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  1. So you are saying that someone (Baxter) who takes a medicine for a cold (vicks inhaler) and does not realise that the US version contains a low dose of the banned substance methamphetamine (which the british version, which he regularly uses when needed, does not), should receive the same punishment as someone (Chambers) who knowingly and willingly took a substance (THG) being told that it would improve his performance and he would not get caught? If only everything in life was as cut and dried as that logic...
  2. Could the athletes not have competed under the Olympic Flag as individuals? I can see the reasons for the suspension and see how it is an appropriate measure, its just a pity that it hurts the athletes...
  3. Christine Ohuruogu, Tim Don and other athletes such as Alain Baxter all had mitigating circumstance to their case and that is why their appeals against the lifetime ban were over ruled. Chambers was willingly and knowingly taking part in a setup that was designed to systematically enhance performance. I doubt this would not be considered mitigating circumstances... The Olympic Games are treated differently because they are in most sports the pinnacle of an athletes' career, hence Chambers' desperation to go... The atmosphere at an Olympic Games is totally different to that of any other sporting event... there is just something there that make it like no other. I do wish it would become WADA/IOC policy though, rather than a bye-law of just one NOC. If athletes were given a four year ban, instead of two, guaranteeing that they would miss at least one Olympic Games, it may be a different situation, perhaps? But to have a two year ban and they to be able to still go to the Olympic Games...
  4. Hip hip! Hooray! The whole point of the fight against doping in sport, as well as simple fairness to all athletes, is to defend the credibility of sport itself. Given the ill feeling towards Chambers, particularly as he had no mitigating circumstances, as he was a part of a systematic doping campaign specifically aimed and focused at improving the user's performance, including Chambers in Team GB would not only create ill-feeling within the Team GB squad itself, but damage the credibility of sport as a smack in the teeth for the anti-doping movement.
  5. Whole heartedly agree with the first and second point, as a passionate secularist. Your third point has already been agreed a few years ago, I believe and will take effect from Prince William's first born, regardless of gender. The fourth point I disagree with.
  6. To react to that on my behalf, I give you Sir Ben Kingsley, playing the character Don Logan in the hit film Sexybeast. NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!! NOT THIS TIME! NO! NO F***ING WAY!
  7. I filled in a half completed application and got a call to ask me to finish it... but that's all I've got so far...
  8. As an example (Sorry Roland, but it's one of your employer's publications), there was an article many months ago as Romania and Hungary were about to join the EU, under the header "400,000 crooks and gangsters to flood Britain", which basically discussed the crime rates in Bucharest and Budapest, implying that, because Romanians and Hungarians were now able to travel freely around Europe, Britain would be "swamped" with the Romanian/Hungarian polulation and also implying that Britain would have similar crime rates imposed upon it. Which was completely rediculous. Another stupid thing the News Of The Screws did, was a few weeks after the whole "name and shame" scandal of publishing the names and addresses of paedophiles (causing vigilante attacks), they had an article featuring a scantily clad then 14 year old Peaches Geldof (daughter of Bob) under the header "Phwarr!! She's only fourteen, but she doesn't look it!". Now I it would be equally sesationalist of me to suggest that this would encourage paedophilia, but it is a tad hypocritical...
  9. Interesting point, Lucifer. I should say that the Daily Star has been known to completely fabricate some of it's stories, with many others publishing so slanted, twisted and sesationalised to the extreme. However, this is usually editors/owners/hacks who write drivel that they think the public will buy and will help them sell more papers (or keep those in power who favour their business) - even if it is all (or mostly) bollocks. I don't have a lot of experience/understanding of the Chinese media, so am not really in much of a position to understand it. My understanding is that in China the government places restrictions on the media, almost become a mouth piece, only speaking highly of the government for fear of being shut down. I could be completely wrong, I also believe this is the case in Venezuela, Cuba, (some) Zimbabwean media and others. It is interesting that when it comes to the media, governments and state control, there always seems to be someone calling the shots to suit their own needs - only the question of whom varies from place to place.
  10. Come off it Baron, the child is a boy, quite clearly enough for my eyes! The protest was certainly not unexpected. Its interesting how Eurosport was about 6'30 behind in its broadcast (which stared at 09:20 GMT) and then by the time the speeches were over and the actual ceremony began, it was about 30 seconds in front!
