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  1. Yep, swimming, diving and water polo are added to the program Unfortunately I don't have any renders of the Aquatics Center, however you can see it n the following video at 3:46
  2. Preparatory works for the construction of Baku Aquatics Center. I don't know the final desing of the Aquatics Center but the old structures you see on the photos will be demolished while the area surrounding the center will be a park
  3. Baku Olympic Stadium - Under construction: We still do not know which was chosen as the final exterior design of this arena. So we have two proposals: 1. Proposal by TOCA This proposal is still shown on many adds and was presented during the meeting of the Organizing Committee 2. Proposal by Heerim This is a new proposal made by Heerim, which is the construction managing company of the Baku Olympic Stadium project
  4. Cutting from the speech of Mekhriban Aliyeva on the first meeting of the Organizing Committee of the European Games 2015: "The inaugural European Games are scheduled for June-July 2015. They are expected to be joined by member-states of the European Olympic Committee. In accordance with the agreement reached with the European Olympic Committee, the upcoming competitions in Baku will be joined by about 5,000 athletes. Official delegations are expected to include a total of 1,000 people. About 2,000 representatives of foreign media will come to Baku to provide media coverage of the event. In accordance with a preliminary arrangement with the European Olympic Committee and European sports federations, the program of the first European Games should include at least 12 out of 28 Olympic sports and two non-Olympic sports. This is the general rule. European sports federations have already submitted letters of intent to conduct competitions in 17 Olympic sports. These are wrestling, handball, volleyball, gymnastics, beach volleyball, boxing, judo, taekwondo, badminton, fencing, shooting, archery, table tennis, swimming, diving, water polo and rugby-7. Considering the fact that European Games are to be conducted for the first time ever, negotiations with the European Olympic Committee on many issues are still continuing, therefore the figures voiced today may change. Talks are ongoing with the European Olympic Committee and European sports federations to determine the two non-Olympic sports to be included in the program of the competition. Dear Mr. President, at the initial stage of preparations for the first European Games we have identified competition venues. The competitions can be conducted in the Sport and Concert Complex named after Heydar Aliyev, the National Tofig Bahramov Stadium, the Baku Crystal Hall, the "Sarhadchi" Sports Complex, the Palace of Hand Games, the "8th km" Stadium, the Shooting Center and the Baku Expo Center. The construction of the Olympic Stadium, the Aquatics Centre and the Gymnastics Complex is to be completed by 2015, so these new sports facilities will also be used during the Games. The official opening and closing ceremonies of the first European Games are to be held at the Olympic Stadium with 65,000 seats, which is under construction near Lake Boyukshor in Baku. I would like to bring to your attention the preliminary proposals regarding the sports facilities where competitions in various sports will be held. The wrestling and judo competitions are to be conducted at the 7,100-seat Sport and Concert Complex named after Heydar Aliyev. The handball and volleyball competitions are to be held at the Baku Crystal Hall, which seats 25,000 spectators. The rugby-7 competition is to be held at the "8th km" stadium which can accommodate 11,000 spectators. The competitions in table tennis, fencing and taekwondo are to be held at the Baku Expo Center. Boxing events are to take place at the 3,250-seat "Sarhadchi" Sports Complex, badminton at the 1,628-seat Palace of Hand Games and archery at the 7,000-seat "Shafa" Stadium. During the first European Games, the competitions in Olympic and rhythmic gymnastics are to be held at the Gymnastics Complex. Competitions in swimming and diving are to be held at the aquatic center currently under construction in Baku. A temporary arena is to be built near the center to host the water polo competition. If track and field events are to be held, we can use the 32,200-seat National Stadium named after Tofig Bahramov. A temporary arena for beach volleyball is to be built at the boulevard." Cutting from the closing speech of president Aliyev on the first meeting of the Organizing Committee of the European Games 2015: "the facilities currently under construction should be commissioned on time. First and foremost among them, of course, is the Olympic Stadium. Work has already begun there. The Gymnastics Center – work is also under way there, masonry has been completed. The aquatic center – its construction has already started and I am sure it will be finished on time, as this is also a very important facility. And not just for the Games – the construction of a modern water sports center is extremely important for Baku. This decision was made several years ago. The