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  1. They are working on that and keeping it all in secrett. I don't expect them to disclose any plans now when there are still many months left until the opening ceremony.
  2. Yes, they are working on that. Here are the photos taken on 24.09.2014
  3. Baku Olympic stadium - Construction update: as seen from far away exterior interior illumination junctions around the stadium
  4. Yeahhh Baku is one of the hosts of EURO 2020. I am so happy!!! Haters gonna hate
  5. Baku 2020: Be Inspired player.vimeo.com/video/103502723 AFFA UEFA EURO 2020 hosts to be revealed in Geneva The UEFA Executive Committee will select the 13 host associations for UEFA EURO 2020 on Friday 19 September 2014. The announcement ceremony will take place at the Espace Hippomène, Avenue de Châtelaine 7, 1203 Geneva, Switzerland at 13.00CET. The decision to stage a 'EURO for Europe' in various major cities throughout the continent follows an initial idea presented by the UEFA President Michel Platini in consultation with UEFA's member associations. It was ratified by the UEFA Executive Committee at its meeting in Lausanne in December 2012. Match packages The matches have been split into 13 different packages. There are 12 standard packages, including three group matches and one knockout round match (round of 16 or quarter-finals), and one package for the semi-finals and the final. The 19 member associations/cities that have submitted bid dossiers for the standard package, in alphabetical order, are: Azerbaijan/Baku Belarus/Minsk Belgium/Brussels Bulgaria/Sofia Denmark/Copenhagen England/London Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia/Skopje Germany/Munich Hungary/Budapest Israel/Jerusalem Italy/Rome Netherlands/Amsterdam Republic of Ireland/Dublin Romania/Bucharest Russia/Saint Petersburg Scotland/Glasgow Spain/Bilbao Sweden/Stockholm Wales/Cardiff The member associations/cities that have submitted bid dossiers for the semi-finals/final package, in alphabetical order, are: England/London Germany/Munich The programme for the day of the UEFA EURO 2020 hosts announcement ceremony is as follows: 09.00-13.00: Deliberation and voting by the UEFA Executive Committee 13.00: Announcement of the host associations of UEFA EURO 2020 13.30: Press conference, interviews with winning associations and bidding delegations Voting procedure The distribution of the bids into between six and eight geographical zones will be approved prior to the UEFA Executive Committee meeting on Thursday 18 September, by members of the UEFA Executive Committee whose member association is not among the 19 bidders. Regional zoning, each comprising at least two venues, will ensure that matches take place throughout Europe. The voting process itself will comprise four successive phases. The first voting phase will determine the association/city that will host the final and semi-finals. The second phase will determine the four associations/cities that will each host one quarter-final and three group matches. The third phase will determine one association/city (to host one round of 16 match and three group matches) in each geographical zone that has not yet been selected in the first two phases. And the fourth phase will determine the remaining associations/cities that will each host one round of 16 match and three group matches. UEFA
  6. Baku Olympic stadium - Construction update: Photo by KAMRAN_ARC
  7. Spectacular fireworks marked the One Year To Go celebrations for the Baku 2015 European Games
  8. From the first look Aquatics Centre seems to be located in the middle of nowhere. In fact it will be a part of expanded seaside promenade. Here are some more photos of the surrounding area, including the under construction promenade:
  9. Baku Olympic Stadium - Construction update:
  10. Who cares about this background information? Important is that Baku will host such a big event as Formula One. I am sure it will work great for further expansion of the city's experience in organisation of global events. In addition, this will be another remarkable add for Baku
  11. Some positive news from Baku Agreement signed on holding Grand Prix stage of Formula 1 race in Baku An official agreement on holding one of the stages of the Grand Prix Formula 1 race in Baku in 2016, has been signed in the Azerbaijani capital, spokesperson of the Ministry of Youth and Sports Samaya Mammadova told Trend on April 30. The race, likely to be called the "European Grand Prix", will take place in 2016 - a year after Baku hosts the First European Games. Azerbaijan will be the second country in the former USSR (after Russia) to host the Grand Prix stage of the Formula 1 races. The race will take place around the streets of Baku. The agreement was signed with the president of Formula 1, Bernie Ecclestone. The championship's calendar consists of 19 stages, with the possibility of its expansion to 22 stages per year. Thailand, South Africa, Greece, Argentina and Mexico also claim to be included in the calendar. http://en.trend.az/news/society/2269007.html
  12. You can pick up those candidates but how reasonable is to pick up several cities from the same geographical region? All UEFA regions must be represented in this tournament. And true, Minsk is also in CIS. Thank you for correcting me.
  13. It will be a rival between Turkey, Germany and Italy. In case the last two organize some games within EURO 2020, especially Allianz Arena being picked as the host of the final and semifinal games, Turkey has the best chance to get EURO 2024.
  14. I believe there are many candidates from the region of Balkans and UK so it does not make sense to let them all organize this event. On the other hand, Azerbaijan is the only country except for Russia representing the CIS region and the Caucasus. I believe this time Baku has a good chance to stand out to be picked up. Flight distance between Baku and some of the candidate cities: Baku - Jerusalem - 1600 km Baku - Bucharest - 2000 km Baku - Minsk - 2200 km Baku - Sofia - 2200 km Baku - Saint-Petersburg - 2500 km Baku - Budapest - 2500 km
  15. Rob., it seems they will concentrate only on Euro 2024 and won't bid for Olympics 2024. That is what their media assumes. I would also assume that since they built or still build a lot of 30K+ stadiums all over the country. That says much
  16. All Turkish media is writing about it. Here is CNN Türk link http://www.cnnturk.com/haber/spor/futbol/turkiye-euro-2020ye-aday-olmayacak and here is ntvmsnbc http://www.ntvmsnbc.com/id/25512174/
  17. Turkey withdrew. They will concentrate on EURO 2024 bid. IMO that is a wise desicion after being robbed in 2016 and later deceived in 2020. Turkey deserves the whole EURO tournament not a part of it.
  18. Some more photos from the new terminal of Baku airport: http://president.az/articles/11516/images
  19. Well, the ribbons are of white colour but they are illuminated at night
  20. I believe the expansion of Heydar Aliyev International Airport was an important factor before the European Games 2015. New international terminal with capacity of 6 million passangers per year is now open: http://president.az/articles/11516/images
  21. Good news from Baku!!! Construction of the National Gymnastics Arena has finished and already on April 19th the venue will host the Azerbaijani Championship on Rhytmic Gymnastics http://president.az/articles/11455
  22. Baku Shooting Center: Baku Olympic stadium:
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