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  1. If books are all you got, then I pity you because they teach you nothing, you go off talking about this or that when you really have no idea what you are talking about, you only think you do. Jean is a man's name, a MAN, Monsieur Baron had it completely right, Jean is a French man's name, the French form of the name John. The name comes from the Hebrew Yohanan, which went into the Latin Johanne. The name means Yahweh is Gracious and in every culture it is a names name, the closest female equivalent is Jeanne as M. Baron rightly pointed out. In English countries the name of Jean, but there is a different pronunciation, something as an English speaker you should know, words can be spelled the same, but have different pronunciations that carry different meaning. As I am from a Francophone country, guess which one applies. ן
  2. You are an embarrassment to African with the way you carry on in this forum, you embarrass all the good, well spoken, non-judgmental Africans, or maybe its just because you are from a former British colony, while I am from the francophonie. Your lack of respect to other posters is appalling and you need to address this if you want to become a functioning and beneficial addition to this form.
  3. I demand to know why there is no African city in competition for the Youth Olympic Games, its not far, Africa should get to host, Africa has never hosted any Olympic event, so Africa should host. The world revolves around Africa and its about damn time you white folk released that, Africa is where its at, there is no place better, I live in Rwanda and its amazing here, you should all come and see how great Africa is.
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