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  1. 2 hours ago, Nacholympic said:

    That’s all we needed: A street-public ceremony for Paris 2024.

     According to president Macron, it would be ideal a ceremony on the Seine River, since it gives a unique experience for French people and the world. The Seine river is the center piece of the city, so a ceremony based on it, would be ideal open to the public…

    Ok , ok… that is the message, but remember the “open public ceremony” they did for the FIFA World Cup in 1998. Let’s recognize it was the only intention to make a ceremony separated of the opening match, but the idea didn’t work and it was never repeated again (the concert in South Africa 2010 does not count as a ceremony) That ceremony  - 1998 - was about four giant soccer players who walked through some Paris street, till they gathered on Place Concorde. During their way, they discovered many elements related with their continents and the world. The ceremony was “too French” it was long and non-comprehensible. Most of elements were open to free interpretation… Could we see something similar for 2024?

    Another “open-public” ceremony was in Buenos Aires 2018. Despite it was not a BAD ceremony, it was not what we expected for the Olympics. In Chile, we did an “open-public” closing ceremony for the South American Games 2014, in front of the government palace “La Moneda” and it was a real shame…. No please! Not again!

    The piece of news:



    Some videos of the ceremony for FIFA World Cup 1998:





    The CC of ODESUR games was always low budget and almost no one pay atettion. The same case is for the CC of regional games. Even the parapan games 2019 cc was in a training centre.

  2. 1 minute ago, Palette86 said:

    The good

    1-godzilla Matsui and Shigeo Nagashima


    3-drone globe and singers of "Imagine"but not so much for the song itself.

    The very very bad

    1-50 pictograms.

    2-50 pictograms.

    3-50 pictograms.

    Disappointed so much for this.


    Palette, what are the first impressions of japanese media and people about the OC please? 

    Do they have something to say about the oc? 

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