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  1. On the up side, the road cycling test event went well... oh wait, it didn't. International cycling event touted as CWG trial flops
  2. Fantastic location, great choice by Brazil.
  3. You know after Christmas the excersise videos advertised on TV to lose the "xmas pounds"? 6 January 2011 http://www.amazon.co.uk/London-2012-Get-Fit-Games/dp/1847327257/ref=sr_1_18?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1282501668&sr=8-18
  4. Sorry, by Track i ment Track Cycling team. My mind is usually on cycling.
  5. A large chunk of the British track team won't be there due to olympic 2012 qualification events clashing, and then the UCI Road Cycling world championships also clashing. Which are much bigger events. Then.. Jessica Ennis won't be attending due to her ending her season in Barcelona. Other than that, most are going. (I'm quite sure Mark Cavendish hasn't said anything on that yet)
  6. the ondemand on the YOG webcast page is bad. Cuts off the bottom of the screen, noticable when the graphics are half on screen.
  7. That is a great point, that has been quite overlooked actually. Kids are loving Doctor Who and more sci-fi in general here in the UK.
  8. I like them both. Mandeville is best though. Like the spiked head thing. I think kids are going to love them.
  9. Paint it in the Olympic rings colours, then it'll look slightly better. Also, Boris Johnson on BBC News "Paris has the eiffel tower, we need to have the... something"
  10. It's a mess. However the viewing platform is a good idea.
  11. Let's hope the websites stay online, it's almost like an "online museum" of the games. If would be great to perhaps see the IOC take the websites as well and put them on their server, but thats not going to happen
  12. I can really see so many european nations being excited to watch Montenegro play.
  13. How rare is that pin. I came across it easily, it's now the pride of my vancouver collection, next to the round one with all the flags on it.
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