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  1. I'll be there the second week of the games. I'm writing this from my berry to make sure it works. So far so good.
  2. Anyone taking West Coast Express? We're staying in Chilliwack and are looking at taking the train from Mission. I'm guessing that transport isn't included in our ticket price...but I thought I'd ask. Also, coming home, will it be pretty tough to catch a return train? Also, is it pretty similar to Canada Line in that the stops aren't too long? It says on the website that it should take 72 min or so to get from Mission to Waterfront...will that change during the games? Thanks for any help you can give us
  3. Between my family/friends, we have four of seven packages in. I haven't got an email for mine either. But I will not lose heart I'm sure they're on their way.
  4. Miller is the best goalie in the world right now anyway...statistically speaking that is. No one even comes close. The only reason more people don't know that is cause he plays in lowly Buffalo!
  5. Nothing for me either yet...hopefully soon!
  6. Pretty sure they're all singles...but still. Sweet opportunity! Available seats seemed to be very good too.
  7. Glad to see you did fine. It never really occurred to me Category B tix at Cypress were standing only. That's kinda scary as I'm going to the Men's Arials Final there and have standing room tix. Oh well...that's how it goes I guess. I guess they won't let you bring a lawnchair, eh?
  8. Sorry to hear that...Almost all my tix are upper bowl except for my Gold Medal Ones. I had a few in the corners...but not really that many. Most are on the sidelines. Luck of the draw I guess. My best ones are Swe-Fin right at centre ice but they're way up in row 14.
  9. @van_will_shine ~~ Yeah...I'm pretty quick on the ball I got section 108 Row 9 for the Men's Hockey Gold Medal game...and that's why I'm so freakin pumped! How are all your other event's looking? I'm really wondering what it's going to be like in the Richmond Oval. I got tix in Sec. 119 Row 8 for the Mens/Womens Team Pursuit Finals. I'm looking forward to that one too but have no clue what those seats are going to be like. @jawnbc ~~ You're welcome. It didn't seem to work at first this morning then I just stumbled on it. How are your seats looking? @OshforUSA2010 ~~ I'm not sure how it works with Cosport. I don't think Vanoc has even sent instructions yet on how to view the seats...again, I just stumbled on it. I would suspect that Cosport should have theirs ready to view soon too...but I have no way of knowing for sure.
  10. Hey All...I'm new here but thought I'd let you know that you can now check your ticket allocation on tickets.vancouver2010.com. I'm very very excited about my seats! There was a bit of jumping up and down this morning in our house All you have to do is log on and click on "My Tickets". Then click on the little arrow to the left of each date, select the tix you want to view, and click "view seats". You can even download an excel file with the details. Of note...you can click on the section and it shows you EXACTLY where your seats are. Hopefully you'll be as happy with your allocation as we were! And BTW...thx for all your posts here. It's holding me over until the games start. It's been great reading news and insights. I'll try to post more in the future. All the best, flying.jay
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