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  1. On the up side, the road cycling test event went well... oh wait, it didn't. International cycling event touted as CWG trial flops
  2. Sorry, by Track i ment Track Cycling team. My mind is usually on cycling.
  3. A large chunk of the British track team won't be there due to olympic 2012 qualification events clashing, and then the UCI Road Cycling world championships also clashing. Which are much bigger events. Then.. Jessica Ennis won't be attending due to her ending her season in Barcelona. Other than that, most are going. (I'm quite sure Mark Cavendish hasn't said anything on that yet)
  4. the ondemand on the YOG webcast page is bad. Cuts off the bottom of the screen, noticable when the graphics are half on screen.
  5. Paint it in the Olympic rings colours, then it'll look slightly better. Also, Boris Johnson on BBC News "Paris has the eiffel tower, we need to have the... something"
  6. It's a mess. However the viewing platform is a good idea.
  7. Let's hope the websites stay online, it's almost like an "online museum" of the games. If would be great to perhaps see the IOC take the websites as well and put them on their server, but thats not going to happen
  8. I can really see so many european nations being excited to watch Montenegro play.
  9. How rare is that pin. I came across it easily, it's now the pride of my vancouver collection, next to the round one with all the flags on it.
  10. List time: Positives: +Parade of Athletes +John Furlongs speech +Torch extinguishing, a great touch to hand it over to the Russian youth. +Sir Phillip Craven's stuff - as always a good speaker. +The first part of Sochi's presentation +The red torches going down Whistler +The EXCELLENT fireworks display. +The canadian north trampoline thing Negatives: -The singer in Sochi's presentation. Horrible song -The throat singer. I said to myself "You can't be serious". -The hoola-hoop guy -The length -The location And the Russian national anthem is still too long, whereas Canada's one of my favourites.
  11. I noticed in an IOC press release it said that the games would be streamed live and on demand on Singapore 2010's website and the IOC's site. Broadcast rights will also be offered for free to broadcasters who guarentee certain levels of coverage. The press release have been quoted in this thread:
  12. Me too. I hate the idea of the Paralympic closing ceremony at the medals plaza. Hopefully Sochi can take it back to the stadium.
  13. yeah, i'd like to find the Paralympic ceremonies. I've not found them yet except for streaming. I'd rather like a copy on disc.
  14. Eurosport's coverage last night was top knotch. They quickly cut alpine skiing for extended biathlon and in the breaks between races where they would have shown earlier races in their entirity, they decided to show qualifying as they already shown the events live. Thinking on your feet eurosport -like it
  15. Those in the UK - If you recieve eurosport they do have coverage of the games, all the sports you'd expect and all in prime time. Whilst their scheduling can be dodgy, i think you'll be fine there, they've been advertising over the last few days (under the olympic rings too!). Lots of Alpine Skiing, most of Biathlon. Large chunks of Cross Country skiing and the Ice sledge hockey final. Whilst i agree that the BBC coverage is poor (and have even wrote and suggested the 55 minute show on the red button - it could start on the hour, every hour. Simple!), there are still ways to watch live coverage, we should at least be thankful to Eurosport, no ceremonys mind.
  16. yes, on the IPC's own internet channel www.paralympicsport.tv I'm quite sure it works worldwide
  17. yeah they did, right after the Cross Country skiing medal ceremony.
  18. I wish the BBC did Olympic boxsets, i'd snap it up on Day 1. - There's always ways to order from abroad, no doubt it'll appear on Amazon as an import soon enough, if not ebay has everything.
  19. I can't think of a better end of these games. Well done Canada for winning the gold, in your national sport. Especially after such a great game, i'm going to miss these games.
  20. It's especially good when looking at the Lottery funding for Winter sports. 2% of the overall funding, it's a farce. The potential is there, there's been good results just a bit more funding could push it. As the lottery though is results based we can safely assume Skeleton is one of the better funded sports in Britain. Still, 1 gold is better than 3 silvers.
  21. I think Brits are as enthusiastic about most the the summer games sports as the Canadians are with the winter sports. But i do agree, great atmosphere in the venues.
  22. Whilst here in the UK, the Women's skeleton gold is going to be the most memorable moment, i have to say the Ice Hockey final, really looking forward to that game.
  23. that is very low and incredibly stupid. Every country has it's fair share of idiots, but most wouldn't go that far. It's really a shame some people want to ruin it for the rest.
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