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  1. That's fine.Because lots of the stuff would only be prepared beofre 7th August. So there would be more pics commin soon, including the CCTV building.
  2. I don't agree with you zainhasan. Because it's a rough rehearsal, including lighting and cameras all off..I am sure it would spetacular when it comes to the big night
  3. Do you know what does Birdnest look like while it full of people? Taken from the second rearsal
  4. You missed U.S. Dream Team in Shanghai~ , Good luck with the trip to Beijing
  5. #1-Ha..you are wrong, there would be warming up performances just before 8:00 pm OC. like between 6:00pm to 7:30pm features all ethnic minorities of China #2.No~ the multi-colored phoenixes are just the CGI graphics like you the whales on the birdnest's roll your saw. But not neccessarily belong to the lighting segment.
  6. Does anybody know will BBC be broadcasting the Football Coverage start on 6th Aug?
  7. Well~G spot ~No cuming but much more stronger organsm if those male athletes don't mind bringing some dildos while passing the x-ray on their trip to Beijing. but that needs some practise.
  8. what the hell~ the lesbians don't ejaculate the proteins, only boys do.
  9. I agree with you~I think for no matter what reasons, if the people wish to be changed or being inspired by this ''open door opportunity'', they would definitly go ahead and change it. It's impossible for China to isolate himself today because of the economy, the political play of the world, and today's olympics involved with cultures and a great communication with other voices. I think the reason why Chinese sees this olympics a milestone event because they think it's a new start for their country of the development and some hope. It will be the same transformation as Japan and Korea after holding the games.
  10. well, I read a article about for male who having sex one once it costs the energy equivalent of running a 400 meters race.
  11. hey guys~ I am still looking forward the Russian coverage...but still not seen any of it yet
  12. Sure especially for guys, it's really a risk....but if Olympics allow xxx to be one of its game
  13. Dam, that's going to be freak match........maybe just a warming performances before the formal ceremony~what do you think?
  14. I don't think it could helpful to have sex during the trainer, that's really a bad idea for any of the athelets who wish to top the competition. seriously. Anyway, do have good sex lives in Beijing
  15. Definitly, I heard about the South China because of it's distance far away from Beijing, they get better freedom. But the North China just a 1970s-1980s like atmosphere. And the local officials and the central government are battling for this because that be harmed for their benefit, like corruptions, social unrest blah blah.
  16. LOL~YOU know what. they always battle each other with 5-dollar-ers~ which are pro-Taiwan and pro-Western Parties. They are paid by 5 dollors~ 網特被網友按所偏向的國家分別稱為「五毛黨」和「美元黨/五美分黨」,「五毛」指中華人民共和國網特發一貼能賺五角錢人民幣,而「美元」則指為中華民國、美國辯護的網特,以美元來發薪水。(from wiki)
  17. Yes~ she would be replaced by Sarah.
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