put something which where almost only video necessary. And the lighting of cauldron, was decent but without appropriate music. But the bad part was the cuality of sound, for the first moments was to low. My final score is 7.7/10 And the hottest moment
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