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  1. because is PERSONAL. the opinon of the athlete is personal and all respect that, but he's not in a private party or in the tv program or interview, he is in an OG and there are rules. and if autorities let that, the next OG would be just a protest place and it would lose their attrative, because in a OG the main reason for its success is that there's like a kind of harmony and not protest for one reason or another.
  2. the only city that the torch will pass in latin america is buenos aires ¬¬
  3. 1. He isn't dead, but now... 2. What do you think that chinese won't make nothing "special" to him?
  4. I didn't see the ceremony (because here in peru it was at 5:00 am) but after that, in the media the main scene was the protester and a lot of security moved and took him away, what will happen with him? RIP
  5. Boycott an OG is useless. some happened during and after Moscu 1980 or Los Angeles 1984??
  6. I hope 2006 links are activated. thank you for the links rav3n pd: will you have the deep sea dreaming?
  7. what would be the opinion of athletes, who will be the main actor of the OG? I don't think that they'd give up the oportunity of participate in an OG.
  8. I don't know, and I'm not interested about that.
  9. OG is for chinese people. not for communist party.
  10. So it means that OG B2008 won't so good like everybody think.
  11. elegant, i like it but I prefer the 2004's uniform oz, I'd like to have one and I'm interested about the uniform that china's team will use.
  12. I know the situation about tibet and I don't agree with the chinese goverment BUT the JJOO is for all people in China, it would be unfair for all of them boycott Beijing 2008 because they are excited for the olympic games.
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