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  1. Is it just me or has the IOC not continued their Celebrate Humanity campaign for Beijing? I haven't seen any of those commercials this time around.

    2008 Official Beijing Olympics Commercial - Heroes


    The theme of the campaign is "The Best of Us" - a simple, powerful idea that transcends cultures and borders, motivating young people around the world to participate in sport by proving that sport can bring out the best of them.

    Heroes - Legendary Olympic athletes including Roger Federer, Yao Ming, Laure Manaudou, Liu Xiang, Yelena Isinbayeva, Kenenisa Bekele, Haile Gebrselelassie, Vanessa Ferrari and Carolina Kluft who, star as superheroes seeking to achieve the seemingly impossible.

  2. well done~We'll be delighted to have more such coverage.

    including Li Ning, the one who lighted the caudrum in fact unable to fly~it's just a trick

    the world leaders all actually played by prank actors in fact, the real ones already been hijaced.

    Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili has been confirmed secretly promised a rather bigger show in S. Ossetia to help the add the theatrical affects of ''ONE WORLD, ONE DREAM'' segment...

  3. why's that being called ''Chinese perverts''? It's just a pre-selection from thousands~Gosh! I wonder if you are calling your size-0 models in fashion weeks all perverts out of that?

    No wonder thousands of girls competing for the jobs also become a scandal~gimme a break.

  4. sorry to all~I just being a bit harsh on words~You know this is what the world is all about...One world one dream. But it's shame this world involved too many distrusts among each other..

    Like Russia and Georgia war started just on the date of Olympics.....maybe pathetic but realistic. HARMONY is really urging...

  5. Jeez, all those Athens 2004 fangirls....=3=

    I find very unfair that some people are unjustified trowing tomatoes at Beijing 2008 OC. Ok, it was not perfect, but come on. The scroll theme, the fireworks, the...aww whatever, do you really think that all the people focuses on the philosophical messages of a show, or prefer to see something with a WOW factor?. And you think the world is going to remember that the girl didnt sang (or the arrow didnt hit the flame, or the cauldron who came from a lake stood like for 3 minutes on the rail because of a failure, etc.)?

    THE WORLD DOESNT MOTHER F**** CARE (forgive my bad language :P ). This ceremonies acomplished the objective of being awesome and THATS WHAT THE WORLD DOES CARE ABOUT (Altough....i have to admit that the parade of nations was a piece of crap with that mariachis and bagpipes :blink: ).

    Sorry if i didnt put a long and detailed comment but i'm a man of few words ^^

    it's happened in China, that means no matter what Chinese do, it's all have to be tagged with political correction. Even a piece of **** among Beijing's toliets got to be remembered as ''kind of rotten evidence of Olympics''....lol

  6. Well, I give no names! It´s not a person attack! I don´t see nothing wrong with this post! But yes report it if it will feel better!

    calm down dear~Just wait and see how the situation goes later on~I think IOC would definitly investigate this kind of incident like Salt Lake City 2002 .~But for whatever reason that behavior just never contributing the voice of your team here.

  7. This poor girl? Why poor? Because she dont fit the beauty criteria of the government? This is highly rasist and chauvinistic. For me it would have been a thousand times better and by far more sweet and touching to see a little girl with 2 teeth mssing singing. People can say what they want. Praise the Ceremony as you want. This is a matter of taste. But what you cant change is that this Ceremony reflects perfectly the fasistic character of the government which ignores the human rights. No respect for the ndividual human. Not even the fundamental ones such the dignity of human. And as the world is blended by this spectacular Ceremony, the Ceremony itself was the proof for this.

    Computer generated "live" pictures, "ugly children" replaced by beautiful ones (by the central office of the communist party), 9.000 of the 14.000 performers are soldiers, the military raises the Olympic Flag. This is like rotten meat hidden behind tasty sauce if you ask me.

    that's kind of ultimate Cynicism going on here~I wonder if you convince me seeing Athens naked show all being recognized as an eyesore for muslims or other conservative audiences, because of the misleading masseage sending over other moral standards. And plus to choose Bjoke who's been considering not a quite good rule-example of the modern youth to sing for Olympics also a rotten sauce covering on the meat, isn't it just mean?

