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  1. I highly doubt that. Canada has a good bunch of athletes right now, but they're almost all in the #3-#12 in the world range. This translates well at the Pan Am or Commonweatlh Games, but not at the Olympics. There's no lock for gold, and few locks for a medal. Alos, many opponents will "magically" be much stronger next year. I expect many bronze, #4 and #5. Number of medals could be anywhere between 10ish and 25, most probably around 15-16.
  2. I visit this forum once every few months and each time, Danny is there being his whinny oversensitive self And now he's found a pal? Thank god they don't really reprensent the brazilians who'll welcome the world in a year.
  3. Not really. There's too much competition in summer sports. Throwing a few millions at a select few won't do much because a dozen other coutries will do the same and more. It's the base of the pyramid that needs fixing, not the top. If you have a healthy sport system, the champions will come. Tennis is one of the few success story in recent years with the national training center, multiple junior and pro tournaments being organised and the hiring of great coaches. Tennis Canada has pumped top juniors consistently in the last few years, with many transitioning well to the pro circuit. Of course, TC can fund itself with the Rogers Cup. A lot more money and a complete overhaul of the sports system are needed, and it won't happen.
  4. Rio could very well be worse with the possible retirement of Heymans, Despaties, Whitten, Oldershaw, de Jonge, van Koeverden, Cockburn, Hayden, Verbeek, Huynh, Girard, Spencer, Armstrong, Dugrenier, Hugues, Pendrel, Sergerie and a bunch of rowers and soccer players.
  5. Looking at the Own The Podium website, some of the numbers are ridiculous. -3 900 000 $ for women's wrestling (that's 4 athletes!) -7 times more money for men's gymnastic (1 athlete in the end!) than women's gymnastic. -Almost 25% of all the money went to two sports (rowing and canoe) -4 400 000 $ for women's waterpolo. No money for the men, -Close to 8 000 000 $ for diving! Almost as much as athletics. -Trampoline (2 events!) got 3 400 000 $. That's more money than boxing, judo and taekwondo combined! The whole system is a farce.
  6. They were well organised and the crowds were great, but something was missing for me. I guess it's because London is so well-known and not particulary scenic. Beijing was this strange new place opening up to the world. Athens had the mythology and the history. Sydney had the ocean and the beaches. The winter olympics host cities have the snow, cute villages and gorgeous vistas. Nothing really stood out this time. Of course, it has more to do with the television coverage than the Games themselves. CTV did very little to showcase London and Great Britain so that's probably why I feel that way.
  7. 1-Download a video capture software like this one: http://download.cnet.com/HyperCam/3000-13633_4-10004511.html?tag=contentBody;pop (I don't know if it's any good, it's the first one I've found. But it's free). 2-Watch the replay from the CTV website and record it with the video capture software. http://www.ctvolympics.ca/videos/channel/obs1/watch/swimming-marathon.html 3-Burn the file to a DVD.
  8. You don't see anything wrong with funding sports for the sole purpose of winning medals? At the end of the day, who gives a **** about medals really? Do you have a better opinion of Hungary because they managed to win 8 gold medals. Is Austria suddenly a disgrace because they failed to win any medal? Yeah, let's fund niche sports that no one practice so that we can all stroke our collective ego.
  9. Nice. There are a lot more badminton players in this country than trampolinists or bobsledders.
  10. Also, investing money just to win pieces of metal is silly. The only real positive effect of an olympic medal for a nation is to inspire kids to take up sports and be more active. Aside from that, it's just petty nationalism. A lot of money for about 24 hours or pride and satisfaction. Most money should be invested at the grassroot level and into infrastructures. On top of that you can have a special program for the elite, like Own the podium or the privately funded B2ten. What's the point of putting all the money into the elite aside from being able to say "Hey look, we're two bronze medals better than Hungary! We rock!".
  11. Fencing, archery. shooting. They're very precise.
  12. None came into these games as clear cut favorites so it's not exactly surprising. 16-17 medals in the end will be decent for this team. Rio will probably be awful though, with many of the big names probably retiring after these games. But there seems to be some good new talent coming up, especially in track and field,
  13. I pity the Argentines for having such smug neighbors.
  14. So much sexual tension between you two. You should just get on with it already...
  15. I bet one day you guys will look back at all this petty nationalistic BS and realised how ridiculous you were.
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