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  1. The current route is shorten version of the original in terms of the Quake and Political concerns. It appears the central government just don't think it's a good idea to celebrate much due to slightly chaotic atmosphere in China.
  2. I think that's generally to avoid any double standards overall the situations.
  3. I thought it was pink...wasn't it? Anyway I can smell LOCOG dare to pick the yob version of avart-garde as their ideal symbol of London...Don't cause Epileptic Seizures again that would be the milestone.
  4. What's going to be in London? Little Britain sketches all over the stadium.
  5. If possible, Iraqi athletes would definitly recive the most massive applause as they marching into the stadium. Sad but what politics is really cruel to the Olympics.
  6. Pretty much London's logo already revealed some shocking potentials to shock more people in 4 years later
  7. Not only you got that joke, but it seems they more in the selective ones
  8. The Fireworks Director of OC cliams there are going to be 33,866 shots in total. And the hightest peak of the performance would become a ''laughable moment '' features smiling faces in the sky.
  9. I just saying random words, making fun of the whole thing.
  10. It's been confirmed Bill Gates paid 6,000 million for renting a room in that hotel for a year just next the water cube. I beg him may wish to become the one to light the olympic cauldron just flying straight away from there to the Birdnest's roof.
  11. would anybody give any info about Russian coverage of the olympics plz?
  12. No~I don't mean that, I just saying do bring some condoms and enjoy your gay friends privately since prostitution is going to be legal in Beijing. But anyway your sexual safety is the king of all.
  13. You meant Sanlitun? lots of Beijingers found that place interesting as nasty. lol ~ Laowai sex and drug traders got to be involved with the hats of colonial civilians. It does happen anywhere in the world. But fairly to say, it's going to be a disaster if Beijing got huge increase by its HIV infection numbers just after 2 months. Anyway, lets go to the bars and see.
  14. It's been confirmed the theme music is not going to be Jasmin Flower, that was just a rumour
  15. BBC Sport's Desktop Monkey http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/olympics/monkey/7479984.stm Hello! I'm Monkey, your guide to the Beijing Games - now in handy desktop form. Install me to keep up to date with your favourite Olympic sports and get reminders when events are starting. Click the button on the right to download me - but make sure you read the terms of use first. You might get a message asking you to "open" or "save" me - choose "open" as that'll install me straight away. Other ways to install If you aren't able to install me using the button above, fear not - there is another way. 1. Go to the Adobe website and install Adobe Air, which is the software I use. Adobe Air website 2. Once you've done that click here to download me, and double-click the file named "bbcolympics.air". Make sure you read through the "Terms of use" tab before you install me, so you know what you're getting! By downloading me, you confirm you've read and agreed to all the terms. They're boring but important. You also need to make sure you've got the right kit, because I need some creature comforts before I make myself at home on your desktop. So before downloading, check you have 10mb disk space and that you're using one of these operating systems: • Windows 2000/XP/Vista • MacOS X 10.4/10.5 You can check the minimum system requirements on Adobe's website. Adobe Air system requirements Tell us what you think about desktop Monkey, or report errors, using the "Feedback" tab.
  16. lol, at least they don't pull the chairman Mao's pic out for the greater GREATNESS...
  17. OK, More elements leaked for the Opening Ceremony, these are the stuff you might going to see the scene of "Zheng He to the Western Ocean" Terracotta Army Blue and white porcelain with diving Chess & Go Beijing Opera Lots of Children laughing Matrix Great Wall Gandhanra of Dunhuang Buddha And the key element ---- Equatorial sundials
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