    I wonder what's going on with Barcelona coudrum-lighting there compares to a few fireworks manipulation

    Talking about the child~I won't say it again~It's just a showbiz selection maybe gettin a bit Simon Cow there, but why would you have to make it as doomsday for your notion of Olympics? Nobody is ideal right? So someone's overdo also become a rooten evidence of destroying the games~I wonder I'll rather to have an UN games better for the ideal justice here

    Talking about Chinese ''soldiers'', they are actually the honourguard who only carries the most honoured flags within Chinese tradition~It's just a different way to be honoured~Otherwise I wonder what's going on with Salt Lake City G.W.Bush and a few U.S Army bringing a half burned American flag of 911 into Olympics as bringing kind of message for all mankind to mourn for the United States somehow in regard to that occasion?

    Also~talkin about army~I wonder....What a big deal~but is it a big deal?



  8. You need to read a little more closely before making such posts. We were talking about what is potentially a cheating that occurred on the Chinese Ladies Gymnastics team. The International rules are that the gymnasts have to be 16. There is speculation and what appears facts evolving that show that the Chinese may not have followed the rules.

    Here's a definition of "Cheating" btw:

    1 a: to practice fraud or trickery b: to violate rules dishonestly <cheat at cards> <cheating on a test>


    Well feel free to surf the internet and find the source that you prefer because it is all over the news today

    Well~then to ask the Justice Court for the actual proof, that's rather more solid then a mouthpiece report only after the competition as they won it. That's just like saying ''Ouch, I might gotchya but I just enjoying bitching at you~". No wonder other newsagents discribing Chinese Teams were ultimately superb aren't giving any more valuable judgement than this kind of USA Crying Team disappointment.

    AND PLUS why would I have to care about what this sort of mourning all the time, I'll rather have given more time to enjoy the replay of the competition.

    I think USA Team done a great job~but it just seems they need more confidence in themselves anyway~

  9. You may be right and, indeed, the voice of reason here! However, it does smack of the Soviet era where girls were force fed pills to keep them 'young' in looks and body so they could carry on competing. I am seriously worried, and I am not American! It is certainly documented that the Chinese have followed the Soviet style 'sporting factories'. I find all that extremely against the 'amateur' nature of the games!

    Well~Because China has sports schools~That's one of the route for some kids to fullfill their life-time dreams~but not particularly being discribed as ''sporting factories'', Nobody one time would be able to force you to do sports if you just not showing any potentials and talents by yourself. I wonder if somebody still thinking this kind of sth came out againest 'amateur'' nature, I would rather say Iraqi athelets did train very non-amateur and hard while the time they should have all been staying at home for protecting themselves properly from roadside bombs and bullets.

    Does dopping incluses the 'amateur nature'. what a contrast and concept twisting.

  10. To be honest, who actually thought that little girl was singing :rolleyes: - seriously, when have children actually sung live at things like this. EVERY ceremony has recorded bits.... and it was quite obvious too the fireworks wern't live at the beginning apart from the footprint one over the stadium.

    Just check out the Amy....she chouldn't sing live but still won the Grammys..What a wonderful world

  11. The Americans did screw up. However, they should still have the gold. Unless Chinese math works differently than the rest of the world:

    From today's USA Today:

    This is where China's math and the rest of the world's math diverge. Yang Yilin, a medal contender in the all-around, was born Aug. 26, 1993, according to the official 2004, 2005 and 2006 national registration lists previously posted on the General Administration of Sport of China website, the Associated Press has reported. That means Yang is still 14, with her 15th birthday approaching.

    But, interestingly enough, on the 2007 registration list, her birthday became Aug. 26, 1992.

    How about He Kexin, a medal favorite on uneven bars? In articles and registration lists from 2005, 2006 and 2007, found by The New York Times and the Associated Press, she was born Jan. 1, 1994. Oh-oh.

    But her Chinese passport says she was born Jan. 1, 1992. (Doesn't this happen with aging Hollywood actresses, only in reverse?)

    And Jiang Yuyuan, another pillar of China's team? A list of competitors at a 2007 provincial competition listed an Oct. 1, 1993, birth date.

    The passport? No problem. Nov. 1, 1991.

    No matter how significant the other evidence, those passports, issued by the Chinese government, trump all. "The International Gymnastics Federation strictly verified their passports and confirmed that their ages met the age rules for participating in the world championship, World Cup and Olympics," the Chinese Gymnastics Association said in a statement.


    Whatever~I'll rather be interested in BBC than this kind of ''exclusive'', it seems like TODAY USA working for Chinese government.

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