decision to conduct the European Games in Baku had not been made yet when we began this work, prepared a project and conducted an exchange of views on possible locations. Finally, the aquatic center will be built on an area of the city after the Flag Square which has been prepared as part of the development plan of Baku. I believe that this is the right place because a center designed for water sports should be built on the seafront. I am sure that this palace will have an interesting architectural design and functional features. So the commissioning of sports facilities is crucial. I am aware that the Organizing Committee is holding discussions associated with the placement of athletes. There are several opinions. Of course, the Azerbaijani state can build an accommodation for athletes. But we need to see whether it is possible to use the existing and already constructed buildings." Source: http://en.president.az/articles/7175
  5. It seems I was right in my concerns in regard to damn 2015 games Korean Heerim, construction manager of Baku Olympic Stadium has published the latest versions of the stadium where it looks vsimple and old-fashioned Btw the construction itself is now in full swing
  6. The groundbreaking ceremony of Baku Judo Sport Complex was held today The project includes judo arena with 2000 seats, training halls, 8-storey hotel and others. The construction will be finished by the end of 2014
  7. Heydar Aliyev Sport and Concert Complex - 8K Built in 1990 the venue hosted several european and world championships in different kind of sports. Photo from the opening ceremony of AIBA World Boxing Championship 2011: 8 KM stadium - 11K The stadium hosted semi-final games of the 2012 U-17 Women's World Cup. The stadium is currently a home base of FC Neftchi.
  8. Some of the existing sport venues in Baku: Tofig Bahramov Stadium - 32K The stadium went under major reconstruction and hoster the opening and closing ceremonies as well as the final of 2012 U-17 Women's World Cup. ] Baku Crystal Hall - 25K Baku Crystal Hall was built in less than one year and already hosted several events such as Eurovision Song Contest 2012, concerts of Jeniffer Lopez, Shakira and Rihanna.
  9. National Gymnastics Arena - 6K Construction of Gymnastics Arena, which will host European Rhytmic Gymnastics Championship 2014, to finish next year. The arena is expected to host gymnastics tournaments in case gymnastics will be included to the program of the 2015 European Games. Construction works: Baku Chess Palace By 2015 Baku will get a fantastic venue for chess - Baku Chess Palace, which will host Chess World Cup 2015 and Chess Olympics 2016. There are negotiations to add chess to the program of the 2015 European Games. In case it happens the venue will host the games.
  10. Baku Olympic Stadium - 65K Baku Olympic Stadium is expected to be the core venue for 2015 European Games and host at least the opening and closing ceremonies of the event. The stadium is now under construction with the main stage of the construction works to kick off in the next few months. The stadium is expected to be ready in 2015. Video presentation of Baku Olympic Stadium:
  11. European Games in Azerbaijan can be held on 19 kinds of sport Baku – APA. A foreign company will assist our country in organizing the first European Games. This company will be selected through tender. Such a step has been taken as there is no experience in this field, not only in Azerbaijan but also in Europe,” said the Minister of Youth and Sports Azad Rahimov at the press conference, APA reports. According to Azad Rahimov, for now it has been specified that European Games will be held on 13 kinds of sport for the present. These are handball, volleyball, rugby, boxing, judo, taekwondo, triathlon, archery, equestrian sport, badminton, fencing, canoe, table tennis. Besides, competitions will also be held on two non-Olympic games: “We offered karate, because this kind of sport has developed in our country well. We had talks with the President of World Karate Federation Antonio Espinosa. He approached positively to the inclusion of karate into the program of the European Games. Pat Hickey, President of the European Olympic Committee offers dance sports. It is true that I have formerly been the president of Azerbaijan Dance Sport Federation. But to what extent are dance sports appropriate to this event? Therefore, chess can be included in the program. There must not be problem while choosing wrestling, water sports and gymnastics. The issue on athletics is being reviewed. It is not ruled out that in general, European Games will be held on 19 kinds of sport. The number and composition of all sports are to be clarified till March, 2013,” he said. 11 December 2012 APA Azad Rahimov gives interview to Eurosport and Inter TV The Minister noted the importance of the first European Olympic Games for the capital of Azerbaijan, which will be held in Baku in 2015, according to Sport.1news.az. "On 10 December, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev congratulated our people on this historical achievement. This shows the importance of holding of these major events in