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  1. Just received my book today...and wow is it gorgeous. Yeah...the cover is flimsy, but it is what I expected in a hardcover. I went through most of it and was amazed at the quality. I'm more than thrilled with this purchase. It's an amazing memory to have of the games. Ms. Gardner should be very proud.
  2. Just made my purchase on Amazon. Can't wait! Thanks to Mr. X for getting the word out. I had no idea this was already available. I'm still wondering why it's not on the Vanoc website. But oh well...gonna bring back some amazing memories.
  3. Is it just me, or did they take this for sale off the Vanoc site? I clicked a direct link from google and it didn't exist. I found it on Amazon for $53. Is that a reasonable price for the book?
  4. Finally got my cheques today. Took a while...but glad they're here
  5. Thanks skscorpion. Finally I get an answer from someone
  6. Still no cheque and its May 5th. I've been trying to get a hold of Vanoc customer care to no avail. What's up with that?
  7. I'm waiting for my cheque too...wondering when that's coming...
  8. Good to know. You just never know if someone has "insider" info from someone else at Vanoc.
  9. Hey all...does anyone know when we're gonna get paid for the tickets we sold through the official re-sale site? I haven't heard a peep from Vanoc since they told us to get our account info up to date by March 21st. All they said before was that we were gonna get cheques in April sometime. Can anyone give me an update on that?
  10. Well...I just got back home...and what a rush! That gold medal game was surely the experience of a lifetime. All the hours spent on trying to decide whether I should take the chance and keep the tickets or sell them were for not and we just decided to hold on to them. Boy...were we EVER glad we did. I'll never forget two things about the game. First of all...the hush (followed by many many intense cuss words) that came on the crowd when the Americans scored the goal that sent the game into overtime. I thought I was going to start to weep as the Americans had all the momentum and surely were going to take it in overtime. Second...the historic Crosby goal. It came right in our end. I had a perfect overhead view and surely was one of the first to know that he scored (even he said afterwards he didn't see where his shot went). What a moment. WHAT A GAME!!! I can't say it enough about the volunteers. They were a huge part in making this experience for us. Always so friendly and courteous. They even took care of the boneheads three rows in front of us who were leaning on their rails blocking the view of the ice for so many. They were constantly a class act and are deserving of high praise. Thanks Vancouver! We will never forget the memories you've given us. Between my wife and I, we were able to experience three Canada gold medals (Ice Dance, Men's Team Pursuit, Men's Hockey). Couldn't have dreamed of more! I've gotta let this sink in...
  11. So we just got back from the Richmond Oval and we watched the Canadian men get gold in Team Pursuit. And the German women's semi final was by far the most spectacular finish I've ever seen live. That oval is spectacular. It's so weird watching the athletes come from underground. What an atmosphere in there. We stood by some Dutch fans that were extremely friendly and considerate. They represented their country tremendously. Too bad our women couldn't get by the Americans last night...but an amazing experience. We also saw the Slovaks nearly take out our beloved Canadians in Men's Hockey...my blood pressure was far above dangerous levels...but I survived. Tomorrow...we go to the gold medal game. I've gotta stop reading commentaries about this game...otherwise I WILL NOT sleep tonight. Again...traffic was awesome! I think we punched in the wrong address for the oval in the GPS...it took us to a marina two km's away. But again, we asked this random guy who was walking by...and he was THRILLED to point us in the right direction. He wasn't a volunteer or anything...just a very friendly citizen. Our Olympic experience has been incredible. Now lets hope that our boys can bring it home tomorrow. My voice is almost completely gone from cheering so much...but I'll try to come up with something. My mother suggested an air horn...not sure if I can get that through security. GO CANADA GO!!!
  12. I'm still here. Was at both hockey games today. US game was terrible...the Fin's showed very little pride...Canada game raised my blood pressure far past dangerous levels. We have the Team Pursuit Fina's in Richmond tmrw and the Gold Medal Hockey game on Sunday. Should be a grand finish. Canada's men are in both finals. GO CANADA GO!!!
  13. Just got back home from Men's Aerials tonight. It was cold...should've dressed warmer. But a great experience none-the-less. Volunteers were amazing. I can't believe how good the traffic flow is. We got home from Cypress Mountain to Chilliwack in less than two hours. It was ridiculous. My first Olympic experience has been unbelievable. I can't express how happy I am with the venues and volunteers. Besides the athletes, they truly are the stars of these games. Yesterday was one of the all time greatest days of my life. Canada/Russia game was unbelievable. My voice was gone by the end of the first period. Got lots of good pix. Very excited for the two hockey games tomorrow. Got most of my voice back so I can cheer Canada to victory tomorrow against the Slovaks. GO CANADA GO!!!
  14. Hey all. Well, we've been in Vancouver for four days now...how the bloggers have time to blog; I have no idea! We are staying in Chilliwack which is like 1 1/4 hours our of Vancouver. This has made for some very late nights. Today is our only down day of the whole week (we have events every day now till Sunday). I've been shocked how easy it's been to travel into town. I haven't seen any big line-ups for public transport. There are tons of volunteers here to help us with where to go and how to get there. I've met some awesome Swedes, Fins, Germans, Ukranians, Americans, and of course, lots of Canadians. It's been so awesome to see all the cultures that are around. We've been to Deutshes Haus, Live City, the stuff down by False Creek, all up and down Robson, and of course, we went to see the Cauldron yesterday! What a thrill. We've also been to two hockey games-Can/US and Swe/Fin. I learned the "yoba yoba yoba" cheer from my Swedish friends at the game. They were awesome. My wife and mom were at the Ice Dancing original dance and free dance and saw our Canadians win their gold medals. What a thrill for them! I think my mother had the time of her life the last two nights. Today, we're going to be watching the Can/Ger hockey game with a lot of interest. Also, figure skating is very popular over here and the Women are starting. My father-in-law who is doing camera at the Pacific Coliseum is covering it and has told me Joannie Rochette is going to get a lot of air time. Hopefully she can skate amazing for her mother. Hope you all are enjoying the games as much as I am. I'll try to post more often while I'm here. GO CANADA GO!!!
