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  1. In a straight line, they are very close to each other, indeed. But, as you said, crowds management and safety barriers will surely make it a longer way.
  2. Should the tragic terrorist attacks in Paris last Friday be considered a warning sign by Rio's committee? Up to now, authorities have been focused on the issue of domestic violence. Terrorism, of course, is one of Rio's concerns but, IMO, it has been seen as a secondary one. What do you think about this?
  3. (Google Translator) Brazil will host the World Cup in 2014? Certainly yes! The possibility of FIFA lose patience and choose another country is very remote. It would be a shame spectacular. So no one should bet on it. But Brazil will host the FIFA under what conditions?Here's the problem. The SEE this week made a radiograph of the works in the 12 stadiums that are hosting the world. The picture is bleak. Only one - the Castellan, Ceará - advancing at a pace that can be considered adequate. Maracanã, a symbol of Brazilian soccer, chosen to host the final match of the tournament, everything else
  4. (Google translator) Delays in the preps for 2014 and 2016. Revista Veja today's issue shows the situation of each stadium. Only one of them will be ready for 2014. And it is not tne Maracanã. FIFA no longer hide his concern over the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.For the second time in just one month, the federation president Sepp Blatter has said publicly that he is concerned about the possibility of Brazil not ready to make the finals in three years. In a news conference Monday in Geneva, the hat left no doubt in his assessment: for him, the country is lagging behind in preparations for the tourn
  5. Hey, Bezzi. Could you send more pictures showing the preps for 2014 and 2016 in Rio? Thanks.
  6. Mar del Plata Games were a mess. Only Santo Domingo presented a worse edition. Argentinian people have to prove their country is ready to have the honour of hosting the Pan Ams again. This time a Rio 2007 level editon.
  7. "The Bradesco sponsorship of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games is our way of demonstrating trust in the entrepreneurship of the Brazilian people and of the city of Rio de Janeiro. It is going to be one of the best Olympics in history," said Bradesco Administration Board President, Lazaro de Mello Brandao. "It is notorious the calling for the Brazilian people to produce grand, beautiful things, we want to be together from the very first moment in the construction of this sport, social and economic landmark of Brazil." Yesterday I saw Eike Batista on Globo News and could learn a little more about him.
  8. yWith the due respect, are you kidding? Mar del Plata after those terrible games? IMHO, Rio 2007 has set a for the PAN AMS a new level, a new status which will be followed by Guadalajara this year and, for sure, by Toronto. None of the cities you mentioned are likely to follow Rio 2007 pattern. Course, Rio had the SOG in mind and money, much money to pursue their dream and used the PAN AMS to make it come true. Aluz, Baron loves kidding. Don't mind.
  9. After so many decades witnessing the government inercia agains drug lords and, what is worse, a pernicious relationship among them, it becomes very dificult to believe once more. However, the invasion of Vila do Cruzeiro and Complexo do Alemão give us hope, anyway. The sad part of the history is nothing would had been done if Rio was not to host the 2016 SOG.
  10. Many thanks, Baron, for posting the links about the last SA Games. In fact if were you not to post them I would not know the games had hapened. I also agree to your considerations on the ceremonies.
  11. I would like to ask you to keep availlable the thread on the IOC vote in October 2, 2009. That belongs to the history of GB and its members who shared their feelings, their fears, their hopes, dellusion and celelbration during that historic moment, on real time. Please, consider this. That moment in GB belongs to the history of each one of us, members from all around the world. Thank you. God bless you. Stay under the protection of the Holy Virgin. Have a nice week.
  12. IMO, BOC should not be worried about the number of medals Brazil will get in 2016, but in building the conditions needed to a ever increasing performance of Brazilian competitors, since venues to formation: a long time plan, not a short time search for results of a inexistent infra.
  13. Thanks, Bezzi, for your pics. They keep us updated about what is going on in Maracanã.
  14. Agree, Dannyel. Sometimes people forget Maracanã is hosting FIFA WC matches in 2014 and the Ceremonies and footballing in 2016. They are different things. Of course, there must have been some talking among those people responsible for the WC and the SOG, in order to avoid waste of money and time. But, I insist, WC an SOG are different events. I am not concerned about the cauldron: they will find a way to deal with this question. But not in a hurry, it's too soon. I also believe some changes will be done in Maracanã for 2016, mainly those needed to the ceremonies. But nothing like the pics w
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