the country for both the leadership and our people”, he said “I believe that after the Games we will see further development of Baku”. The Minister of Youth and Sports paid attention to the fact that Baku bid to host the Olympic Games in 2016 and 2020, and the corresponding work has been done to this end. "The European Olympic Committee commends the organization of sport events in our country. All this, coupled with a government guarantee on high level arrangement of first European Olympic Games allowed us scoring 38 votes out of 48”, he said. According to Azad Rahimov, existing urban sports infrastructure makes it possible to hold the European Games in Baku. "We will construct temporary sports facilities for some sports. In addition, Olympic stadium for 65,000 seats will be ready for the opening ceremony before the Games”, he said, “Sports and Concert Complex named after Heydar Aliyev, the Republican stadium named after Tofig Bahramov and other urban centers will be used. The main issue is the construction of the Olympic Village, there are options." The Minister said that all proceeds from the sale of broadcasting rights of European games will be passed to Azerbaijan, the country has been given the right to sell tickets. This will supplement our budget by at least 100 million euros. In addition, European games will play a role in the development of tourism, transport infrastructure and other areas. 12 December 2012 News.Az
  12. The 2015 European Games will be the inaugural edition of the European Games, a multi-sport event for European athletes. It will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan in 2015
  13. Although Azerbaijan refused from a joint bid, Georgia still considers to bid alone for Euro 2020
  14. Here is PDF file of Baku applicant file http://baku2020.com/applicantfile/
  15. Me neither thouhg Azer Akhundov, a user from SkyscraperCity took some pictures out of the bid book. Baku 2020 Concept Baku 2020 Olympic Venues and Infrastructure Waterfront Cluster White City Cluster Olympic Stadium Cluster Airport Cluster Baku Expo Centre Precinct Bina Centre Precinct
  16. Here is Baku Bid Book http://baku2020.com/applicantfile/ I am very happy to see that this bid book is very real and made according to new Baku development plan and showing us some completed and under construction venues. Further, I am happy that new Baku subway network extension, seaside promenade extension and Baku Crystal Hall as well as such developments like Baku WHite City also took part in this bid book. I am very happy and satisfied with our concept for 2020 Go Baku, Together we can!
  17. munichfan, yes I see that. So one of the clusters is Olympic Village within BWC project
  18. No yet. They will put it already to the upgraded version of the website in next few days
  19. I am very happy to see Baku White City http://www.bakuwhitecity.com is included to Baku Bid Together we can!
  20. Baku 2020 Submits Bid Application Highlighting Four-Cluster Concept Baku 2020 CEO Konul Nurullayeva headed a delegation to submit the bid's applicant file to International Olympic Committee (IOC) headquarters in Lausanne Tuesday. Nurullayeva said on handing over the file, "reflecting our bid's tagline 'Together we can', Baku's Applicant File stresses that it is not simply about what the Olympic Games can do for Baku and Azerbaijan, but what the city and country can offer back to the Olympic Movement". She added, "our Applicant File outlines a Games Plan that will extend the Olympic ideals to millions of new hearts and minds and one that will embrace five continents. It says that awarding Baku the honour of hosting the 2020 Games will give people around the world a true picture of Azeri culture, while at the same time bring a new found sporting confidence to a region that has not had the opportunity to witness first-hand the greatest sporting event on earth". Baku 2020 says its compact concept is based around four clusters that include both competition and non-competition venues that integrate existing, new, permanent and temporary venues. The Waterfront Cluster includes three competition venues hosting seven sports, while the White City Cluster will house the Olympic Village, Media Village, IBC/MPC and Athlete Training Centre, plus three adjacent competition venues. The Airport Cluster makes use of enhanced existing sporting venues and fits in with the city's expansion plans for the Baku Export Centre. At Games-time the Expo will host seven sports and will be a key Paralympic venue. All competition venues, with the exception of three venues for the preliminary football competition, are within a 25-minute travel time of the Olympic Village. http://www.gamesbids...1216136096.html
  21. Well, maybe you are right and your photos prove it well. There were definitely less ttrctive venues in the series of pictures I saw
  22. I like London as a city but once more I would expect some better designs for venues
  23. Well, after Beijing's extraordinary and sexy designs the venues for London 2012 do not impress at all and sorry but some even look kinda old-fashioned and ugly.
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