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  1. I highly doubt that. Canada has a good bunch of athletes right now, but they're almost all in the #3-#12 in the world range. This translates well at the Pan Am or Commonweatlh Games, but not at the Olympics. There's no lock for gold, and few locks for a medal. Alos, many opponents will "magically" be much stronger next year. I expect many bronze, #4 and #5. Number of medals could be anywhere between 10ish and 25, most probably around 15-16.
  2. I visit this forum once every few months and each time, Danny is there being his whinny oversensitive self And now he's found a pal? Thank god they don't really reprensent the brazilians who'll welcome the world in a year.
  3. Who wants a baby beaver when you can have a giant inflatable one?
  4. This is quite disturbing and I hope it's not a sign of what's to come in four years. This guy is completely brainwashed. The hockey team on drugs...putting steroids in the food...the Gateway to the Future
  5. I don't know if they're the best ever, but they're certainly getting glowing reviews by media outlets across the world today. Except maybe for the guy who compared Canada to Nazi Germany... http://www.kansascity.com/2010/02/28/1780198/it-was-a-canadian-party-and-canada.html
  6. This guy lost all credibility when he wrote: There's clearly something he doesn't understand...
  7. Even if he missed a gate, he was still in the big final. He won his semi. So he couldn't finish lower than 2nd.
  8. Well in the end we did better that the Netherlands But seriously they were like 6-7 seconds faster than the americans 2 months ago. How can you lose 6-7 seconds?
  9. It's based on the world cup ranking. Germany and the Netherlands weren't really sucessful and finished 4th and 5th. (Russia 2nd, Japan 3rd). With Klassen and Schussler skating so slowly these last two weeks, it will probably be a struggle to even win bronze. Same thing for the guys, if they even get by Italy.
  10. I agree. The coaching staff completely screwed up when they designed the training program. The whole team peaked at the wrong time. Nerves could explain one of two bad perfomances, but almost all the skaters ended up way below their world ranking, Groves being the only exception. But then again, she almost never has a bad race.
  11. Finland. It's just embarassing if you compare their results with those of their scandinavian neighbours. But to be fair, they are at a disadvantage because they don't really have mountains.
  12. While I don't really care about the results at this point, I'm puzzled by one thing: Canada will be the first host country in decades that didn't benefit one bit from home advantage. Why is that? I have no idea. I just don't believe in the myth that the canadian athletes are chokers. As for "Own the podium", I still think it's a complete success. Sure the results at these Olympics won't be as good as we all thought they would be, but the program still helped to produce many world champions, world cup champions, and world medalists. The Olympics could be held again in two weeeks and we would end up with completely different results.
  13. I'm pretty they're live. The announcer (woman voice) is the person who does the commentary usually on CBC/Bold, and even then she sounds like a robot.
  14. Do I have to remind you about Beijing We can still win the most gold medals. And if we "only" win 20 medals, who cares? We're still punching way above our weight. The success of these games won't be measured by the number of bronze medals that for the most part have been decided by a few hundreds of a second... If only the media could understand that. Calling the funding programm "Own the podium" is backfiring though and it was a mistake.
  15. Lyndon Rush crashed in the second run. Both him and Brown are okay. Oh, and the russian breakman who was in first place at the time actually applauded when they crashed.
  16. Yes, but I'm just he was hardly a medal favorite. Last year yes, this year no. Just another athlete who peaked one or two years too soon. CTV had no business hyping him as Shani Davis' big rival.
  17. No he's not. In 9 races he won three bronze medals. That's it. Sports Illustrated just copy the results of the previous world championships for the most part...
  18. How could he choke when he wasn't a favorite to begin with? He was not good at all this year so it's hardly surprising. CTV is hyping any athlete who won a world cup medal or two in the last few years... That's why the results look so bad even if they're not surprising at all.
  19. The Canadians didn't win a medal in the 30 km pursuit, but for me it's the performance of the games for the home team, and one of the best performance for Canada in the history of the winter Olympics, in a sport we have almost no history: 5-Ivan Babikov 8-George Grey 9-Alex Harvey 16-Devon Kershaw By the way, the Swedes finished first and third, with Germany second
  20. Glad you're enjoying it. I heard they're planning a few more murders before the end of the games. You should be entertained.
  21. The best way for New Zealand to improve rapidly would be to focus on the newer sports (moguls, aerials, ski cross, snowboard cross, half pipe). Most of these events are ignored by europeans so it's easier to get to the top. That's why Canada and the United States have had such a surge in medals won between 1998 and now. Build a ski cross course in Cardrona. Hand pick the best alpine skiers in the country. Make them train on the course intensively and you'll get a potential medalist in 2-3 years.
  22. Yes, with Hedrick second and a dutch or Havard Bokko in third. Denny Morrison 7th, Lucas Makowski 13th.
  23. Here's what the american women had to say after the race:
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