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  1. somewhat exotic but its nice
  2. Vladimir Putin to Have Hands-on Role with Russia World Cup Bid (ATR) Vitaly Mutko, Russia’s sports minister and FIFA Executive Committee member, tells World Football Insider that Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is set to play a much more visible role in the country's World Cup bid campaign during 2010. ... Putin’s intervention in Sochi’s bid to host the 2014 Winter Olympics was considered crucial to the Black Sea city’s ultimate success, and officials on rival bids privately fear his input. One rival bid official described the Russian premier as the country’s “secret weapon” and anot
  3. Players like Lionel Messi (pictured) and Wayne Rooney will be eligible to play at London 2012 after FIFA today decided to retain its current under-23 status at the Olympics. A working group of the world governing body had been looking into the idea of changing the system to under-21 after the bigger Confederations expressed their desire for the change. But the FIFA's ruling Executive Committee, meeting at Robben Island today to discuss the issue, decided to retain the current format. Jerome Valcke, the FIFA General Secretary, said: "There were quite extensive discussions between the variou
  4. cool indded, any difference among the LA84 socks?
  5. he FIFA Executive Committee held today a very special meeting in Robben Island Following the recommendation of the Olympic football working group, the Executive Committee agreed to keep the current system of limiting to under 23 players and up to three overage players the men’s Olympic football tournament of London 2012. http://www.fifa.com/aboutfifa/federation/r...g+robben+island
  6. for Young people they might work but I call them nice ;-)
  7. Claudia Pechstein was banned for two years for alleged blood doping, based on irregular levels of reticulocytes in her blood; these levels were always highest during competitions. A recent, more sophisticated method of analysis, which has not yet reached the level of an official standard, is to compare the numbers of mature and immature RBCs (red blood cell) in an athlete's circulation. If a high number of mature RBCs is not accompanied by a high number of immature RBCs—called reticulocytes--it suggests that the mature RBCs were artificially introduced by transfusion http://en.wikipedia.org
  8. Surely Iguazu Falls would be a great background but probably the 2014 Final Draw wil be head in Rio as well.
  9. oh I missed.. "Torch Can coverage will continue first thing friday morning"
  10. November 13 - Tokyo has the money set aside to bid for the 2020 Olympics and should keep trying until it is awarded the Games again, the city's Governor Shintaro Ishihara (pictured) claimed today. The Japanese capital lost out to Rio de Janeiro in last month's 2016 vote but Ishihara said that it should look to history for encouragement to try again. He said: "Tokyo lost out for the 1960 Olympics before winning the rights to host the 1964 Games. "It is necessary to examine why our bid failed and see what we need to do to be successful. "It's important for Tokyo to leave a legacy for future
  11. Probably Lima and Bogota launch their bids again but it would be interesting have Santiago or Bs As in the race too
  12. There will be a web broadcast of the voting/ announce? what's the schedule for the day?
  13. EUR: Paris/Madrid Asia: Tokyo (Osaka?) Africa: Cape Town N.America: Toronto/San Francisco S.America: Santiago Chile
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