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  1. Lisbon-to-Baku cyclist arrives for Opening Ceremony Having cycled 7,000km from Lisbon – the most westerly capital in Europe – to Baku – the continent's easternmost capital – Jorge Cristóvão deserved a reward. He duly received one on Wednesday night in the form of tickets to the Opening Ceremony of the first European Games. The sports-mad Portuguese cyclist was among a host of VIP guests at the Baku 2015 European Hospitality Club, which was officially opened by the First Lady of Azerbaijan and Chair of the Baku 2015 European Games Organising Committee, Mehriban Aliyeva. Cristóvão and the First Lady were joined by Patrick Hickey, President of the European Olympic Committees and Baku 2015 Chief Operating Officer, Simon Clegg, at the opening event. The Club, which is located close to the city's famous Boulevard, will host VIPs, dignitaries and sponsors during the first European Games. Cristóvão, 53, who undertook his mammoth challenge in order to spread awareness of the Games, was presented with two tickets to Friday’s sold out Opening Ceremony. After leaving Lisbon on 10 April, Cristóvão pedalled through Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan. Along the way he carried a Portuguese flag presented to him by the Olympic Committee of Portugal’s Chef de Mission, José Garcia. It will be used by the Portuguese delegation’s flagbearer at the Opening Ceremony. http://www.baku2015.com/news/article/lisbon-baku-cyclist-arrives-for-opening-ceremony.html Holland pulling out means nothing. EOC wanted the Netherlands to host, they fail to to do so. Now EOC will award a different city with the rights to host the next edition. In the press conference today Patrik Hickey told that after they received the bad news from the Netherlands some 6 cities across Europe (Valencia is one of them) immediately showed their interest in hosting the EG 2019. He told that EOC will come back to the issue of choosing the next host right after Baku 2015.
  2. First delegations arrive and settle in the atheletes village:
  3. Athletes and Media villages Friday’s Opening Ceremony for the inaugural event will be staged in front of a full house Baku 2015 has announced that all tickets for the Opening Ceremony of the first European Games, to be held in the brand-new Olympic Stadium, have now been sold. It will still be possible to enjoy the show without a ticket, however, as the Opening Ceremony will be streamed live on Baku2015.com and YouTube at 9pm Baku time on June 12, preceded by live coverage of the big day from midday Baku time on the site and through social media. The ramp-up to the Opening Ceremony will include a live blog, tweets and posts of the excitement building throughout the Azerbaijani capital. Exclusive behind-the-scenes clips will be revealed, and a 10-minute highlights package will be made available minutes after the end of the event. Mr Simon Clegg, Chief Operating Officer of Baku 2015, said: “This is an amazing achievement and something of which we should be extremely proud for what will be the biggest night in Azerbaijan’s sporting history. “For 30 months we have been transforming a vision into a reality, and now we will welcome the most significant addition to the European sporting calendar for 50 years with a full stadium." Tickets for sporting competitions are also selling briskly, with over 100 of the sessions already sold out. Spectators looking to buy purchase Baku 2015 sport competition tickets can make use of the ticket booths across Baku and the one in Mingachevir, or alternatively buy online at www.baku2015.com/tickets. Both ticket sales and exchange of online purchase confirmation receipts are available at the ticket booths. http://www.baku2015.com/news/article/baku-2015-european-games-opening-ceremony-sold-out.html
  4. Testing fireworks at the Baku Olympic stadium
  5. This news has nothing to do with the European Games! But let me say you something. If you know politics you have probably heard about Minsk Group of OSCE "trying" to peacefully solve the Nagorno Karabakh conflict. Those negotiations over 20 years brought us to nowhere. Peace is still not anywhere close to our doors, our lands are still under occupation and refugees are still refugees. If this is what OSCE can do then really, screw this impotent organization.
  6. Spectator map: http://www.baku2015.com/spectators/index.html
  7. Athletes and Media villages: http://www.baku2015.com
  8. Baku 2015 city branding http://www.baku2015.com/photos/photo-gallery/baku-2015-city-branding.html#gallery-1
  9. Background information and statistics on all 6,000 European Games athletes can now be found on here Baku 2015 has also released its official mobile app, building on the success of the Flame website. More information here
  10. Experience the spirit of Azerbaijan one week prior to the Games
  11. The Baku Aquatics Center is not a temporary venue. After the games, its sport facilities will be opened for the local athletes and the public.
  12. I see some people have no idea how Baku looks and what is Baku at all. Baku is a historical bridge between East and West, a great mixture of oriental and european cultures is visible in everything from architecture to a daily life of people: Saying that we have to admit that Baku is also changing and transforming into a modern city:
  13. Asia is huge and only one single country Turkey you consider Western Asia? Siberia is nowhere close to Azerbaijan In the north Azerbaijan is bordering with geographical European part of Russia. In fact, Azerbaijan itself is divided into European and Asian parts by Caucasus watershed. Calling Azerbaijan Central Asia is once again nonsense. It would be the same if let's say someone would call Spain Northern Africa. The most western point of so-called Central Asia is located in some 300 km away from Azerbaijan, on the other shore of Caspian sea.
  14. And here is the territory where Aquatics Center is located. Once it was one of the poorest and dirtiest parts of Baku with barely any infrastructure. Nowadays it has transformed into one of the fastest developing parts of the cities with some infrastructure, park, sport and housing projects. Once again whoever lost their houses got 1500 AZN per sq m compensation. Taking into account that many of those houses were illegal with no basic infrastructure, that amount is pretty much: Here are some of the photos taken a month ago:
  15. Is Azerbaijan located in Central Asia? Then I wonder what is the western and northern Asia Of course there are poor people in Azerbaijan. I think nobody was trying to deny and even argue this fact. On the other hand, the housing shown in the article is illegal and built as some kind of slums which sooner or later must be demolished. Btw once the area of the Olympic stadium and nearby territories was full of those illegal slums and the lake Boyukshor was one of the dirtiest in the country. Those people got compensation 1500 AZN per sq m (back then 1 AZN was 1 EUR). Today the area is beauty:
  16. European Games Park - Completed: http://www.baku2015.com
  17. BMX Velopark - Completed: [/url] http://www.baku2015.com
  18. Prior to the EG Baku has received another great venue - the Baku Congress Center. The center has 17 conference halls with a total capacity of 2500 persons as well as grand auditorium with a capacity of 3500 seats:
  19. European Games Flame starts journey in Baku: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOEs-LQnS9E
  20. Not exactly. Baku was chosen to host of the first EG at the 41st EOC General Assembly in Rome on 8 December 2012. Heydar Aliyev Sport and Concert Hall after reconstruction: Baku Sport Hall after reconstruction:
  21. To be honest I doubt Baku will ever host the OG It is not realistic
  22. Construction of the Baku Aquatics Centre has been completed: http://president.az/articles/14882/images
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