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  1. By the way, I don't understand a single point about How Gymnastics chould be called CHEATING as this sport generally based on team work/talent/professionalism unlike others involved heavily with strength and power....or even dopping? And by the way, I wonder the sports like table tennis what Chinese players mostly famous for could be also considering as CHEATING, because they are just too good at it, aren't they?
  2. does that mean the American team are all losers physically even they are well older but weaker than the Chinese team? What's this cheating all about?
  3. You're right, Jie jie, I heard about it might be the future leader of China who made the decision~
  4. what do you mean by cheats blatantly?
  5. I understand that~but do you know those 2 girls are close friends with each other~they know to form a ideal performance is to ''work together'' somehow. It's not a discrimination involved actually~so to say this is scandal really ridiculers~ That's why I really thinking those reports only took the story shallowly to raise the controversy as much as they can but overlooked the inside stories behind.
  6. And another question is the reason for them to select another girl instead, I think it's also be considering about whether the first girl who really be able to undertake such huge pressure during her performance..sometimes it's difficult to let a chorus child to sing solo confidently in front of millions....
  7. wait....what's the legal age of attending olympics?
  8. LMAO~~ So we all become Michael Jackson then....my little boys..
  9. and the one who made that decision actually the Chinese version of Simon Cow....
  10. It's fine, better than 'Blue Peter'' anyway~
  11. Baron~I got to say you really do have a good vision~ really good~
  12. exactly~it's just turn out to be a professionism play of the showbiz. Maybe that's not really gettin honest at the begining, but it doesn't hurt of anyone since the creator admits to the public. And the girl and another both contributed very well to the work and both gettin the public attention. I don't have any idea why would somebody have to call it pathetic anyway? So you're probably thinking London whould have to present ''drug queen Amy Wirehouse'' in front of billions just not going to be any more pathetic?
  13. it's the music director himself made the decision, why would you have to blame the entire country for it? Not even most of the Chinese known about that until that trash claimed the truth~
  14. WTF it's been a big deal~Who the FXXK would be possible following the trace of those fireworks with that type of ideal camera work? I cannot fxcking believe some bunch got sensitive with this issue
  15. many of empty seats, but still short of tickets.....
  16. somebody just thinking why Chinese are so organised and controled, so they think the mindset were not humans.lol
  17. some cake from Michael Phelps whould be perfect
  18. you got mad, I thought Track & Field is the basis overall the olympics of faster, higher and stronger.
  19. endless catfight is going on~ I think it's just West meets East, they did both produce the same level of the magnificent shows. unlike Sydney or Barcelona, Athens and Beijing are all playing with more philosophy instead.
  20. nope, apparently the theme has been stolen by MUMMY3:Tomb Of The Dragon Emporer well~I think it's maybe because most of the Chinese audiences really get tired of it and expecting Zhang really to present less stereotypes of China but more romance and vivid images instead. I saw the interview and it's the audiences of the first rehearsal suggested him to call off that part. Plus Terra Cotta Warriors was the wonder of imperialized China, not really reflecting ''HARMONY'' in connect with Olympics values. So I glad to see they pick Confucious's philosophy instead. Old but classic, timeless and wise. It's the mature side of Chinese vision of the world. That's generally why I think. But overall it's only a 55 minutes presentation... And Beijing elements also need to be included because it's in Beijing, not Shanghai, Hongkong or other parts of China.
  21. just cannot bear the JUDO or TWDO....We need some real Kung Fu actions
  22. nope~not just kind of souvenir, if you do notice the news earlier about Olympic version of 10 yuan of 6 millions pieces distributed by China Centural Bank, it's become athe ''most expensive money'' all over China queering for ages. Maybe it's a bit like the collecting the stamps made during cultural revolution~it's kind of antique addicts tradition..You just cannot underestimate this kind of marketing psycology, especially in China.
  23. I am just checking the NBC version comparing with BBC's, France 2's.....(Generally BOB's production). It's much more better~and it's actually the real direction camera work by Zhang Yi Mou I think.~ Here's the download link~of the full ceremony http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=1a686c9...2db6fb9a8902bda http://www.mininova.org/get/1679166
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