  11. Oh, bloody hell... I should be careful before making such statements. Only I could say "I would be very suprised is either city wins by more than 7 or 8 votes" for the city to then win by 9!! Well, since I was a whole one out, I will say that I am suprised that it was such a gap (I was expecting a handful of votes' difference), but perhaps not "very suprised". Nine votes is still very close, but at the same time a reasonably high margin.
  12. It will be announced by Rogge with a press conference. The IOC have released a few media releases in the part few weeks inviting members of the media to attend.
  13. I think the IOC's main concern was to make it a low budget event, not neccessarily a low key event. The main aim of Olympism is to bring the educational values of sport to society - they therefore want this event to get media coverage etc and be something to inspire young people to participate in sport, not like the European Youth Olympic Festival which fails to get any coverage (though I have seen it is slowly improving). In terms of organisational success, the EYOF is a success, but even Rogge admits that it is not a success in terms of media coverage and the public eye. The YOGs are not to be as costly and sometimes frilivous event that the Olympic Games can be, with $50million Ceremonies, huge construction projects etc, but they must appeal, they must be remembered and even though they are not allowed to leave a legacy like new venues, they must leave a sporting legacy, with more people participating in sport. I am, however, concerned that the YOGs are talking about $200-300million USD budgets, when in Guatemala they spoke of figures of around $30-35million... I guess this is a huge experiement, the full and final results we will see only some time after the games themselves have taken place. It is a bit crazy though, when you think that the European Youth Olympic Festival in Paris in 2003 had a budget of only 4€million! Regarding Visa's endorsement of the Singapore bid, I am quite suprised that this has been allowed, as TOP sponsors in the bidding competitions for the Olympic Games are supposed to be prohibited from supporting Candidate Cities, for example the event that Paris 2012 held in 2005 which was endorsed by CocaCola. That said, I suppose there have been known relations in the past with Samsung and PyeongChang, not to mention Mizuno's sponsorship of Tokyo 2016 (whilst Mizuno are not a TOP sponsor, they are an official supplier - and I have asked both the IOC and Tokyo if Mizuno's sponsorship of Tokyo 2016 violates this rule, which instead of replying to me with a denial, each of just ignored my email - which I believe means that there is a possible violation). Either way, I don't think that it is very ethical to have an election candidate financially supported by the sponsor of the organisation whose members are the electors.
  14. I've always wanted Singapore, originally it looked liked it would be Singapore, then Moscow seemed to look more favourable, then even more favourable, then they slipped up a bit... and now I have absoloutely no idea. As mentioned previously, it is also so difficult to tell when it is a postal ballot. However, I would be very suprised if either bid wins by more than 7 or 8 votes.
  15. Good luck Singapore! It's weird being a postal vote, as they days in the run up are seen as most crucial - but the the voting is already mostly over. Does anyone know how the postal ballot worked in terms of how they were sent and deadlines etc? I assume they were all sent via courier? puppy? cfjeremies? I know one of you guys know...
  16. Erm... I think Moscow put their foot in it by saying "Singapore can host 2014". That is up to the IOC members and not an overconfident bid committee - if I was an IOC member, I would be quite insulted by such a statement!
  17. I was a volunteer during the 117th IOC Session in Singapore and had a very enjoyable time in Singapore - I would love it if Singapore won. However, looking at what is being said by the two bids at the moment, press releases etc, it look like Moscow is set to win. The goal of the IOC is to bring the educational values of sport to society. Whilst such a vision is apparent in both candidatures, Moscow seem to be much more vocal than Singapore in this respect, at the moment at least. More momentum is needed, Singapore need to be conveying this message if they want to win!
  18. Hi everyone, I'm having trouble accessing the internet at the moment, hence my lack of posts. I have tried to keep up with the news feeds - that is difficult as it is! Anyway, I like the uniforms, they are pretty good looking, not really anything special or out of the ordinary, but still striking, and of course, fit for purpose. However, given Rogge's desire of everyone being "all one team" (hence him sleeping in the athlete's village, sporting the official uniform during the Games - unusual I guess when Mizuno have a contract with the IOC with a uniform for IOC Members/staff, that seems to be ignored), I am suprised that staff and volunteers have seperate uniforms, as if to differentiate the two groups in terms of uniform. This is not something new as such, but it is unlike recent Games like Athens and (I think) Turin, as well as many other events with IOC patronage. It was also approved by the IOC Executive Board, which has also suprised me. We live and learn.
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