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  1. Hey Steve, has the earthquake affected anything in Beijing?
  2. I think everyone can agree cosport has done a pretty terrible job of handling the ticket sales. Between the information blackout, a terrible website and no phone support, I think the trifecta of bad service is complete. Can't say I'm looking forward to going through this again in 2010 and 2012. On a happier note, after many hours of hoping pages will load and seats will be available I did manage to get a handful of events, I'm guessing trading and selling will be pretty common in Beijing, hopefully I can parlay my way into a few things I'm really interested in seeing.
  3. 12 sessions, on top of tickets you got from phase one? Consider yourself fortunate, there are those without any.
  4. A 45 minute time limit on buying tickets and the website is basically non responsive, even if you find a ticket you won't be able to quickly find a few others and piece together a decent group of events to see. Good job Cosport. Way to bring online sales into 1997.
  5. How does the live sales work? Do you call in is it over the internet? I've been trying to call for the last 30 minutes straight and its non stop busy, I'm sure there's quite a bit of demand but I'd be really bothered to find out all the tickets had been snatched up by ticket brokers flooding the lines and buying up everything.
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