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  1. Ok~ CCTV live reports that the SCMP's report of Ban of Black is totally false. Sanlitun (Bars Street) NEVER EVER calling for any street bans, all the bars open as always as in the past. All customers welcomed.
  2. Because I read from both the Chinese Press and the Western ones form all sources. I'm not sayin those are 100% true or false until knowing the official confirmation of it. Because rumours are always easy to be made and for this particular news just sounds stupid as the other one that the meals for athletes only be sold for $1. And it did provoke a huge controversy in many Chinese forums until BOCOG confirms it's not true at all. Let's just see what's going to happen during the games-time.
  3. NO, this time it's going to be ultimate competitive.
  4. Yes~There would be cheerleadings for every single event.
  5. I don't know whether that's the first time or not, but Beijing this time prepared about 72,000 pieces of different music for each of the individual sport.
  6. Personally I think the government tends to prevent the potential crimes involved with prostitution and durgs during the games-time, or to say it fair it's similar to crime watchdogs in the West. But not neccessarily the street ban, that's just impossible for Beijing to do that in terms of thousands of foreigners in the city. I beg the policemen have more worthy time and valuable energy to do sthelse rather than that, that sounds stupid.
  7. I don't think that's true. That's just rubbish rumours
  8. The key is about telling a really good story not just presenting a spectacular catwalk show. I meant, I expect more about the drama combines with great pieces of music, and the good vision given by China to the World. That's might be the reason why Sydney inspired many people. A vision
  9. dam, that's like Zhang's movies. VERY BOLD AND COLORFUL.~ Baron, do you prefer that style or the Athens one more?
  10. I would rather prefer call it Beijing better than Peking, Peking's origin was not directly from Madarin but Cantonese. And Cantonese is ethnical language of the South China. BTW, that was more likely a poor name given by the imperialists of the West under the colonial period of this Chinese capital.
  11. Wow, I just saw some of news that American Team would particularly move to the student halls in one of the Beijing top universities by paying the rent about $50,0000 during the games. Deam Team and other A-lists sportsmen would be living there anyway. Ok, I was not saying that's been confirmed definitly. Why's driving you so mad? Calm down,plz.
  12. And the chance to rain around 8:00 pm is 10%
  13. maybe is difficulte to rent a house in Beijing plus some of student houses left for the Team Usa.
  14. I don't think so, that's quite roughly made. At least I'm expecting more that that.
  15. OK,GUYS, I have found some rehearsal reviews from some of performers' blogs. Here are some of them I translated. 1. I was impossible to take any photos during the rehearsal, not brave enough to break the rules. lol And firstly the cauldron lighting and theme song play didn't take part in the stadium tonight, maybe it's for the last-minute surprise. But generally, it's really fantastic and spectacular. The first chapter is so good and huge, it almost made my heart jump out. absolutely amazing then with the national flag raising, it's just touching. I've never sung so loud with the authem And of course, there have been some little problems with it. This time the production team really push themselves as far as they can by using mass of lights and effects, and also the mass performers. It somehow might cause the visual info look too much. Also the errors of the effects happened too frequently, even each of the plays did appear one or more. I am a bit worried about this About the content, it majorly focuses on the great heritage of Chinese civilization. But it's a bit too deep and complicated for the global audiences to understand. even Chinese found it somehow challenging. 2. I just been back from Brid's Nest. It was truly awsome as hell. Coz they don't allow any of us to leak the content, so I just simply describe the impression of it. I'll have to say it's so good and really beautiful as well. And it particularly includes varietly of Chinese elements. The futuristic countdown, and the GREAT FOUR INVENTIONS, with a long roll of a huge Chinese painting. plus those fireworks really rock and so lound like lightenings. So tired after the whole rehearsal, but it's just so cool. 3. For this is the first rehearsal, there would be still many adjustments before the big night, I won't be telling any thing great, coz that's just for the surprises for you all. But generally I am quite happy with it, and I'll give it 7/10 so far. Here are some improvements need to be made. a. It's the great display of Chinese cultures, especially the golden age of Tang and Chin Dynastiy, but I still found that's a bit too much about China, not so enough about the modern age and globalization. It's better if they infuse a better balance between the East and the West. b. The massperformers strategy is a bit too