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  1. To quote ENTV: ""Comme on était candidat à l'organisation de la 123è session du CIO en 2011 depuis plusieurs mois, et nous avons exprimé également notre intérêt pour les Jeux de 2010, il nous a été signifié qu'on devait impérativement choisir entre les deux évènements, en application stricte de la Charte olympique", a déclaré à l'APS, le secrétaire général du COA, M. Necereddine Naidji." " On a préféré rester en course pour l'importante réunion de la 123è session du CIO, et ce retrait appuie davantage la candidature de l'Algérie à obtenir l'organisation de cette rencontre", explique-t-on au COA. " IE, the Algerian NOC says the IOC told them they can only bid on one event at a time, and they, the Algerians, decided to work on the 123 IOC Session rather than the YOGs.
  2. Bangkok, because that city is the most FUN to visit, though I wouldn't want to drive there! Unless someone can verify that Moscow is more fun -- never been there.
  3. Nowhere in the YOG backgrounder put out by the IOC does it mention the word "Paralympic" or any Paralympic sports. Also the word "gay" returns no hits.
  4. Agreed with bearcrossuk -- YOGs were supposed to be a smaller thing, I thought. That is why I thought Debrecen for sure. YOGs = only about 3500 athletes. That's way less than the summer universiades or the Asian Games. So why's it so much harder to get awarded the YOGs than other games? I think in the end it will be S'pore b/c it is completely safe, both physically and that they _will_ get everything done they promose. And Moscow has already hosted so much stuff. One drawback though, S'pore is a long plane flight from almost anywhere.
  5. The YOGs are supposed to be a bit understated, but S'pore's already going after it like the final round of an Olympic vote...kiansu, loh!
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