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  1. FIFA president Sepp Blatter said Qatar could become the first Arab nation to host a World Cup in 2022, praising its rapid development and proven capacity to host large sporting events. ''The Arab world deserves the World Cup and Qatar has a good chance to become the first country from the region to host it,'' he said. Sydney morning herald
  2. they have good governmental and public support. i think it will be between annecy and m√ľnchen.
  3. no Germany will be fifth behind Britain. We are not in medal contention tomorrow.
  4. I read this from the Sydney Herald and think it`s way over the top. I think some Australians are very better about Britain defearing Australia in the games medal table. Sydney Morning Herald article on Britain
  5. isn`t it a strange way to rank though? *scratches head* you Americans ;p
  6. I think the United States are the only country to rank on overall medals won. Anything to keep on top
  7. Phelps is amazing. I`m not saying he isn`t or that he isn`t going to be always remembered for his achievements!!!!! Bolts achievements are just different in my opinion, that`s all.
  8. We will have to agree to disagree. The Lightning Bolt will set more records in the coming years. I won`t here anything about Swimming until 2012. Swimming just doesn`t have the reach Athletics has.
  9. That depends on future Olympics, Kendegra. But I don`t think either of us will be around in 2096 to find out
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