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  1. There was me thinking that they were paving the way for LA28 to have an AR-15 as a mascot!
  2. I don't mind the look of them per se, but given the Olympic Values/Truce etc., it's a bit bizarre to have military apparel as a mascot?
  3. Well that certainly blows Sochi's famed $52bn figure out of the water. I wonder if they will have a "Free the Princess" event from a frozen snowy fantasy castle?
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/world-us-canada-50840534
  5. Whilst not intending to sound like Paris is going to walk it, I have a hypothetical question: What if Paris had won 2012 and we were watching a race between London (with Brexit), Los Angeles (with Trump) and Budapest. Who do you think would win and why?
  6. An employment register next? It seems odd that a contract of employment with the bid city negates a need to register. Or subcontract to a registered company?
  7. Spanner in the works/ political can of worms: It may be true to say the UK has hosted a lot recently, but Glasgow might not be a part of the UK by then...
  8. Pal Schmitt? Prince Albert? The Grand Duke of Luxembourg?
  9. Ok, my bad. Still broke provincial regulations, I understand - as the were smoking indoors when there were designated "smoking pits" outside. Also, an 18 year old Hockey player was drinking on the ice in public view in a province where the legal drinking age is 19. Not exactly role models athletes are supposed to be.
  10. Is it not a violation of the Olympic Charter to smoke in Olympic venues?
  11. Of course full credit to Aasda and Rochette for getting over 200 - it was all down to their. I do remember Usain Bolt saying that he never raced against the clock, the only thing that spurred him on to get the sort of times he did was the thought of Tyson Gay et al right behind him - it was only the very fast times of Gay/Powell that made him get the times he got.
  12. What is particularly impressive about Kim's achievements is that in the Worlds she was the first ever female to break the 200 barrier under the new scoring system. In the Olympic competition, not only has she broke the world record once again, raising the bar even higher, but she has pushed her competitors to achieve over the 200 mark.
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