  15. So is no one else taking the West Coast Express? Maybe I'll be the only one I'm most worried about how long it's going to take us to catch a train on the way back to Mission. I'm second most worried about how long it will take on Saturday the 27th to get from Chilliwack to Richmond by car. Any thoughts?
  16. I've got standing room tickets for the Men's Ariels final. I'm a bit worried about that one being canceled. Does anyone know why it affects the snowboard events and not the ariels?
  17. Hey all, We're gearing up to leave for Vancouver on Saturday! Very...VERY pumped. I'm staying in Chilliwack for the duration of the games and am wondering if anyone has been traveling into and out of Vancouver from the Chilliwack/Abbotsford/Mission area? The idea for us is to take West Coast Express every day. Except, on Thursday we have to catch the bus from Simon Fraser for Ariels, and on Saturday we have Team Pursuit Finals at the Oval. We have considered getting a place in Richmond for Friday night to crash...but I'd MUCH rather to back to my uncles house in Chilliwack if possible. Can anyone give me their thoughts on what our best options would be? How have the line-ups for West Coast Express been leaving downtown? Are there certain times of the day when transportation is lighter? Can we make it from Chilliwack to the Richmond Oval by car in less than 2 hours? Any thoughts on where to park? Your thoughts are very much appreciated
  18. Last night was SO cool for us because my we caught my dad-in-law on the broadcast last night. We started jumping up and down feverishly (especially my mother-in-law who misses him like crazy). Dad said that Horwitz was ecstatic about the production. Apparently, he said he'd re-hire any of the crew any time. That was so encouraging. What a wonderful Opening Ceremonies. I normally have no stomach for K.D. Lang; but oh my word! She stole the show. We're looking forward to watching Jenn Heil and Charles Hamelin tonight. My dad-in-law will be covering short track tonight.
  19. SO PUMPED!!! Gonna watch tonight on my Uncle's HD Projector We're very excited! GO CANADA GO!!!
  20. Hey all...my name is Jay and I'm from Winnipeg. I'm looking forward to posting my blog here. I can't believe that Vancouver 2010 is just a day away. I, as I'm sure all of you are, am extremely pumped. My dad-in-law is one of the camera men for the opening ceremonies tomorrow. We've been skype-ing a fair bit. While he can't give me very much detail due to the waiver they made him sign, he keeps assuring me that this OC will NOT disappoint. He's done MANY huge events before and this is his third time covering an Olympic Games ('88 and '94). He's told me he's got a main camera for overhead shots...so he's excited to have so much opportunity. He's also very excited to work with Louis Horvitz. As we say in the prairies...this guy is the "shiz-nit" for directors in the world. My mom, dad, wife, and I will be joining him on the 20th. The events that I'll be sending you updates from will be the following: IH031 - Can/US Hockey IH032 - Swe/Fin Hockey FS006 - The ladies (wife/mom) will be at this one FS007 - Ladies again...I'm not that into figure skating IH041 - Hockey QF IH042 - Hockey QF (CANADA!!!) IH043 - Hockey QF FR008 - Men's Ariels Finals IH047 - Hockey SF IH048 - Hockey SF (CANADA AGAIN...at least they'd better be in it...lol) SS012 - Team Pursuit Finals...mens and womens IH050 - Hockey Gold Medal Final We got very very lucky with our ticket allocation (I put in 17 applications in my family's names to get them). We've been planning this trip for two years and it's FINALLY gonna be here. We're also having a bunch of Olympic parties here in Winnipeg over the next couple weeks. I hope that everyone enjoys celebrating the accomplishments of our athletes and the diverse cultures of our country. I'm SO glad I get to be a part of it... GO CANADA GO!!!
  21. @Baron - You thought that 90 was a lot...it's actually 94 camera's total for the OC. Just got the word today. Keep in mind that there are quite a few outside the venue covering the outdoor stuff. My dad wouldn't tell me much more because of his confidentiality agreement...and quite frankly, I'm looking forward to the surprise. He insists that we won't be disappointed. And yes...it is a 2.5 hour show. He did confirm that today. Wow...three more days...
  22. Hey all...my Dad is doing camera for the opening ceremonies. I don't want to say for who as I'd like to keep him anonymous. They had their first rehearsal yesterday and he keeps using the words we'd all expect to hear...incredible-phenomenal-amazing-spectacular... So far, he's said that they're flying up the director of the Grammy's! Apparently, this dude is a "hot-shot". *chuckles* They've also got about 90 cameras covering the ceremonies. To give you perspective, the Super Bowl (which broke all US TV records this year) had 44. Plus, his camera is brand new and out of the box...so that gets him pretty pumped I'll let you know more as we skype every couple days and he tweets a lot.
  23. Does anyone have a suggestion for us re: Speed Skating at the Oval on the 27th? Event starts just after 12 Noon...but we're coming from Chilliwack. Any chance the traffic will be at least a BIT lighter early on a Saturday morning? I'm trying to find a bed and breakfast that night...but if that fails, what's the best route to get to the venue? West Coast Express isn't running that early that day Any suggestions? I obviously want to do public transit as much as possible.
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