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  2. told ya~After the shower, Beijing's skyline back to blue again~ 29th July 2008 in Olympic Village
  3. I'm sure it's a right choice, at least Chinese would present a good Olympics since they're working so hard for it. They are not perfect, already they sacrificed the most.
  4. Beijing is really located in a poor position with mountains block and dry condition especially during the summer, only the east side opens to the Yellow Sea. So if there's no seasonal wind towards to the East, it's almost impossible to clean up the smog natually. Plus, recent dayz reflects a typical weather condition of Beijing's summer these fews years, thanks for the climate change, the record high of rainfall and humidity with the help of heatwave combined causing plenty of dust raising up over the city's skyline. That's what the locals usually called the ''Suana day''. Of course it feels like as it sounds in a Suana. But that also means there would be more upcoming rainfalls in a few days, and until the 7 th August is the start of Autumn, according to the record, Beijing would be ''cooler and fresher''. 28th July Beijing's weather meets some shower and air quality again improved dramatically. Unless the local climate gone wild, Beijing's Autumn might be more comfortable than these few days. CATCH THE WEATHER OF BEIJING OLYMPIC GREEN HERE http://www.weather2008.cn/en/index.php
  5. recent dayz are the worst in Beijing for cleaning up the air. Most of the locals called in ''Sauna Day'', No wind but cloudy, it feels like living in a microwave. What a shame.
  6. LOL~I am sayin you don't have to worry about offending other people in this case, coz a lot of people thinking the same as you do.
  7. TRUE,MOST OF THE CHINESE ARE HEAVILY CRITICISING THis RUBBISH DESIGN , IT'S SO 1950S AND it REFLECTS A TERRIBLE TASTE to be honest. And they're thinking the same thing as your do. SO no offends at all.
  8. OK~China trying their best PR efforts between Iraqi government and IOC at the moment, Iraqi track&field athletes might be able to attend the games
  9. Well~that's true, most of Beijingers complaining the games is for foreigners and the rich rather than the locals.
  10. Air quality getting worse again since the transport restriction taken the action, mainly because of the Heat raising the dust above the city. Hope sunday's rain can finally clean up the last minute mass.
  11. http://edition.cnn.com/video/#/video/inter...nues.aerials.ap Don't forget to watch this, Sky-high view of Beijing venues from CNN
  12. I've checked many Chinese websites, and most of the Chinese urging IOC to allow Iraq join the Games. I wish the voice of host nation should heard properly by the IOC.
  13. Where did you get the references that China is going to cheat? Why the other top two?
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