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  1. FIFA president Sepp Blatter said Qatar could become the first Arab nation to host a World Cup in 2022, praising its rapid development and proven capacity to host large sporting events. ''The Arab world deserves the World Cup and Qatar has a good chance to become the first country from the region to host it,'' he said. Sydney morning herald
  2. no Germany will be fifth behind Britain. We are not in medal contention tomorrow.
  3. I read this from the Sydney Herald and think it`s way over the top. I think some Australians are very better about Britain defearing Australia in the games medal table. Sydney Morning Herald article on Britain
  4. isn`t it a strange way to rank though? *scratches head* you Americans ;p
  5. I think the United States are the only country to rank on overall medals won. Anything to keep on top
  6. Phelps is amazing. I`m not saying he isn`t or that he isn`t going to be always remembered for his achievements!!!!! Bolts achievements are just different in my opinion, that`s all.
  7. We will have to agree to disagree. The Lightning Bolt will set more records in the coming years. I won`t here anything about Swimming until 2012. Swimming just doesn`t have the reach Athletics has.
  8. That depends on future Olympics, Kendegra. But I don`t think either of us will be around in 2096 to find out
  9. Comparing records in swimming with those in Athletics is unfair I believe. Records in swimming are broken on a daily bases it would seem so :s Every time there is a competion records fall. In Athletics world records are hard to come by. How many have been broken in Beijing in Athletics? 3 I think? How many in swimming? I think 22 new world marks. Think about it nyfan.
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