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  1. Hello - I may be possibly interested in trading for your Atos Origin & Omega pins - can you send scans of each or describe them? I have many 2010 sponsor pins for trade. Thanks, IOC Guy
  2. If anyone is looking for any of the 2010 sponsor / government pins, especially the harder to get ones, feel free to contact me. I prefer to trade, but will entertain cash if the price is right.
  3. Forgot to add on the list any of the City of Vancouver and City of Richmond pins (in Chinese) pins as well. Thanks.
  4. Newbie on this site. I have some sponsor pins to trade (some of them are rare ones), and if anyone has some of the below listed pins I would be interested in trading. Government of Canada - Pewter 2010 Ilanaaq Government of Canada - White w/Colored Ilanaaq Government of Canada - White Olympic & Paralympic Royal Bank Canada (RBC) - Paralympic gold 2007 3 yrs to go w/ sledge hockey player Wonder+ - White dome pin GE - Round GE worldwide sponsor pin Weston - White vertical rectangular pin Dow - White w/ colored Ilanaaq TransCanada - White with colored Ilanaaq RONA - Pewter 2010 logo w/ colored Ilanaaq Visa / Tourism Vancouver - Welcome to Vancouver colored dome Bell - White vertical rectangular pin w/ colored Ilanaaq and blue Bell lettering Epcor - not sure about specific pin attributes Workopolis - all 5 versions McDonald's - horizontal rectangular pin w/2010 & arches logo GM Canada - horizontal rectangular pin 2010 and GM logo RICOH - vertical rectangle with 2010 logo with letter "O" filled in red Jackson Triggs Esprit - stone pin in white with 2010 logo & blue bottom If you are interested in a trade, send me a pm... I've got pics if needed
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