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  1. Hmmm I cannot even remember what the closing ceremony was like for Beijing 2008. A whole bunch of Chinese songs, right? This CC was remarkable in that they chose to showcase Pan-Asian cultures now rather than in the OC. For once, I actually sat through it all. It is probably just me, but I never liked those "pop concert" style closing ceremonies which tend to be the case nowadays. Such a big yawn.
  2. They had rain performing and you can see the Korean gals screaming in the crowd. Anyway I much prefer this multi-cultural performance than the usual string of local songs which most of the international crowd can barely understand in almost every other CC. While I do understand Chinese, I am pretty sure most of the international folks would switch their TV off if it is just going to be a barrage of Chinese songs. They smartly did not do that.
  3. Cantonese seemed to be very much on display this time compared to the OC. They are singing the theme song now in Cantonese (it was sung in Mandarin in the OC), and Cantonese was sung earlier also during the cultural item.
  4. Followed by the Japanese, than Kazakhstan, than Indonesian, then what looks like Pakistani, and than Mongolia.
  5. The closing ceremony began 15 mins ago. Mainly depiction of Asia through song and dance. Earlier was the Chinese. Now the Indians.
  6. To you, everything is a rip-off of Athens 2004, and Athens 2004 is the most original Olympics with copyright over every aspect of it. So henceforth, no other opening ceremony shall have two dancers hugging each other.
  7. Didn't they just clean up the air? All these fireworks are going to create smog by themselves!
  8. Precisely man!!! The way the last torch bearer plays along just adds to the humour! Gosh I am feeling so proud to be Chinese again, just like the way I felt in 2008!
  9. I just love the flame lighting sequence. So simple, and so very Chinese!
  10. Hahaha very cute!!!!!! Rocket launch with an antic with kids!
  11. Running across the water? Reminds me of what happened in Singapore, although this is at a much larger scale of course!
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