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  1. Oh dear, the stage looks even smaller than Guadalajara 2011
  2. Do you know some channels where i can see the OC? And which time will start? I hope youtube make live streaming.
  3. It's beautiful, very good combination of colour and design. I havent's seen that harmony since Nagano 1998 and Sydney 2000 torches.
  4. I don't know if someone has put here the official Toronto 2015 song: Personally, i'd preferer something nearer to "Bienvenue A Monstreal" of Rene Simard, because this song looks like another pop song instead of a official song of a big event.
  5. Maybe you've forgotten that the USA justice's has made the judgment on FIFA for the only reason that members of that organization commited crimes on USA territory.
  6. I'm not surprised about Blatter reelected, almost all people in FIFA are a band of corrupt people.
  7. Organizing Committee for the 2019 Pan American has a schedule of works and infrastructure already defined. They are going to build arenas and even Videna be remodeled. Lack define the Villa Panamericana place. The works are in the Master Plan. The budget and reach. Ideas flow. The excitement grows. In terms of sports infrastructure, the engineer Arturo Woodman Pollitt, member of COPAL (Organizing Committee of the Pan) by the Municipality of Lima, explained to us -in exclusively works that will rise to the delight of thousands of participants in Lima 2019 . 1. Colosseum Cantagallo: They build on the Rímac and serve to competition from various sports. 2. Aquatic Complex in the little Pentagon or Jockey Club: Masterpiece allowing gather the best swimmers in this part of the planet. Olympic pool Champ de Mars will also be improved. 3. Works on beaches: La Costa Verde will be revamped to Lima look more beautiful in the eyes of the world. 4. Villa Panamericana: Private enterprise will recover its investment after selling the apartments built. Possible locations: Field Sea, land of FAP in Chorrillos, the Larco Herrera hospital and barracks EP Hoyos Rubio Rimac. 5. Colosseum Dibós: It will be better for competition basketball and other disciplines. Parking will also be expanded. 6. National Stadium: It will be the official home of football. Is also planned to perform there the opening and final marathon. "The National Stadium is a great work that needs maintenance. During my tenure in the Peruvian Sports Institute stopped a plan to be executed, but working on it so far, "Woodman said. 7. Videna Athletics: Work during its modernization. In this place the athletics will be played. The presence of athletes will give life and sparkle to this discipline, considered the queen of all sports. 8. Complex gym in San Isidro: We are looking for the right place to build this modern complex which will host the best gymnasts of the continent. http://www.larepublica.pe/23-04-2015/lima-se-vestira-de-gala
  8. After a good time without pc, some news about Lima 2019: Lima 2019 Pan American Games Has Organizing Committee Finally Lima 2019 will Organising Committee (Copal). Since we were selected to host the Pan American Games October 11, 2013, have passed 16 months and tonight at the National Stadium, the installation meeting of the committee will be held. El Copal, as has been decided to call this committee responsible for organizing Lima 2019, will be chaired by Luis Salazar Steiger, president of the National Society of Industries, member of the Peruvian Olympic Committee and former secretary of the Federation of Swimming. Salazar Steiger work alongside 11 others (10 full members of the commission and one member as an observer with voice but without vote). The chosen representing public and private entities related to Lima 2019. The Ministry of Education will have two representatives, one president Luis Salazar Steiger and other Jaime Crosby. By the Peruvian Olympic Committee will be their leader, José Quiñones, and Maggie Martinelli, president of the Federation of Gymnastics and head of the national delegation at the Olympic Games in 2012. The Municipality of Lima will be represented by Arturo Woodman, former head of IPD and Alfredo Deza, former athlete and former president of the Federation of Athletics. Organisms that have only one representative are the IPD (Desilu León), the Regional Government of Callao (VP Walter Mori), the Ministry of Housing (Luis Tagle), the Ministry of Transport and Communications (Carlos Lozada) and the Ministry Economics (Eloy Duran). The 12th member, with voice but no vote is Ivan Dibós who belongs to the International Olympic Committee. http://elcomercio.pe/deporte-total/polideportivo/juegos-panamericanos-lima-2019-ya-tienen-comite-organizador-noticia-1795441 Lima 2019: what emergency measures to the organization? Last night at the National Stadium, the Organizing Committee of the Pan American Games Lima 2019 was installed The move comes 16 months later (but before there was a committee chaired by the Peruvian Olympic Committee that there was formalized by supreme resolution) and time is short .We chose to host in October 2013 and now, almost a year and a half later, work is piling up. What are the priorities that have the OC? 1. List of sports For Luis Salazar Steiger, president of Copal, first of all, you must define 100% on what sports will compete for Lima 2019. There are 37 that are required: the Pan-American character, but also the host city has the option to add some discipline. The thought of the surf Peru (where dreaming of medals available), the kung fu (wushu) and (closely linked to popular pediment) pelota. To add to these sports must be authorized by the Pan American Sports Organization (PASO), it must meet certain requirements (number of countries where it is practiced, legal associations, etc.). The truth is that define the sports program is urgent; can not cook the menu without the ingredients. 