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  1. Ah, that explains it, thanks!

    In that case, the venue letters appear to be:

    A 1 Beijing National Stadium

    C 2 Beijing National Aquatics Centre

    B 3 Beijing National Indoor Stadium

    ? 4 Beijing Shooting Range Hall

    N 5 Wukesong Indoor Stadium

    ? 6 Laoshan Velodrome

    S 7 Shunyi Olympic Rowing-Canoeing Park

    ? 8 China Agricultural University

    T 9 Peking University Gymnasium

    U 10 University of Science and Technology Beijing Gymnasium

    V 11 Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium

    H 12 Olympic Green Tennis Centre

    ? 13 Olympic Sports Centre

    ? 14 Olympic Sports Centre Gymnasium

    V 15 Workers Stadium

    ? 16 Workers Indoor Arena

    ? 17 Capital Indoor Stadium

    M 18 Fengtai Softball Field

    I 19 Ying Tung Natatorium

    ? 20 Laoshan Mountain Bike Course

    ? 21 Beijing Shooting Range Clay Target Field

    U 22 Beijing Institute of Technology Gymnasium

    ? 23 Beihang University Gymnasium

    ? 24 Olympic Green Convention Centre

    J/K 25 Olympic Green Hockey Field

    ? 26 Olympic Green Archery Field

    R 27 Wukesong Baseball Field

    V 28 Beach Volleyball Ground

    L 29 BMX Field

    ? 30 Triathlon Venue

    ? 31 Urban Road Cycling Course

    ? -- Qingdao International Sailing Centre

    Y -- Shanghai Stadium

    ? -- Qinhuangdao Olympic Sports Centre Stadium

    Y -- Hong Kong Equestrian Venues

    Y -- Tianjin Olympic Centre Stadium

  2. I received my first tickets in the post on Friday - hooray!

    The largest numbers on the ticket seem to be the date (in August - e.g. a large '17') and an event code. This event code seems to be different from the ones everyone is using at the moment. For example, men's volleyball quarterfinals 1 and 2 are known as VO33, whereas on the ticket they are called T32 (although it does say VO33 in small writing at the bottom). I wonder why.

  3. My ticket list so far (6 officially obtained, 2 unofficial, but the latter are actually in my possession!).

    17 August - 09:30-15:20 – Fencing FE17 4 tickets

    18 August - 10:00-13:00 – Table Tennis TT16 4 tickets

    18 August - 19:00-22:10 - Athletics AT08 4 tickets

    19 August - 10:00-13:30 – Volleyball VO31 4 tickets

    22 August - 09:00-12:56 – Taekwondo TK05 4 tickets

    22 August - 17:00-20:40 – Modern Pentathlon MP04 4 tickets

    23 August - 12:00-15:00 – Football FB39 4 tickets

    24 August - 10:00-14:10 - Volleyball VO41 4 tickets

    Rather a short list compared with some people!

  4. SportsWorld, the monopoly supplier to the UK and some other countries, is requiring all of us who purchased tickets through them without signing up to one of their (horribly expensive) flight+hotel packages, to collect the tickets upon arrival in Beijing - advising you to arrive at least a day before your first event.

  5. I likewise have extras but will probably hold off any trading until April-May, at which time I'll know what else I've been able to procure from the Chinese Phase 2 lottery and Phase 3 open sale.

    I'm curious to know if the good folks trying to procure from Sportsworld have heard their results yet, and if there is any happier news there than from those of us who had to deal with Cosport.

    I finally heard from SportsWorld yesterday. I have been allocated six of the twelve events I applied for. Could have been worse, I suppose, but it's good to know finally after waiting for five months. They will publish the remaining available events later this week and I'll see if there's anything else I want.

  6. I have found (and booked) quite a cheap option to the north of Beijing at Yurong International Education Park. It is good for me because it almost exactly fits our requirements (and so no wasted costs) - you book a room for four people and for either the first 10 days or the second 10 days of the Games, and the total is only 800 euros. It says there is still limited availability at http://yurong-europe.com/en/budget

  7. Meanwhile, in the UK, which uses Sports World rather than CoSport, we have been told that our ticket allocations (which I applied for in July) are delayed again until 10 December. In October I was told that of 12 sets of tickets applied for I was allocated 4, 7 were still being applied for and one was sold out. It is these 7 that keep getting delayed.

    The problem is not all with CoSport, it seems.

  8. Hi,

    Does anyone have any tips for booking accommodation for the Olympics? All the sites I can find seem horrifically expensive, although the tourist authority say that there are twice as many beds in Beijing as the expected number of tourists.

    There are also some 'homestay' options, but I'm not sure how reliable these are.



  9. Hi,

    I just found this forum, so this is my first post. I thought I would report on the UK experience. For 2004, I applied for tickets directly through the official website and got my entire allocation (rather more than I was expecting!) - we also bought more tickets once we were in Athens. Surely that is the best way to do it.

    For 2008, SportsWorld is the monopoly supplier in the UK. The situation seems similar to other countries. I applied for 12 events back in July, and towards the end of September they reported the current status of my application - four 'confirmed' (athletics, 2 x volleyball and taekwondo), seven still 'being applied for', and one 'sold out' (closing ceremony).

    Since then the report has not changed but they have told me that the 'being applied for' tickets will be resolved one way or the other by the end of this month (November). We shall see.



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