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  1. As it goes, i'm proud to be a singaporean Why Singapore 3 Moscow 2 (with reference to Olympique 3 Spartak 2 on aggregate last night) factors for Singapore Compact transport plans Good security Efficiency factors for Moscow Experience Infrastructure So Moscow says we're too hot for the games, but guess what, they think we're too hot to handle...so kudos Singapore (even if Moscow has 2 trump cards)
  2. Moscow might be dreading the word Olympic (in any spelling). While they may have spilled money to try and get their showpiece event, I'm afraid that their desire to banish the ghosts of 1980 will end in failure. By trying to make Singapore look like unsuitable contenders for the YOG, not to mention the highly exaggerated budgets and promotion regarding the YOG, they seem to be making desperate moves for a lost cause... Moscow can host the "Olympics" in 2008 (when Spartak Moscow hosts Olympique Marseille)...they would have more in the coming years
  3. yeah. honestly i feel that singapore, though small, is eager to learn and not fall back on its laurels like moscow. although the bigger sporting powers might be swayed by sharapova's support for the moscow bid, i think that the only Olympics Moscow/Russia will host are Sochi 2014 and Olympique Marseille
  4. Yeah. Sometimes when the adults get involved things can get troublesome. Sideshows such as botak Russian skinheads/football hoolies who're quite incensed when their team loses and Chechen rebels ruining the show would mean that there're some secondary safety issues that'd put more votes to Singapore
  5. Either way, in my view, this is how the 110 IOC members would vote.. Singapore: Mostly the Asian and African countries, maybe some of the South Americans Moscow: Votes mostly come from Europe, as well as maybe North America and Australia How the NOCs from the America and MidEast areas vote would be curcial in deciding the winner of the bid
  6. An all time record indeed. That's a more worthy piece of history than hosting the inaugural YOG in fact, can users please stop mudslinging Singapore again and again.. i'm singaporean and i'm pretty much uncomfortable with such half truths
  7. Agreed. Although Moscow may have lots more experience and infrastructure, their somewhat haughty behaviour leaves more to be desired. Coupled with the fact that they're channeling in more than twice the money than Singapore, I won't be surprised if they buy their way to the bid. I would rather Moscow organise 2014. This is because Singapore should give it a shot first in 2010 and then the IOC can then evaluate the pros and cons of letting smaller countries and cities host Olympic events rather than the same few metropolises who monopolise Olympic bids
  8. Community involvement isn't one of the factors mentioned in the bid books, or final evaluation, but this may be an invisible factor which may sway IOC members who have access to reports. Singapore stands a better chance due to grassroots efforts in supporting their country's bid. If small gestures such as making car decals supporting YOG 2010 and appointing youth ambassadors to drum up support (not to mention the facebook group) are covered, it will allow IOC members to be swayed by the positive impression of all Singaporeans in a united front. In contrast I struggled to find any link between
  9. Singapore gets my vote definitely. Although Mo$cow'$ plan$ are ju$t a$ good, they're pu$hing it too far in term$ of expenditure, and Singapore is definitely much safer than Mo$cow.
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