frequent, that gives the first impression that China has the biggest population and a super nation. even each of the play features at least a thousand or two thousand. It would be great if Beijing brings a more contrast like Sydney and Athens did. c. The technology is the major part of the whole night, there're so many lights and effects. But still need a improvement of the technical support, it definitly didn't look good. And some of them are a bit repetitive, like fly-ers and light-ers. d. The links between each play seem not to be very fluent and took a bit time, that's one need to be rescheduled. e. The innovation in the centre of the stadium is really good, but it's not right for standing there all the way along. New pic leaked~ 4. The begining is huge and so good, much better than the Athens one. All the audiences in the stadium was crying out for it. It's really a perfection. And the Chinese culture display is amazing and perfectly link to the world, and it seems Zhang, the director really prefer the elements of Tang and Chin Dynastiy. For the plays involve mass amount of people and huge installation, they seem to be needing more trainings The lightings and fireworks spectacular And the Great Wall...the Great Wall.... So many great innovations, but the technical support is big problem, it's just not reaching the 100% garanttee of the full pic, this one need to be fixed properly. Well, I can only say Zhang is really a master of visual and performing arts, but if he brings this rough rehearsal on that day, his career must be ended earlier. All the tickets of OC under the price of 200RMB($26) could be considered just a waste becasue the view, the position is just...... 5. No photos No leaking...So here's the rough impressions In one word, it's generally a spectacular and awsome OC except a too repetitive theme continues all along the whole night. And it's really a great masterpiece and definitly costs millions. But it's a bit awful to see my friends wearing those heavey suits during the August of Beijing --- hot. Birdnest is just beautiful at night and you could see the Water Cube and Morgen tower displays the Matrix effects, it feels like in the fantasy. 6. well, I saw the rehearsal last night, and it's a little bit disappointed for me. It's not a doubt the plays feature massperformers in a such big stadium. But I don't think they need that many of people for each single one. If that's a one or two, that might really light up the whole atmosphere, but it would get visual exhausted if they got that many. And the theme is not too clear and need so layers and contrast. Like the fireworks are also too frequent and reduce the weight of the emotional waves for the big ones. Generally, I would say the production team need to be more confident and realising the world would be pleased with efforts Chinese contribute, don't have to over do it. 7. Ok, on 16 July 2008, I was the one who just joining the OC rehearsals, I almost get caught for the info below. lol Ok, here are some great secrets I collected on that night. a. OK, the first chapter is truly amazing, it's the druming performance, well that might reminds you of Athens one, but let me tell you the drums they are using here are specially designed with lights and sound effects. When they hit once, the light is on, hit another time, light is off. It's like the effects of neon and while they performing different dancing and performing , the entire view with the sound looks breathtaking and truly powerful b. The other interesting installation is like a huge cloud pillar, it could to be raised above 10 meters high, and even though I still don't know what's going on behind this secret, but I was amazed by the details look if it. It's definitly ready for the HD test of those broadcasters. lol It's about 32 of these beautiful sculptures. i c. And one of the highlights is the Lazer Olympic rings raising in the middle, looks like a fantasy and interesting match to Athens fire rings in the water. The entire show features massive 4-D effects and high-end technology, it's truly gives you the best sensetional enjoyments so far. d And this one is called '' The One World'' , the performers walking around this global symbolised the concept the people around the world on this earth, and the south globe got to be walking upsite down....well~that needs a bit training for sure. It's a touching sight for sure.
  16. that's the reason why Winter Olympics is less universal and important yes, it's the north of the globe produce the best winter sports.
  17. It's the universal philosophy behind the symbols we see in today's civilizations. Greek stands for the West, China stands for the East. No conflicts and meaningful competition around this issue.
  18. That's a must step to ensure a clean olympics, otherwise it doesn't give any help for LOCOG to promo itself
  19. first air would be 27th July A snip of the promo
  20. Citius, I may found out what's going on in sector L
  21. well, one of pic shown above seems like as if the birdnest was on fire.
  22. how's that possible to keep the secret of fireworks if they wish to test them?
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