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  1. I heard about the common Chinese and Tibetans are treating each other like brothers and sisters. They do both live quite peacefully with each other very well. However, when it comes to politics, especially between the communists and foundamentalists. There's always long way to go for a win-win solution
  2. Who knows, just checking some comments made by some Chinese people. More and more Chinese are getting annoyed by the West. For whatever reasons, Chinese nationalism is growing againest the West much worse than ever. I beg this year's Olympics might become a watershed of Chinese modern history.
  4. To be honest, you are unable to change them overnight. Go and pray for them.~ You think those political dumbass would listen to your expectation. Maybe they are counting money at this moment......Lol,IRONIC.
  5. Why? coz that's challenging your belief and values since you attended school? Look at how ironic your 'Ideal World' is...boy!
  6. So just let it go' or cancle it. This world has tons of Human Rights Problems happening within every single second and over every single mile. And this world is not ideal as you consider this consider that.. Olympics is a tool, a highly compromised games for the general international community to 'JOIN TOGETHER' for 'some reasons'. No one really gives a fxck as expecting a 17-day business feast and Super ENTERTAINMENT show would be able to change the issues of 'HUMAN RIGHTS' Problem. Seriously, even though you do boycott or to go 'Bitchying' every single day about the host nation. Is that really pratically helpful or just trying provoking their inner NATIONALISM? especially, between the West and the East. especially between the ex-imperialist and the ex-colonies........or between the Communist and the Capitalist....There are something foundamentally distrustful between these sides.......Ok, maybe you'll say this world is getting smaller and smaller, but I can only see this world also getting worse and worse in terms the review of the 21st century so far. Lol Don't you think the politics is so nasty that it actually doesn't neccessarilly give you the human rights whichever the side you are standing from. It's like the function of Law doesn't really give us the IDEAL JUSTICE and Explanation of the truth. It's all about DEAL OR NOT DEAL. I couldn't believe some of the people still think this world already got the capacity to share an universal value even touched the edge of the politics. Don't ya think that's gone too far for some kind of aspirations? Global Warming, Aids, Terrorism, Economic Depression, Oil Crisis, Poverty, Nuclear Weapons ......Oh my lord, this world already gone mad. Now we see because of the increasing frequency of natural and humanitarian disasters combined, our faith and life style getting much more competitive than ever. lol, even some of us got the GREAT GREAT Universal suffrage, doesn't mean you getting more rightful to 'SAVE' the other world. Why? Because you are not others, you don't speak, eat, act, think, believe as the other communisy does. How the hell you are supposed to know what they do really need for their standards of HUMAN RIGHTS? It applies to both China and the rest of the world to be fair to say. It really disgusts me sometimes to see some of the viewpoints about this 'HOT' ISSUE are actually racist-againest their entire people, history, culture rather than to highlight the political correctness about the human right issue. Are we reading the political version of OK Magazine or sth....? LOL. Look at the media fights, it's like watching a cat fight. both outrageous and tasteless. Oh, i almost forgot, they are both serving for their own favours of political statements. Thanks god, I could understand a bit both their languages and people. Human Rights what?????????????? Getting fully naked or getting fully coverd???????????? To applaude Iraqi's riot or American Troops???????? Isreal or Palenstan??????? Yesterday, saw a Eastern European Prostitute sold by the illeagal gang to West Europe, and listening to her terrible encounter was one of my most shocking 'humantarian moments' of my life, but still she would have to be deposited without even a legal guarantee of her safety within European Human Rights System......So who's putting the shame on our HR Record? I couldn't belive there are still countless grey zones within our 'AVANCED SOCIETY'. So seriousely you'll have to ask about yourself everytime that Am I really care about the human rights or a piece of cake of my political fantasy? Yes, it's like a big brother, everybody getting bitchy and two-faced. OR To conclude that it's sth about the ignorance making such this kind of endless drama over and over again. Try next time not to beautify the Olympic Games too much, I don't think the HR only worths 30 billion ponds plus a shitty Logo. And don't politicalise it too much either, coz that's UN's job, what? UN is currently closing during the Easter? Ok, find G.W.Bush..... Ok, he is no longer on duty.......oK, Find some fellas from the GAMES BIDS FORUM to sort out the issue........Now it's all up to you guys now!
  7. Yes, it is!! I really got enough with all these affairs around my loving olympics. Just take action if you don't like it or just enjoying the fun given by the pure sports. What the hell..... It's like seeing the cat fights in the BIG BROTHER HOUSE. eww........So Fxking Annoying...... Bring Back Olympics!!!!! This is 21st century.
  8. I want to enjoy the Olympics, not so much crap currently,
  9. So much going on~ Why not gang together to invade China for good?
  10. Those protests are really making kind of 'FREE TIBET' movement very cheap and tasteless. I think after the olympics, those assholes are waitting for a big feast given by Chinese people whatsoever. And Japan, well yes they do have kind of doggy connections, but not that extreme as you would expect to see.
  11. ya r really another male version of bitch, aren't you? jerk!
  12. Not a wrong opinion, I just thought you too naive to talk about some kind of issues. Like you know everything, like you are the insider. It's boring and misleading too may people. Wasting your emotions as wasting your time, Boy! Get a rest!
  13. What rant? If you don't understand mine, how the hell should you expect to know about me anyway? Mind your mouth next time!
  14. Whatever, Maybe it's good to see the Sharia Law could spread over the Great Wall and Beijing would sponsor another Darfur in the Middle East. And allow Taliban, Iran, East Turk plus Turkey (If they really wannt to quit the dreaming identity of joining the EU) to found a great nation in order to kick THOUSANDS OF AMERICAN'S ASS. So that's your vision, ahh? I beg you next time for the sake of death of 9/11 and London Bombing, not for those Cold War addicts, not to insult the War on Terror. OK?
  15. It's been shameful to see all these artists would like to make a world a better place by joining the game of politics. That's not neccessary and rationally to say, it would go to no end. Instead, it is just making the international atmosphere worse than ever or to be fair to say it's already back to the COLD WAR, making the distrust between each other more complicated. I amsume at the end, the winners are still those politicians who would just like to win the games during the New Cold War era. especially America and China or Russia. For those socalled superpowers, their people and their nations are always at the first positions. You cannot say that's wrong. At the end of world, that's just the universal principle for any humankind to survive. Just look at those conflicts around the world, who are those really behind the terrible trades, still those superpowers. Nobody's hands are clean. I suggest those artists like Steven Spielberg, if you guys really would like to save the world, either adopt a child, a family, found a foundation, a charity. Be realistic, be quite about it. Be clever about your choices. learn more about this world rather than staying under the spotlights with your huge ego all the time. Crying out like a messiah, because no one would really give a Fcuk. Especially those powers who already enjoying the oil, the money, the sex, the nasty pleasure as much as they wanted.
  16. Need to correct you at some points. 1.It's naive to expect Chinese government would still do care about what private property is all about or other this kind of bullshit under this great political atmosphere, I meant the Olympics. Everything got to let the dam Olympics go first. That's why the forbbiden publications like PLAYBOY, THE SUN are going to be allowed on sale in Beijing during the Games. (What a fxking privilege for the foriegn tourists) So you can see 'Law' in China is ultimately flexible when it meets politics. 2. I don't agree with you as you said China has to take most of the blame on global emissions. I meant honestly, who starts the Industral Revolution at the first place? When everything got to be made in China in order to fullfill the wasty lifestyle of the entire West World (including thousands of the obesity fatties). Is there any shame left as seeing Beijing got dirtier so that to make London/Paris cleaner? You aren't gonna help, are you? or just making yourself looking like a fool instead of the Godess of Justice
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