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  2. The Second Rehearsal successed. New Fireworks Leaked
  3. About Theme Tune of Beijing 2008 The Leaked News might be <<拥抱爱的梦想 (Embrace the Dream of Love)>> Sung by Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman http://ru.youtube.com/watch?v=1PTPxIPLpGY
  4. Because the pics from a news introducing all kinds of news magaizines, it's resource photos. Der Spiegel priced about 10 euros.
  5. Just got a news says there would be condoms ready for the Athletes. It's part of Anti-HIV campaign. But do athletes would have xxx during their training time? or are they going to bring their BF or GF with them?
  6. I don't know where did you get the news from it says the German newspaper or magazine priced the most among others.
  7. That means all the huge amount of efforts the Chinese civilians pour out to support the Olympics totally = 0 because for their lifetime they would be taged with CCP/Lies/Propaganda forever and ever. And already Millions of Beijing folks are planning a biggest conspiracy to hijack all your beloved athelets/leaders/celebrities on the 8 August just to provoke a new world war and say: ''OH YEAH, CCP ROCKS, YOU SUCKERS~''....is it? I beg that billions of dollars and ''English cult'', low-paid workers who working hard to decors the city and the world-class stadium for all the guests around the world should be considered as the demons aginest the Olympics. Because for their life time they would never have any of the little expectation or excitment to share with other common people because of the shame their government given them. For whatever reason, they won't be and not allowed to be feeling proud of themselves if they are being a bit of positive about their government. You forgot the city of Beijing and China wasn't born for the government, it was born to be a capital of a civilization at the end of day. CCCP sucks, but is only CCCP sucks in this world? I doubt it.
  8. Liu XIang will not be attending the opening ceremony because of the battle with Robles
  9. well~in this case IRAQ is just next to IRAN if they add it into the list
  10. wow~great~I am glad my version is not that far away from the official one.~ where's IRAQ?
  11. ANOTHER POTENTIAL LEAKED NEWS. SARAH BRIGHTMAN The singer for the theme tune of Barcelona 1992 arrived from London to Beijing yesterday. Usually she would pick a better hotel to stay in the city but this time she particularly moved just next the Bird's Nest Stadium And her assistances already went into the rehearsal place helping to test the sound system. And also it's been told she is currently practising the Chinese pronunciations. And world famous Chinese pianoist Lang Lang also joining the same hotel with Jackie Chan and other A-list stars in a few days So one question is remain... it's going to be her to sing for the Beijing's theme tune?
  12. I wish UN conference and Olymics Games should he held together if politics really considered by a major driving force for the olympic movement. seriously~ Or we should introduce a new game of Olympics which to be called WORLD WAR to sort out the problem for once in the name of a better future. Or to melt down the entire Antatica to host a no border games
  13. but you can watch CCTV-1/CCTV-5...on the internet
  14. No~because they got to pay for your nations to air any of the olympics games coverage potentially doesn't fit in IOC broadcasting regulations. That's a painstaking job and expesive move.
  15. So you want the games to be ruined. that's weak.
  16. SORRY GUYS~ CCTV 4/CCTV 9 are not allowed to broadcast the OC becasue of CCTV broadcast rights only limited within China's Mainland. So you got to tune in the offical broadcastors of your nations to watch/ BBC UK~
  17. it's just a problem of the Timezone, not the Live coverage. I doubt that
  18. nope, all restrictions off during Olympics as in the past.
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