2. Roadmap The Master Plan. Yes, this guide will define what and where sports infrastructure projects be made to Lima 2019. "I know there are already proposed, but should be discussed within the Organising Committee," Salazar says Steiger. These projects are presented by the COP and the IPD. While there is some overlap, mostly differ (especially in terms of budget and elected spaces). Without the green light to the Master Plan, technical studies not start. No profiles are not tender or the work to private companies is offered. 3. Home for athletes The Lima Villa Panamericana 2019 is another long discussion pending. "Not solved the place where it was built and who is going to do, state or private enterprise," said Arturo Woodman, former president of IPD and a member of Copal, if representing the Municipality of Lima. There were three proposals (the barracks Hoyos Rubio Rimac, the Larco Herrera hospital and beating the sea coast of Callao), but none has met so far the competent authorities. 4. Lines of Communication Transportation in Lima is chaos and Lima 2019 Pan American Games are the perfect opportunity to work in their favor. "In 2019 we will have 400,000 more cars. EMAPE and MTC are already working on a program to improve the lines of communication, "Woodman said. http://elcomercio.pe/deporte-total/polideportivo/lima-2019-cuales-son-medidas-urgentes-organizacion-noticia-1795571 And Lima 2019 website is done. http://lima2019.org/Home/LastDefault.aspx
  9. Mar Del Plata is proposed as host city for the Pan American Games 2023 http://www.lanueva.com/deportes/803240/proponen-a-mar-del-plata-como-sede-de-los-juegos-panamericanos-2023.html And San Juan also. http://www.primerahora.com/videos/solicitaransededelosjuegospanamericanos2023-143132/
  10. 100 days to go, i hope i'll see unlees the OC, an expect that won't be awfull like Guadalajara =s
  11. AGE: 28 LOCATION: Lima NATIONALITY: Peruvian at all. SEXUALITY: Gay RELIGION: I believe in god but also i have some ideas from budism. MADONNA: There are good song like Vogue, Beautiful Stranger, LA Isla Bonita, Hung Up, Sorry.
  12. Only in logo, E is the best, but making banners and coorporative image would be too hard, so i don't know if choose A or D.
  13. As i can see, there's people who still that "good games" means having venues like Sochi or Beijing (regardless of whether they are or not white elephants)
  14. Pan American Games 2019: Government reacted and agree that Lima will host Until finally the Executive reacted to the version that Chile would take to Peru to host the Pan American Games 2019. The Education Minister Jaime Saavedra said that our country has reiterated the Pan American Sports Organization (PASO) its strong commitment with the completion of the event, as was defined in Canada on October 11, 2013. "The Peruvian government is taking the necessary actions to make this event of great international importance to develop successfully. Objective will comply, "said the official Andina news agency. Jaime Saavedra recalled that an important step was the opening last December, the High Performance Centre National Sports Village (Videna) located in the district of San Luis, work that required an investment of S / 132 million. "This new infrastructure is part of a process that has to continue," he said. "The Pan American Games are an event that gives us the possibility of reviving the Peruvian sports and continue to support the high performance sports and sports work and physical education in schools across the country," he said. INVESTMENTS Jaime Saavedra said that a fundamental step that will in the coming days has to do with the final shaping of the Organizing Committee for the 2019 Pan American Games as well as the organizational structure for implementing investments to have the necessary sports infrastructure. In this regard, he noted that the investments planned for this year are related to the preparation of technical files, to be financed with resources from the contingency reserve. "The most important resources in terms of capital investment it would have to run in 2016 and 2017," he said. Saaverdra also noted that investments in sports infrastructure must be taken with care, because they have decided not only in terms of the Pan American Games, but also the needs of the city over the next decade. "We can not create white elephants that are used only for the Pan American Games, but should be well studied investments," he said. Jaime Saavedra said that it is not for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM) approve or review the proposed work plan submitted by the Peruvian Olympic Committee (COP), but it corresponds to the Peruvian Sports Institute (IPD) . NOT AFFECT Education Minister also clarified that the resignation of Jose Quinones for president of the Peruvian Olympic Committee has no impact or jeopardize the work of the country and the city for the realization of the Pan Lima 2019. He considered that there has been confusion in some quarters about the role that can meet the COP in the development of games. He said that the COP is a private entity and the decisions taken therein need not affect the organization of the Pan American Games. As regards the alleged offer of Chilean authorities to Odepa to its capital, Santiago, is the headquarters of the Pan 2019, Jaime Saavedra stressed that there is so far no official statement from the country and have only circulated newspaper speculation. "There is absolutely nothing official than the reiteration of the Peruvian Government's commitment to continue with the organization of the Pan American Games. There is not any official communication from Chile or any other country to show interest in replacing Lima to host "he said. http://peru21.pe/deportes/juegos-panamericanos-20019-gobierno-reacciono-y-ratifica-que-lima-sede-2208969
  15. It's true the drop out of the former COP president, it's a form to get attention from central government. I hope that what he has done now, will motivate the government to pay more attention to the games.
  16. Find a new job and star living on my own.
  17. It is a waste of time talking with you properly.
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