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  1. May as well add mine to the list I have only one session I can't attend which is the Beach Volleyball, 16 Aug, 18:00 - 21:50, Womens and mens rnd of 16, 2 tickets happy to trade or sell them Let me know if you are interested. hope everyone enjoys the games !
  2. Hi everyone - can't wait to travel to Beijing for the games. as I mentioned in a previous post - I can't seem to find if it is illegal to advertise tickets here or not, and haven't recieved a reply from any moderators. I was lucky enough to get tickets to both the opening and closing ceremonies through cosport. to cut a long story short my wife has been able to also get free tickets through another means. We will still use the opening ceremony (prefer to sit together than sell it...regardless of the price I think the expereince and memories is worth much more than the cash to sell it). bu
  3. I guess you must really trust the person you are selling to. Because if you change the name before they have sent the money... then you can not change it back if they don't pay. Equally if you are paying for a ticket - how do you know they will change the name on the ticket to yours? A theoretical question - if anyone wants to sell a ticket that was purchased to be used, but now can not be, is it legal to advertise this fact on this forum? I can't really find any rules on the site? But normally that sort of thing is discouraged to avoid people flooding the boards with advertsing. If it is
  4. Here is what we recieved mainly through the first co-sport offer, but some in the second. Only 1 ticket in many cases as my wife will be working. Will try and add in some athletics tickets which should be ok to get through some contacts. Would love some swimming but doesn't appear like any chance of that. Thur 08, Opening Ceremony, 20:00 - 24:00, 2 tickets Fri 09, Judo, 18:00 - 19:30, 1 ticket Sat 10, Water Polo, 09:30 -13:00, 1 ticket Sun 11, Canoe Slalom, 15:00 - 18:30, 2 tickets Sun 11, Basketball, 20:00 - 24:00, 2 tickets Mon 12, Volley indoor, 09:00 - 12:30, 2 tickets ----have to
  5. I also have some tickets I will need to trade. But I guess it might need to be done closer to the dates when things are more defininte...stay in touch
  6. Well nothing has been on time yet - so I predict Wednesday But lets hope not. I think most of the tickets I need will be not hguely popular so should be ok. Of course I would love some Swimming but realisticly that will not happen.
  7. Hi Everyone My first post here in this forum (after lurking for a while). The site has been great while I waited to hear what tickets I got from CoSport (Australia) Congratulations to everyone who has tickets so far and all your advice provided. My question is - does anyone know if it is possible to have an idea of which tickets (sports) will be available during hte live sales period? It is a pretty easy guess in most cases - but is there actually site where we know this information - I guess not? Which means we just have to wait until Nov 26 (hopefully) and then actu quickly - and also
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