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  1. I think Australia will never do as well as in Sydney or Athens for a very long time. Hmm Cycling you won I think 4 or 5 golds in Athens? you only got 1 silver this time. Do you know what happened? and the swimming, if liesel jones and trickett dont perform in London, where does Australia get their medals? Australia relied on swimming for its haul, now the mens team nearly didnt register on the medals table and the women had to rescue the team. i`m not being heavy on Australia sorry. but I think they can only expect a modest total in london and the games in Rio in 2016.
  2. Don`t worry, we are having a bad games. We are allowed one bad games. London 2012 will see us return
  3. Germany has underperformed in every sport except equestrian, and even there we haven`t done GREAT. if we get back some form in London 2012 and get new performance directors I think we could get at least 20 golds and go back up where we belong.
  4. Ohoroughu will get silver or bronze. Dempsey will finish 3rd or 4th Bryony Shaw won`t get a medal. Reade will win gold, ja I agree with this. Idowu will win gold, agree Tim Brabants will get 1 silver and 1 bronze Sarah Stevenson, don`t know her. David Price will get bronze. Your other events maybe some silvers and bronze.
  5. I`m German, not British. I just study in London, and I HOPE Germany beat both Australia and GB.
  6. Don`t like to base things on voice or mannerisms, but in 5 years time if I heard that the British diver kid was gay I wouldn`t be so surprised. And I could name three germans who are gay but in the closet but none are so good looking unforttunately.
  7. Wont the Australians be disappointed to be beaten by the great british team?
  8. You`re right. I preddict we will take at least 5 Gold medals in the Canoe/Kayaking on Friday and Saturday. Hopefully Dittmer can get 2.
  9. lol, no longer do we dominate the events that we did in past. britain and italy could overtake us this year as top euro nation madness
  10. I think Stu will like this guy, from seeing his earlier choices
  11. hey Martin. Yes on study leave so i`m back home until end of this month and it`s great to watch the Olympics. So far I think we have done well. I saw that somepeople say that the equestrian shouldn`t be an Olympic sport, IM GLAD it is, because we did great there. Hope to see more medals in the kayaking and also in Field Athletics. Of course my favourite olympian is Dittmer so i hope he doesn`t disappoint In the swimming pool i can`t come to like this Michael Phelps, he seems very impersonal?!?! nothing excites me when i see him race other than to expect a fast swim. France has done so great in the swimming, but we don`t have a great team there in Peking so mmm I don`t know. My mailbox was full, but i cleared it now. ill write you a note, probably in german and not in Englissssssssh (for the purpose of posting here I have said this in what others might understand).
  12. I think you mean Sascha Klein? He has been posted in that thread by "Sir Roltel", he has the tattoo. His diving partner was Pavlo Rozenberg, but I don`t think you mean him. I don`t think hes so good looking, I like the British diver more, benjamin Swain.
  13. As long as we finish the 2nd top European country after Russia I`ll be happy.
  14. Finding al these photos of that british kid diver disturbing. the hottest swimmer I have seen so far is Aschwin Wildeboer of Spain.
  15. A vote of confidence should be taken for Rogge.
  16. wow the swimming venue looks amazing. the best swim venue i`ve seen at an Olympics.
  17. hmm, guess they could use the University of Hamburg for it`s accommodation, but unsure if it would be adequate.
  18. Could Hamburg, in your opinion, host a successful YOG?
  19. bad choice of words. Not third world but underdeveloped.
  20. Yes, good use of existing venues. But maybe its right that third world countries like Thailand can host as well.
  21. Ja good decision by the IOC, it would have opened the door to many regions claiming similar status.
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