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  1. Please Tony, Lima will host the 130th IOC Sesion.
  2. The National Sport Village is ready and will be reopened this Monday. A cyclist made the first rounds in the velodrome. from Lima 2019 facebook page.
  3. I like them, they give fresh air and are good for bring olympic spirit for children. And the names, why male names? There isn't a change for put gretchen and xuxa?
  4. Photos By Fernando Barrero
  5. Colour's combination are nice, but 90s design are better.
  6. Why did you put Eggplant as option?
  7. I was referring that Beijing and Almaty aren't the best places for WOG in that moment. Beijing did good games in 2008, but with the HK issues and the situation in human rights, the chinese capital city has not a good atmosphere are Oslo or even Liv has. And Almaty, wel... i hope they'll do a good games.
  8. That's truly a shame for WOG, specially for the two bid cities that are only in the race.
  9. Few cities and not ready for this year (but Santiago and Medellin has hosted ODESUR games), but these scenario is early for 2023 bids. Just in 2015-2016 the panorama about bid cities will be clearer.
  10. That's too soon from Toronto 2015.
  11. Scotish people have taken a good decision, most of them did'nt pay attention to a man who was saying that being independient Scotland would be a kind of paradise.
  12. Is my impression or last seats are too away from the ground? I miss the orden of Telstra and Birs Nest seats
  13. Who has the idea of that model of an open vagina?
  14. GCL please concentrate only for Lima 2019 in this topic and other similars.
  15. New photos from the National Sport Village, taken on september 2.
  16. Porto Alegre is thiking about 2023 Panam Games http://www2.correiodopovo.com.br/Esportes/?Noticia=532618
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