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  1. hmm, guess they could use the University of Hamburg for it`s accommodation, but unsure if it would be adequate.
  2. Could Hamburg, in your opinion, host a successful YOG?
  3. bad choice of words. Not third world but underdeveloped.
  4. Yes, good use of existing venues. But maybe its right that third world countries like Thailand can host as well.
  5. Ja I remember that too. But I remember there being some tension that maybe it wasn`t go to work. It took so long for it to start moving
  6. Favourite Olympic moment was from the 2004 Olympics, when Andreas Dittmer won the 500m Kayak Final. A big fan of his.
  7. Ja good decision by the IOC, it would have opened the door to many regions claiming similar status.
  8. mm but would the Olympic organizers want them to host the 12` summer youth games and `14 winter games in close succession? Or won`t that affect the decision?
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